It is the miracle of people's votes that has thwarted the courage of enemies of the nation, says PM Modi in Satna
Your one vote will help BJP form government in MP, strengthen Modi in Delhi and keep Congress away from power in the state, says PM Modi
Congress does not have development roadmap for Madhya Pradesh, says PM Modi in Satna
There is a reverse gear in vehicles that take them backwards. The Congress is an expert in reverse gear. Congress will reverse Madhya Pradesh's development journey: PM Modi in Chhatarpur
You elected the strong BJP Government that makes tough and big decisions in the national interest. Congress has been unable to digest this for the past 10 years: PM Modi in Neemuch

The political landscape in Madhya Pradesh is buzzing as Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes centre-stage with his numerous campaign rallies ahead of the assembly election. Today, the PM addressed huge public gatherings in Satna, Chhatarpur & Neemuch. PM Modi said, “Your one vote has done such wonders that the courage of the country’s enemies has shattered. Your one vote is going to form the BJP government here again. Your one vote will strengthen Modi in Delhi.”

He further added, “MP has faith in BJP. MP has faith in Modi’s guarantee. And you know it well that Modi’s guarantee means the guarantee of fulfilment of every guarantee.”

PM Modi stated that the Congress government at the Centre hindered the BJP government’s work in Madhya Pradesh for a decade. “Since 2014, Madhya Pradesh has got double power of double engine. Thousands of poor families in Satna have now got permanent homes. And I will also say one thing to those who have not got their house yet. All of you remain rest assured. As soon as the BJP government returns here on December 3, the work of PM Awas Yojana will be further intensified,” he said.

“Every poor family will get a permanent house; this is Modi’s guarantee. This house means not only the boundary walls, but it also has electricity, gas connection, toilet, tap and water in the tap,” he added.

Lashing out at the Congress, PM Modi asserted, “Be it houses for the poor, free ration, free treatment, today the BJP government is spending crores on these. That means the country’s money is being used by the poor. But when Congress was in power, where did this money go? At that time, crores of rupees of the country were spent in 2G scam, Coal scam, Commonwealth scam, Helicopter scam.”

PM Modi highlighted the BJP government’s success in putting an end to scams and eliminating middlemen from the corrupt era of the Congress. He emphasized the government’s shift towards directly transferring funds of various schemes into the bank accounts of the poor.

Emphasizing more on the ‘Fake Beneficiary Scam’, which is living proof of how Congress snatches the rights of the poor, he said, “Congress had created as many fake beneficiaries on paper. That means there were about 10 crore fake people who were not even born, but the Congress government used to send them money. Instead of reaching the deserving millions, this money ended up in the hands of Congress brokers and party workers.”

PM Modi cautioned that the arrival of Congress could bring disaster and said, ‘Congress Aayi, Tabahi Layi’. He said, “Congress will halt essential government assistance such as free ration, medical treatment, and funds from Kisan Samman Nidhi.” He reassured that under Shivraj ji’s government, crucial schemes like Ladli Behna and Ladli Lakshmi would continue without interruption.

In his second rally in Chhatarpur, Prime Minister Modi delivered a scathing critique of the Congress party. He highlighted the Congress’ lack of understanding of India’s rich heritage and its failure to uplift the nation’s pride and glory. The Prime Minister spoke about the significance of India’s cultural essence and the strength of its soil. He pointed out that even the rich soil of Bundelkhand teaches valuable lessons. However, he accused the Congress of neglecting the heritage of this region.

Coming down heavily on the Congress party, PM Modi said, “Under the Congress government, the focus was solely on Delhi, with schemes, visits from prominent foreign leaders, and major events all centred in the capital. Congress leaders used to bring their foreign friends to show them the poverty of India. “

The Prime Minister likened the Congress’s governance to a car in reverse gear, skillfully steering the nation backwards. He accused the Congress of prioritizing its self-interests over the welfare of the country, resulting in policies that hindered the nation’s progress.

Furthermore, PM Modi warned the public against falling for grand promises made by the Congress, citing instances of unfulfilled commitments in various states. He highlighted cases where Congress promised free electricity but subsequently raised prices and initiated severe power cuts, leading to economic challenges and job losses.

Later, in his third rally in Neemuch, PM Modi underscored the consistent record of corruption set by the Congress party, both at the Union government and state levels. He said that many states have been liberated from the grip of Congress due to its corrupt mindset.

The Prime Minister underlined the BJP's commitment to aligning state development with national development, providing political and economic participation in sectors Congress had overlooked. He celebrated the collective strength of India, resonating loudly across the world.

Expressing apprehension, PM Modi cautioned that Congress aims to spread instability and lawlessness. "Congress wants to spread instability and anarchy in the country. For this, Congress has made secret agreements. It now seems to be standing with those people from abroad who openly conspire against India. I urge the people of Madhya Pradesh to stay vigilant regarding Congress's actions," stated the Prime Minister.

Spotlighting the BJP's problem-solving approach, PM Modi delved into the trinity of mobile, Aadhaar, and bank accounts, facilitating direct fund transfers to the poor. The PM remarked, "MP is witnessing the establishment of industrial corridors. In Neemuch alone, over 500 industries, with investments in crores, have been established."

In his closing remarks, the PM motivated the youth, asserting that the future belongs to them. He urged collective efforts to make Madhya Pradesh the top industrial economy, calling for Malwa-Nimar to break all old records. The Prime Minister concluded by urging every seat and booth to witness the lotus bloom with full strength in the upcoming elections.

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