Received numerous letters and messages primarily focused on two topics: Chandrayaan-3's successful landing and the successful hosting of the G-20 in Delhi: PM
Bharat Mandapam has turned out to be a celebrity in itself. People are taking selfies with it and also posting them with pride: PM Modi
India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor is going to become the basis of world trade for hundreds of years to come: PM Modi
The fascination towards India has risen a lot in the last few years and after the successful organisation of G20: PM Modi
Santiniketan and the Hoysala temples of Karnataka have been declared world heritage sites: PM Modi
During the last few years, in the country, a commendable rise has been observed in the numbers of lions, tigers, leopards and elephants: PM Modi

My dear family members, Namaskar. In yet another episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, I have got the opportunity to share with you all, the success of the country, the success of the countrymen; their inspiring life journey. These days, most of the letters and messages I have received are largely on two subjects. The first is the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 and the second topic is the successful hosting of G-20 in Delhi. I have received countless letters from every part of the country, across every section of the society, and people of all ages. When the lander of Chandrayaan-3 was about to land on the Moon, crores of people were simultaneously witnessing each and every moment of this event through different mediums. More than 80 lakh people watched this incident on ISRO's YouTube Live Channel; which is a record in itself. This conveys how deep the attachment of crores of Indians is to Chandrayaan-3. On this success of Chandrayaan, a wonderful quiz competition is going on in the country these days… and it has been named – ‘Chandrayaan-3 Mahaquiz’. So far, more than 15 lakh people have participated in this competition being held on MyGov portal. This is the largest participation in any quiz after the launch of MyGov. I would also suggest that if you have not yet participated in it, do not delay, there are still six more days left. Do take part in this quiz.

My family members, after the success of Chandrayaan-3, the grand hosting of G-20 doubled the joy of every Indian. Bharat Mandapam has turned out to be a celebrity in itself. People are taking selfies with it and also posting them with pride. In this summit, India has proved the mettle of her leadership by making African Union a full member of G-20. You must be aware that during the time when India was very prosperous, the Silk Route was a part of discourse in our country and in the world. This Silk Route was a major medium of business and trade. Now in modern times, India has suggested another Economic Corridor in G-20. This is the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. This corridor is going to become the basis of world trade for hundreds of years to come, and history will always remember that this corridor was initiated on Indian soil.

Friends, today a special mention is required on the way India's youth power associated itself with this event during the G-20. Throughout the year, programs related to G-20 were held in many universities of the country. In this series now, another exciting program is going to happen in Delhi – the ‘G20 University Connect Programme’. Through this programme, lakhs of university students across the country will connect with each other. Many prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs, NITs and Medical Colleges will also participate in it. I wish that if you are a college student, you must watch this program to be held on the 26th September and join it. In this, many interesting exchanges are going to take place on the future of India and on the future of the youth. I myself shall participate in this program. I am also waiting to communicate with our college students.

My family members, two days from now, the 27th September, is 'World Tourism Day'. Some people view tourism just as a means of touring and travelling, but a very big aspect of tourism is related to employment. It is said that if any sector generates maximum employment with minimum investment, it is the tourism sector. In enhancing the tourism sector, goodwill and attraction towards any country matter a lot. The fascination towards India has risen a lot in the last few years and after the successful organization of G-20, the interest of the people of the world towards India has grown further.

Friends, more than one lakh delegates came to India for G-20. They got acquainted with the diversity here; different traditions, different types of cuisines and our heritage. The wonderful experiences that the delegates who came here have carried back with them will further expand tourism. You all know that there are world heritage sites in India and their number is continuously rising. Just a few days ago, Shantiniketan and the holy Hoysala temples of Karnataka have been declared world heritage sites. I congratulate all the countrymen for this wonderful achievement. I had the privilege of visiting Shanti Niketan in 2018. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had been associated with Shanti Niketan. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had derived the motto of Shantiniketan from an ancient Sanskrit verse. That verse is –

“Yatra Vishwam Bhavatyek Needam”

That is, where a small nest can contain the entire world.

The Hoysala temples of Karnataka, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, are known for their excellent architecture of the 13th century. These temples getting recognition from UNESCO is also an honor to the Indian tradition of temple building. The total number of World Heritage Properties in India has now reached 42. It is India's endeavor to ensure as many of our historical and cultural places as possible get recognized as World Heritage Sites. I urge all of you … whenever you plan to travel somewhere, try to observe the diversity of India. Understand the culture of different states. Visit Heritage Sites. With this, not only will you become familiar with the glorious history of our country; you will also become an important medium to increase the income of the local people.

