PM Modi addresses public meeting at Kanthi, West Bengal

Published By : Admin | March 24, 2021 | 11:00 IST
2 May, Didi jacche, Ashol Poriborton asche' can be heard across Bengal, says PM Narendra Modi in public rally
The development of Bengal is BJP's commitment. We will work very hard for Bengal's future: PM Modi in Kanthi
BJP's Bengal manifesto made keeping in mind the development and aspirations of people of Bengal, says PM Modi
'Didi' talking about 'Duare Sarkar' but she will be shown door on May 2: PM Narendra Modi in West Bengal
I see a sea of people everywhere I go in Bengal, the state's women will punish TMC for misgovernance, says PM Modi in Kanthi

Ahead of the first phase of polling in West Bengal assembly election, PM Modi addressed public meeting at Kanthi, West Bengal today. PM Modi said, “This is a very crucial time for first time voters and youth aged around 25 in Bengal. They have the responsibility to build the future of Bengal and thus, 'Ashol Poriborton' is the need of the hour.

Repeating his slogan for 'Ashol Poribortan', PM said that people of West Bengal have decided to bid farewell to TMC government on May 2. “The relief sent by the Central government got stuck in the nephew window. Today, the entire WB is asking - Who looted the relief material of Amphan? Who looted the foodgrains sent for the poor,” PM Modi asked while campaigning in the poll-bound state.

Lashing out at Mamata Banerjee, he said, "Everyone has understood what Didi is doing. She just makes empty promises before the elections and is not seen thereafter. Didi, even the children of West Bengal have understood your 'khela'. Thus on May 2, West Bengal will show door to Didi. 'Didi' talking about 'Duare Sarkar', but she will be shown door on May 2.”

PM Modi also said that steps will be taken for the women in the state. "We will take steps like the ones taken by the central government for the betterment of women. This was keeping in tandem with the party's manifesto that was released by Union home minister Amit Shah which emphasizes on women's safety, providing better healthcare services and extending schemes for women in the state,” he said.

"BJP's Bengal manifesto made keeping in mind the development and aspirations of people of Bengal. Our party will cut the corruption in every scheme of the government and will ensure that direct benefits reach the people. There will be no middlemen," he added.

Assuring the people of Bengal, PM Modi remarked, “We will work for Bengal’s bright future,” he assured the people. ‘TMC'er khela sesh hobe, Vikash arambho hobe’. The development of Bengal is BJP's commitment. We will work very hard for Bengal's future... ‘Bangla chai, BJP sarkar’.”

PM Modi spoke at length about the development projects initiated by the Modi government, he asserted, “The Central government is taking steps to modernize the Petuaghat Fishing Harbour. The sea's coast has immense economic activities associated to tourism. There are also possibilities of cruise tourism. You have assets such as the Digha beach. The Central government is promoting tourism with several initiatives. Medinipur will benefit a lot from such initiatives with a double-engine government in place.”

Exuding confidence of forming the government in West Bengal, he remarked, “Didi's government has given darkness to the state in last 10 years, BJP’s double engine government will give Sonar Bangla.”


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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Purulia, West Bengal
May 19, 2024
TMC involved in crimes against women, particularly from SC/ST communities: PM Modi in Purulia, WB
Whether it is TMC or Congress, they are two sides of the same coin: PM Modi in Purulia, WB

In a dynamic public meeting held in Purulia, West Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a large gathering, emphasizing the failures of the INDI alliance and the commitment of the BJP towards the development and upliftment of the region. The Prime Minister outlined the significant discrepancies between the promises made by the TMC and their actions, particularly highlighting issues related to water scarcity, reservations, and corruption.

Addressing the issue of reservations, PM Modi accused the INDI alliance of attempting to undermine the rights of Dalits, backward classes, and tribals. He asserted, "TMC and its allies want to take away the reservations given to Dalits, backward classes, and tribals. Babasaheb Ambedkar was against reservations based on religion. But today, the INDI alliance wants to provide reservations based on religion." PM Modi warned that such actions, including the reallocation of OBC quota reservations to Muslims in Karnataka, pose a threat to the established reservation system.

PM Modi also touched upon the safety and dignity of women in Bengal. He expressed concern over incidents like the one in Sandeshkhali, where he alleged that TMC members were involved in crimes against women, particularly from SC/ST communities. "The crime in Sandeshkhali has forced the sisters of Bengal to think. TMC people do not even consider the sisters of SC/ST families as human," Modi remarked. He urged the women of Bengal to respond to such injustices through their votes.

The Prime Minister strongly condemned the corruption within TMC and Congress, drawing parallels between the two parties. "Whether it is TMC or Congress, they are two sides of the same coin. Look at how mountains of cash are found with Congress ministers and MPs. Similarly, mountains of cash are found with TMC leaders and ministers," he stated. PM Modi assured the public that after June 4th, his administration would intensify its actions against corruption, ensuring that the looted money is returned to the victims.

Highlighting the BJP's efforts to alleviate this issue, he mentioned that over the past 5-6 years, more than 12 crore homes have been connected with tap water. However, he criticized the TMC government for hindering this campaign in areas like Purulia, contrasting it with BJP-led states like Uttar Pradesh, where 30,000 homes are being provided with tap connections daily, compared to less than 5,000 in Bengal.

“When Swami Vivekananda went abroad and spoke about India, lakhs of people became his devotees. But there was also a section that hated India. They insulted Swami Vivekananda and tried to intimidate him. But Swami Vivekananda was on a mission for Mother India and was not one to be scared. Today, a similar situation is happening on the soil of Bengal. The TMC government, which instigates fear, intimidation, and violence during elections, has crossed all limits this time,” said PM Modi underlining TMC’s intentions and its governance model.

“Today, ISKCON, Ram Krishna Mission and Bharat Sevashram Sangh are known for service and morality in the country and the world. But today the Chief Minister of Bengal is openly threatening them... warning them from an open stage! There are lakhs of followers associated with these missions all over the world, their aim is only and only to serve the people… But the Bengal government has pointed a finger at them, threatening them by taking their name! So much courage, just to please its vote bank! To please them, TMC has stooped to such a low level,” he added.

Emphasizing the BJP's commitment to preserving and promoting cultural heritage, PM Modi praised the Chhau dance of Purulia and highlighted the GI tag awarded to Chhau masks under the BJP's efforts. "Purulia and its famous Chhau dance are well-known. It was the BJP that gave the Chhau mask a GI tag, linking it to Purulia's identity," he noted. Furthermore, PM Modi mentioned ongoing infrastructure projects, including the revamping of Purulia Railway Station and the introduction of Vande Bharat trains, to enhance regional connectivity.

In his closing statement, PM Modi called upon the people of Bengal to make a decisive choice in the upcoming elections and urged them to spread the message of development and integrity. "The people of Bengal have made up their minds to clean TMC this time. The trends are already beginning to show this," he declared. Emphasizing the significance of the upcoming elections, he said, "The country will develop when Bengal develops. Every vote cast for the lotus will directly strengthen Modi."