Shri Modi speaks at Vivekananda Vikas Parishad in Bhuj

Published By : Admin | August 14, 2013 | 16:52 IST
"Celebrating 15th Aug and 26th Jan have become important for Lok Shikshan & developmnt: CM"
"CM lays foundation stone and dedicates development works at Vivekananda Vikas Parishad in Bhuj"
"Even small things manifest patriotism, not white Kurtas and going to Parliament & Vidhan Sabhas"
"We did not have honour to die fighting for our freedom but we can live for the nation: CM"
"India stands on the pillars of its states & if these pillars are weak, entire nation is weakened"


Addressing the Vivekananda Vikas Parishad in Bhuj as a part of the state level Independence Day celebration, Shri Narendra Modi said that in contrast to the earlier times, celebration of festivals such as Independence Day and Republic Day have become important occasions for Lok Shikshan and development.

He recalled that earlier Independence Day celebrations were confined to the state capital where authorities, school children and few other citizens would come and disperse. But, that has changed in the past few years. He further added that when the Gujarat Government organized the first state level celebrations outside the state capital, in Patan, the media and the Congress made a mockery of it. He shared that instead of the Tricolour, they were furling black flags but in due course of time they realized the bigger picture.

We did not get opportunity to die for the nation but we have got the opportunity to live for it

The Chief Minister paid tributes to all the freedom fighters who dedicated their lives to the freedom of the nation. He affirmed that patriotism is not manifested by wearing crisp white Kurtas and going to Parliament and Vidhan Sabhas but it is manifested in even the smallest of things.

Giving an inspiring example of Mahatma Gandhi he said, “To show your love for the nation you need not do big things but you have to do small things. Mahatma Gandhi explained this very well. He taught that even if you sweep the floor or teach someone else, it is Desh Bhakti. We have to appropriate this.” Shri Modi stressed on the need of being compassionate towards the larger society around us, including towards animals. He urged people to immerse themselves in the service of others. Shri Modi avowed, “We did not get the opportunity to die for the nation, join the freedoms struggle, go to jail and bear the sticks of the British. But, we have got the opportunity to live for the nation.”

Narendra Modi urges youngsters to enroll as voters

In his speech, Shri Modi strongly urged all youngsters to register themselves as voters and encourage others to register as voters as well. He said, “We are in a democracy and the biggest power in a democracy are the people, who have power of the vote. There should be no university student who is not a voter. And not only us people around us must also be encouraged to become voters.” He stressed on the need for the youth to become partners in the development. He pointed that we need to rise and work hard towards realizing Swami Vivekananda’s dream of an India at the pinnacle of world leadership.

CM lays foundation stone for several development works

During the Vivekananda Vikas Parishad Shri Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation of several development works. He remarked that very often people wonder where does he get this money from but he said  that the money was always there, only that it did not reach the people earlier.

“Every morning I feel like seeing the map. I am scared has Delhi removed Gujarat from the rest of India?” Questions Narendra Modi

Shri Modi hit out at the Centre for treating Gujarat like an enemy state. He stated, “Every morning I feel like seeing the map. I am scared has Delhi removed Gujarat from the rest of India?” Further hitting out at the Centre for weakening the Federal Structure the Chief Minister declared that our nation stands on the strong pillars of the states and if these pillars are weakened the entire nation stands weakened. He affirmed that there are many who devote hours in splitting hair vis-à-vis Gujarat but added that such elements had got their answer in December 2012. Shri Modi pointed that the Congress will have to answer the people of the nation in 2014 and tell the people what they have done in these years.

He declared that on 15th August the nation will want to know what is being said from Lal Quila as well as from Lalan College, where the state level celebrations will be held. “On one side there is disappointment and on the other side there is hope and optimism,” he affirmed. Shri Modi talked about the developed of Kutch that brought in record tourism and the efforts of the Gujarat Government to further skill development among youth. Shri Modi expressed happiness that youngsters from all over the nation are coming to Gujarat because of the path of development that Gujarat has adopted. Shri Modi spoke about his wonderful experience while inaugurating a hospital for animals in Kutch earlier today and said that a small part of Kutch has emerged as an inspiration for the entire world.

Minister Shri Parbatbhai Patel, former Minister Shri Vasanbhai Ahir, MP Poonamben Jat, Chief Secretary Shri Varesh Sinha, MLAs and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.






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