Shri Narendra Modi Inaugurates the Amit Nagar Flyover in Vadodara

Published By : Admin | June 12, 2013 | 19:06 IST
" On 12th June 2013, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Amit Nagar Flyover in Vadodara."

Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Amit Nagar Flyover in Vadodara on 13th June 2013.  He addressed the people of Vadodara on this occasion.

He said that the present happenings in the country are a sign of things to come in 2014. He reiterated that he had said in Goa that Bharat Nirman in the real sense is impossible without a Congress Mukt Bharat. He said that in order to do real Bharat Nirman we have to undo the things Congress has done in the past 60 years. Shri Narendra Modi said that crores of rupees are being spent on TV ads which say  ‘Bharat Ke Is Nirman Pe Haq Hai Mera’ but people hear it as ‘Bharat Ke Is Nirman Pe Shaq Hai Mera’

Shri Narendra Modi said that for years the Central Government has been directionless and did not worry about the health of the urban poor . They lacked the energy to find a way to ensure proper health care for the urban poor. Gujarat made an effort on this front and it is after this that Central Government realized  that this is a work they did not do for so many years. If things go on like this who does common man trust? Common man has lost trust in the Centre Government. Daily events are going on that is breaking this trust even more. And if there is no faith then how can things work? The Government  cannot get the support from the people if this carries on. Shri Narendra Modi said that another wrong doing on the part of the Central Government   is that there is no consistency in policies. They change it arbitrarily. People become unnecessary victims of such frequent flip flops in policies, he affirmed.

Shri Modi reminded people that Gujarat has seen many calamines- drought, cyclone, massive earthquake. The Earthquake was so bad, that forget coming out of, it was a fight for survival. At such times Gujarat affirmed that it will convert challenges into opportunities. And that is what it did. Quake rehabilitation in Gujarat is being lauded across the world. He further said that we did not get stop there.  Today, during times of distress we have developed an institutional approach to fight such calamities . Capacity building efforts are on in this regard to empower the citizens in case of a natural disaster.

Shri Modi said that small children, especially belonging to poor families go to Anganwadis. These children born in the slums have seen such life only. He affirmed that we need to get them out of this. They may be born poor but as a society, as a Government we must create the opportunities and create a ray of hope for them. And all this starts from the Anganwadis. If the Anganwadis are dirty then the children will feel the entire world dirty. Shri Modi said that the Government took an initiative and fixed a uniform for the Anganwadi workers. The Anganwadi workers thus got an identity. Shri Modi lauded the Vadodara Corporation for coming up with a great initiative called Nand Ghar for the poor children.

Shri Modi said that a lot of discussions keep happening which regard Urbanisation as a bane and dangerous for the society.  He said that rather than seeing urbanisation as a challenge, we should see urbanisation as an opportunity. He said that the Gujarat Government has come up with a package of Rs. 15,000  for the urban poor . Shri Narendra Modi informed the people about the momentous work undertaken by the Government in the field of skill development. He opined that we need to empower the people with necessary skills and then see the change. No one wants to remain poor. People must acquire the necessary skills to drive themselves out of poverty. Government of India too has honored Gujarat’s work in skill development. In a short time 40,000 people who have undertaken skill development will get jobs.

Shri Modi said that the Central Government wants to bring bills on food but added that no one knows when food will be actually served to the people. The Government is interested in only serving the bill. If the Central Government was actually sincere about feeding the poor, why is it thinking of this bill only now when it has been in power since 2004. Shri Modi also pointed out that despite the Supreme Court directive to distribute the grains to the poor, the Central Government did not do it. It gave the grains to alcohol manufacturers at the rate of 65 paise. The Government is not bothered about the people. Farmers work hard and it gave away grain to alcohol manufacturers.  The Government is making hunger also a political issue. It is trying to garner votes on the issue of hunger.

He expressed satisfaction with the growth of infrastructure in Vadodara and said that it will soon become a flyover city.

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