PM Modi campaigns in Karnataka’s Humnabad, Vijayapura and Kudachi

Published By : Admin | April 29, 2023 | 11:19 IST
Karnataka is ready for the BJP government again, says PM Modi at public meeting in Humnabad
Congress has only divided in the name of caste religion and community Congress has only appeased in the name of governance: PM Modi
Congress has once again started abusing me; till now they have abused me 91 times in different ways, PM Modi in Humnabad
Congress which did not abide by the teachings of Basavanna, insulted Ambedkar ji, should never talk about Dalits: PM Modi in Vijayapura
In Kalaburgi, thousands of Banjara families were given 'hakku patras'. I could see a new self-confidence in them: PM Modi
Karnataka has tradition as well as technology. Here India's ancient and new identity flourish together. This is a wonderful model of double engine development: PM Modi in Kudachi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed mega public meetings in Karnataka’s Humnabad, Vijayapura and Kudachi. In the beginning of his address, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude, stating, "I consider myself fortunate to commence this election rally from the district of Bidar, where I have been blessed before as well." He emphasized that the upcoming election was not solely about winning, but about elevating Karnataka to become the top state in the nation.

Stressing the importance of comprehensive development across all regions of Karnataka, the Prime Minister said, “The state can only develop when its all parts are developed. This election will decide the role of the state and to make it number 1, double engine government is very important for the state.”

Citing achievements of Double Engine Sarkar, PM Modi said, “Foreign investment has increased thrice in the state under the BJP regime compared to the Congress regime. There is double development with double speed in the state. The meaning of Double Engine government is Double Benefit, Double Speed. Before the Double Engine government came to power, even the smallest projects would take a long time to be completed.”

“Karnataka is ready for the BJP government again. Congress had only made fake promises to the farmers and people of Karnataka. Farmers of the state have received no benefits under the Congress government,” he added.

Pointing out at the Congress party's appeasement policies, PM Modi highlighted the example of Bidri Art as evidence of the party's apathy, stating that despite the significant contributions of Shah Rashid Ahmed Qadri to the art form over many years, only now he had received recognition in the form of a Padma Award under the BJP government. The Prime Minister further criticized the Congress for failing to support the growth and development of Bidri Art, causing frustration and disappointment among its practitioners.

PM Modi strongly criticized the Congress party, noting that they had once again resorted to personal attacks against him during the current election. He went on to mention that a list had been compiled of the numerous insults that he had received from the Congress, totaling 91 instances so far. He said, “Let Congress abuse me, I will keep on working for the people of Karnataka. If the Congress had worked so hard for good governance, their current state would not be as pitiable as it is today.”

Listing out the number abuses hurled on him and other leaders, PM Modi stated, “It is a longstanding tradition of the Congress party to humiliate those who work for the betterment of the country and its people.” He further noted that he was not the only individual who had been subjected to such treatment, citing the example of Babasaheb Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution, who had also been targeted by the Congress. The PM also pointed out that even Veer Savarkar had been subjected to abuse by the Congress.

During his second rally in Vijayapura, PM Modi discussed his government's efforts to improve the lives of thousands of Banjara people in Karnataka. He said, “Thousands of families have been given hakku patras. After getting those rights letters, Banjara mothers and sisters were seen confident that now their children will not have to be a victim of neglect, they will not have to live the life of the underprivileged.” The Prime Minister further highlighted the long-standing neglect of the Banjara and Lambani community by the Congress governments, emphasizing that his government was committed to uplifting all sections of society.

Talking about the completion of irrigation projects in the region, PM Modi said, “This is the Double Engine government of BJP which has worked on many irrigation projects here. The BJP government made provision of budget for Kalasa Banduri Project and Upper Krishna Project. Lakhs of farmers of Vijayapura are also getting benefits from the expansion and modernization of Narayanpur Left Bank Canal Project. Such work of irrigation reflects the commitment of the double engine government towards the farmers.”

PM Modi stated that the upcoming Karnataka election would be instrumental in the state's development over the next 25 years. He iterated that the BJP had a clear roadmap to achieve this goal, while the Congress lacked both a plan and the necessary enthusiasm. The Prime Minister criticized the Congress party leaders for seeking votes by focusing on their own retirement, rather than the needs of the people.

In his final public meeting of the day in Kudachi, PM Modi remarked that the BJP was dedicatedly working towards the betterment and upliftment of the poor, Banjara community, Dalits, and backward classes. In contrast, the Congress party, he noted, had no interest in their progress and development, which was why they consistently targeted him with abusive language. The Prime Minister stated that the Congress party had a history of disliking anyone who worked towards improving the lives of the underprivileged.

During his speech, PM Modi highlighted the government's initiatives and policies that have positively impacted the lives of women. He said, “Lakhs of women who previously lived in poverty have become Lakhpati Didi through the PM Awas Yojana and many have also benefited from the Ayushman Bharat scheme, which provides free healthcare up to Rs 5 lakh.”

The Prime Minister further talked about the importance of access to basic amenities like water, gas connection, and toilets, which have been made available to millions of women across the country through various campaigns. As a result, he noted, the BJP party has received the blessings and support of countless women across the country.

Highlighting the Congress’s corruption culture, PM Modi said, “The small farmers of the country have suffered the most due to the corruption culture of the Congress. Congress played loan waiver card for a long time to get votes. But the small farmers could not take loans from the banks. That's why they didn't even get the benefit of loan waiver. Congress party's modus operandi was to fill the pockets of its own people under the guise of loan waivers. This is their way of functioning. On the other hand, our government has been working towards the progress and development of farmers.”

In Kudachi, PM Modi iterated, “The BJP government took steps to empower the sugarcane farmers. The effort is that the sugarcane farmers can be paid on time. Our government achieved record production of ethanol from sugarcane in the last 9 years. Due to this, sugarcane farmers got better price. Now we are moving towards blending 20 percent ethanol in petrol. The money which used to go out of the country is now going to the farmers.”

Hitting out at the grand old party, PM Modi said that the cooperatives are a crucial source of strength for rural women and farmers. “Despite this, the Congress party did step-motherly treatment and discriminated against them. They even denied them tax exemption benefits. But our government has taken steps to ensure that the cooperative sector also gets tax exemption benefits,” he said.

The PM expressed confidence that the people of Karnataka would choose the energetic and dynamic BJP team, rather than the lethargic and jaded Congress. He further said, “Karnataka needs a stable and strong BJP government with absolute majority for rapid development. That's why everyone is saying - 'E Baria Nirdhara, Bahumatda BJP Sarkara' (It is clear, Karnataka wants full majority BJP Government).”


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