My family members, Indian culture and music have now become global. The fascination of people all over the world towards them is increasing day by day. I am playing you a short audio of a presentation made by a lovely daughter...

 You were also surprised to listen to this, weren't you? What a sweet voice… and through the emotions reflected in every word, we can feel her love for God. If I disclose that this melodious voice belongs to a daughter from Germany, perhaps you will be even more surprised! The name of this daughter is – Kasmi. 21 year old Kasmi is quite popular on Instagram these days. Kasmi, a resident of Germany, has never been to India, but she is a fan of Indian music, who has never even seen India. Her interest in Indian music is very inspiring. Kasmi has been blind since birth, but this difficult challenge did not stop her from extraordinary achievements. Her passion for music and creativity was such that she started singing right from her childhood. She started African Drumming at the age of just 3 years. She was introduced to Indian music just 5-6 years ago. The music of India fascinated her so much that she got completely engrossed in it. She has also learned to play the tabla. The most inspiring thing is that she has mastered singing in many Indian languages. Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada or Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, she has mastered her notes in all of them. You can imagine how difficult it is if someone has to speak two-three lines of another unknown language, but for Kasmi it is like child’s play. For all of you, I am sharing here one of her songs sung in Kannada.

I wholeheartedly appreciate Germany's Kasmi's passion for Indian culture and music. Her efforts are going to overwhelm every Indian.

My dear family members, in our country education is always seen as a service. I have come to know about some youth of Uttarakhand, who are working for the education of children with the same spirit. Some youth in Nainital district have started unique ‘Ghoda Library’ for children. The biggest feature of this library is that books are reaching children even in the most remote areas and not only this, the service is absolutely free. Till now 12 villages of Nainital have been covered through this. Local people are also coming forward to help in this noble cause related to children's education. Through this Ghoda Library, an effort is being made that the children living in remote villages get full opportunity to read 'poems', 'stories' and 'moral education' books apart from school books. This unique library is also much liked by the children.

Friends, I have come to know a similar unique effort related to libraries in Hyderabad. Here, daughter Akarshana Satish studying in seventh class has done wonders. You may be surprised to know that at just 11 years of age, she is running not one or two, but seven libraries for children. Akarshana got her inspiration two years ago when she went to a cancer hospital with her parents. Her father had gone there to help the needy. The children there asked her for 'Colouring Books', and this very thing touched this lovely doll so much that she decided to collect different types of books. She started collecting books from her neighbourhood, relatives and friends and you will be happy to know that the first library was opened for children in the same cancer hospital. Around 6 thousand books are now available in the seven libraries that this daughter has opened so far at different places for needy children. The way little Akarshna is doing a great job in shaping the future of children, is inspiring everyone.
Friends, it is true that today's era is of Digital Technology and E-Books, but still books always play the role of a good friend in our lives. Hence, we should motivate children to read books.

My family members, it has been said in our scriptures –

Jeeveshu Karuna Chapi, Maitri Teshu Vidhiyatam.

That is, have compassion on living beings and make them your friends. Most of our deities' carriers are animals and birds. Many people visit temples to have darshan of God, but they do not pay much attention to the animals that transport them. These creatures should not only remain at the centre of our faith, we should also protect them in every possible way. During the last few years, in the country, a commendable rise has been observed in the numbers of lions, tigers, leopards and elephants. Many other efforts are also going on continuously to save other animals living on this earth. A similar unique effort is also being undertaken in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Here, Sukhdev Bhatt ji and his team are working together to save wild animals, and do you know what the name of their team is? His team’s name is – Cobra. This dangerous name is because his team also works to rescue deadly snakes in this area. A large number of people are involved in this team, who reach the spot on just a call and get involved in their mission. Sukhdev ji has till now saved the lives of more than 30 thousand venomous snakes. Through this effort, whereas this has reduced the danger to the people; nature is also being conserved. This team is also involved in the service of ailing animals.

Friends, Auto Driver M. Rajendra Prasad ji is also doing a unique work in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has been engaged in the service of pigeons for the last 25-30 years. He himself has more than 200 pigeons in his house. There itself, he takes full care of every need of the birds like food, water, health etc. He spends quite a lot of money on this, but he is steadfast in his work. Friends, seeing people doing such work with good intentions really gives a lot of satisfaction and a lot of joy. If you also get information about some such unique efforts, do share it.

