“A confluence of startups and sports is significant. Khelo India University Games in Bengaluru will add to the energy of this beautiful city”
“Organization of the Games amidst the challenges of the pandemic epitomizes the determination and passion of New India. This youthful passion is driving India in every field with new momentum”
“Holistic approach and 100 percent dedication are the key requirements of success in sports and life”
“Wearing the victory well and learning from defeat is an important art that we learn in the sports field”
“Many initiatives are freeing the sports from the shackles of old mode of thinking”
“Recognition in sports adds to the recognition for the country”


Heartiest congratulations to all of you for the Khelo India University Games!

The city of Bengaluru itself is the identity of the youth of the country. Bengaluru is the pride of professionals. Organizing Khelo India in Digital India hub Bengaluru itself is of immense importance. This fusion of sports in the world of start-ups is indeed amazing! The Khelo India University Games in Bengaluru will add to the energy of this beautiful city and the youth of the country too will return with a new ardour. I congratulate the Government of Karnataka for organizing these games. Amidst all the challenges of the global pandemic, this game is an example of the determination and spirit of the youth of India. I salute your efforts and courage. Today this youthful spirit is taking the country forward in every field at a new pace.

My young friends,

The first mantra to be successful is –

Team Spirit!

We get to learn about this very 'team spirit' through sports. You will experience it in the Khelo India University Games. This team spirit also gives you a new way of looking at life.

Winning the game means- holistic approach! 100 per cent dedication!

Many players among you will play at the state level in future. Many of you will further represent the country at the international level. This experience of your sports field will help you in every field of life. Sports field is the true support system of life in the real sense. The power and the knowledge that takes you forward in sports will also take you forward in life. There is importance of passion in both sports and life. He who embraces challenges, both in sports and in life, is the winner. In both sports and life, defeat also means victory; defeat also means a lesson. Honesty takes you to the forefront, both in sports and in life. Every moment holds importance in both sports and life. The present moment has more importance. It is important to live in this moment and to do something in this moment.

The skill of being humble in victory and the art of learning from defeat are the most valuable parts of life's progress. And we learn this by playing in the field. In sports, when the body is full of energy, the intensity of the player's actions dominates. At that time the mind of a good player is calm and full of patience. This is a great art of living life as well.

Friends, you are the youth of New India. You are also the flag bearer of 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat'. Your youthful thinking and your youthful approach are deciding the policies of the nation today. Today the youngsters have made fitness the mantra of development for the country. Today youth have freed sports from the shackles of old thinking.

Be it the emphasis on sports in the New Education Policy or the creation of modern sports infrastructure, transparency in the selection of players or the increasing use of modern technology in sports, this is the hallmark of New India.

The hopes and aspirations of the youth of India are shaping the decisions for a New India. Now new Sports Science Centres are being established in the country. Now dedicated sports universities are being established in the country. This is for your convenience and to fulfil your dreams.


The power of sports expands the power of the country. Making a mark in sports enhances the identity of the country. I still remember when I met the players who had just returned from the Tokyo Olympics. More than their personal victory, their faces reflected the pride of winning for the country. There is no match to the happiness that comes from winning for the country.

You too are not playing just for yourself or your family today. These may be university games, but feel that you are playing for the country and you are grooming a promising player within you for the country. This spirit will take you forward. This spirit will not only help you to win on the field but will also get you a medal. I am sure all of you, my young friends, will play a lot and bloom a lot!

With this belief, once again my heartiest wishes to all my young friends from across the country! Thank you!

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