My dear family members, this Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal is also the period of duty for every citizen of the country. Only by performing our duties can we achieve our goals and reach our destination. The sense of duty binds us all together. In Sambhal UP, the country has seen such an example of sense of duty, which I want to share with you too. Just imagine…more than 70 villages, population of thousands and all the people coming together and uniting to achieve one goal…this rarely happens, but the people of Sambhal have done it. Together, these people have set a wonderful example of public participation and collective effort. Actually, decades ago, there used to be a river named 'Sot' in this area. Originating from Amroha and flowing through Sambhal to Badaun, this river was once known as the life giver in this region. Water used to flow continuously in this river, which was the main basis of farming for the farmers here. With time the flow of the river reduced, the paths through which the river flowed were encroached upon and this river became extinct. In our country, which considers the river as a Mother, the people of Sambhal have resolved to bring back to life Sot river also. In December last year, more than 70 Gram Panchayats together started the work of rejuvenation of the Sot river. The people of Gram Panchayats also took government departments along with them. You will be happy to know that in just the first six months of the year itself, these people had restored more than a 100 kilometres of the river. When the rainy season started, the hard work of the people here bore fruit and the Sot river was filled to the brim with water. This has come as a huge occasion of happiness for the farmers here. People have also planted more than 10 thousand bamboo saplings

on the banks of the river, so that her banks remain completely safe. More than thirty thousand Gambusia fish have also been released in the river water so that mosquitoes do not breed. Friends, the example of the Sot river tells us that if we are determined, we can overcome the biggest challenges and bring about a big change. By walking on the path of duty, you too can become the medium of many such changes around you.

My family members, when intentions are firm and there is a passion to learn something, no work remains difficult. Smt Shakuntala Sardar of West Bengal has proved this to be absolutely correct. Today she has become an inspiration for many other women. Shakuntala ji is a resident of Shatanala village of Jangal Mahal. For a long time, her family used to earn their livelihood by working as laborers every day. Sheer survival was difficult for her family. Then she decided to tread upon a new path and surprised everyone by achieving success. You would definitely like to know how she achieved this feat! The answer is – a sewing machine. Using a sewing machine, she started making beautiful designs on 'Sal' leaves. This skill of hers transformed the life of the entire family. The demand for this amazing craft made by her is ever rising. This skill of Shakuntala ji has changed not only her life but also the lives of many people who collect ‘Sal’ leaves. Now, she is also working on imparting training to many women. Imagine… a family, which was once dependent on labour wages, is now inspiring others to gain employment. She has put her family, which was dependent on daily wages, stand on their feet. This has given her family the opportunity to focus on other things as well. Something more has happened…As soon as Shakuntala ji's condition got better, she also started saving. Now she has started investing in life insurance plans, for a brighter future of her children. No amount of appreciation for Shakuntala ji's spirit would be enough. The people of India are full of such talent – give them an opportunity and see what wonders they perform!

Friends, who can forget that sight during the G-20 Summit in Delhi, when many world leaders reached Rajghat together to pay homage to Bapu. This is a big evidence of how relevant Bapu's thoughts are even today across the world. I am also happy that many programs related to cleanliness have been planned across the country on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The ‘Swachhta Hi Seva Abhiyaan’ is going on with great enthusiasm in all the offices of the Central Government. Significant participation is also being seen in the Indian Swachhata League. Today I also want to urge all the countrymen through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ – a big event on cleanliness is going to be organized on the 1st of October i.e. Sunday at 10 am. You too should take out time and help in this campaign related to cleanliness. You can also join this cleanliness campaign in your street, or neighbourhood…or at a park, river, lake or any other public place and cleanliness must be undertaken wherever an Amrit Sarovar has been built. This Karyanjali of cleanliness itself will be the true tribute to Gandhiji. I would like to remind you again that on this occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, make it a point to buy some Khadi product.

My family members, the festive season has also commenced in our country. All of you might also be planning to buy something new in the household. One would be waiting to start an auspicious work or two during Navratri. In this atmosphere of fervour and enthusiasm, you must also remember the mantra of Vocal for Local. As far as possible, you should buy goods made in India, use Indian products and gift only Made in India goods. Your little joy will become the cause of immense happiness for someone else's family. Whatever Indian goods you buy, our laborers, workers, craftspersons and other Vishwakarma brothers and sisters will directly benefit from it. Nowadays, many start-ups are also promoting local products. If you buy local articles, these youth with their start-ups will also benefit.

My dear family members

That's all for today in 'Mann Ki Baat'. Next time when I will meet you in 'Mann Ki Baat', Navratri and Dussehra would have been over. In this festive season, may you also celebrate every festival with full enthusiasm… may there be happiness in your family - this is my wish. A lot of best wishes to you on these festivals. I shall meet you again, with newer themes, with new success stories of the countrymen. Keep sending me your messages; do not forget to share your experiences. I shall wait.

Thank you very much.


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