PM Modi concludes historic visit to Ireland, arrives in New York City
Prime Minister Modi holds roundtable meeting with top American CEOs from the financial sector
Prime Minister Modi outlines his vision for “Start-Up India, Stand-Up India”
PM Modi holds roundtable meeting on media, technology and communications
PM Modi meets Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina in New York
Shri Modi holds talks with PM of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mr. Ralph Gonsalves
Prime Minister Modi meets President David Arthur Granger of Guyana
PM Modi meets Fortune 500 CEOs at a special event in New York, pitches for ‘Make in India’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commenced his visit to the United States of America on September 24th. After concluding the historic and memorable visit to Ireland, Shri Narendra Modi arrived at John F Kennedy airport in New York. This marked the beginning of second leg of his two-nation tour.

In New York, the first meeting was dedicated to business. Prime Minister Modi held a roundtable meeting with top American CEOs from the financial sector. Fruitful discussions were held in the roundtable and the Prime Minister urged the CEOs to invest in various sectors. He also outlined his vision for “Start-Up India, Stand-Up India.” Shri Narendra Modi highlighted numerous steps being taken by Government to improve business environment in India which has in turn helped raise the FDI and investor confidence.

Roundtable with Financial Sector CEOs was a fruitful exchange of views on economic issues. Urged CEOs to invest in India...

Posted by Narendra Modi on Thursday, September 24, 2015

PM Narendra Modi held a second roundtable meeting on media, technology and communications with CEOs of entertainment and media industries. The Prime Minister noted that current era was driven by technology. The CEOs were enthusiastic about the digital transformation that is taking place in India through the Digital India initiative. Addressing the media sector CEOs, he said that Government of India has been committed to protecting IPR which is essential to fostering creativity. He also spoke about Government’s vision to connect 600,000 villages through broadband connectivity.

Prime Minister Modi held extensive talks with various leaders in New York City. He met PM Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh. Both the leaders expressed happiness at the progress of implementation of the Land Boundary Agreement. Discussions also focused on connectivity, infrastructure, sustainable development goals, reform of the UN Security Council and other institutions of global governance.

Shri Modi held a meeting with PM of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mr. Ralph Gonsalves. He thanked Dr. Gonsalves for the support extended by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines towards UNSC reform. The Prime Minister also met President David Arthur Granger of Guyana. President Granger also presented PM Narendra Modi copies of two monographs written by him. The President was appreciative of Indian support for capacity building in the IT sector in Guyana.

A great meeting with PM of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Posted by Narendra Modi on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also met heads of various business firms. Shri Modi attended a working dinner where major Fortune-500 CEOs were present. Prime Minister interacted with 42 American CEOs from the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. The Prime Minister highlighted his commitment for predictable, transparent and accountable governance. Discussions were held on investment opportunities in India. The PM made a strong pitch for ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Smart Cities’ initiatives.

My interaction with Fortune 500 CEOs was on investment opportunities in India & why they must come & 'Make in India.'

Posted by Narendra Modi on Thursday, September 24, 2015

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PM Modi responds to passenger from Bihar boarding flight for first time with his father from Darbhanga airport

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India’s Right of Reply in 74th​ Session of the United Nations General Assembly General Debate
September 28, 2019

Mr. President,

I take the floor to exercise India’s right of reply to the statement made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

  1. Every word spoken from the podium of this august Assembly, it is believed, carries the weight of history. Unfortunately, what we heard today from Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan was a callous portrayal of the world in binary terms. Us vs Them; Rich vs Poor; North vs South; Developed Vs Developing; Muslims vs Others. A script that fosters divisiveness at the United Nations. ​Attempts to sharpen differences and stir up hatred, are simply put - “hate speech”.                 
  1. Rarely has the General Assembly witnessed such misuse, rather abuse, of an opportunity to reflect. Words matter in diplomacy. Invocation of phrases such as “pogrom”, “bloodbath”, “racial superiority”, “pick up the gun” and “fight to the end” reflect a medieval mindset and not a 21​ century vision. 
  1. Prime Minister Khan’s threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinksmanship, not statesmanship. 
  1. Even coming from the leader of a country that has monopolized the entire value chain of the industry of terrorism, Prime Minister Khan’s justification of terrorism was brazen and incendiary.            
  1. For someone who was once a cricketer and believed in the gentleman’s game, today’s speech bordered on crudeness of the variety that is reminiscent of the guns of Darra Adam Khel.                                 
  2. Now that Prime Minister Imran Khan has invited UN Observers to Pakistan to verify that there are no militant organisations in Pakistan, the world will hold him to that promise.
  3. Here are a few questions that Pakistan can respond to as a precursor to the proposed verification.                                               
  • Can Pakistan confirm the fact that it is home to 130 UN designated terrorists and 25 terrorist entities listed by the UN, as of today? 
  • Will Pakistan acknowledge that it is the only Government in the world that provides pension to an individual listed by the UN in the Al Qaeda and Da’esh Sanctions list! 
  • Can Pakistan explain why here in New York, its premier bank, the Habib Bank had to shut shop after it was fined millions of dollars over terror financing? 
  • Will Pakistan deny that the Financial Action Task Force has put the country on notice for its violations of more than 20 of the 27 key parameters? 
  • And would Prime Minister Khan deny to the city of New York that he was an open defender of Osama bin Laden?

Mr. President,                                                                                                        

  1. Having mainstreamed terrorism and hate speech, Pakistan is trying to play its wild card as the newfound champion of human rights. 
  1. This a country that has shrunk the size of its minority community from 23% in 1947 to 3% today and has subjected Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyas, Hindus, Shias, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Balochis to draconian blasphemy laws, systemic persecution, blatant abuse and forced conversions. 
  1. Their newfound fascination for preaching human rights is akin to trophy hunting of the endangered mountain goat - markhor. 
  1. Pogroms, Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi, are not a phenomenon of today’s vibrant democracies. We would request you to refresh your rather sketchy understanding of history. Do not forget the gruesome genocide perpetrated by Pakistan against its own people in 1971 and the role played by Lt. Gen A A K Niazi. A sordid fact that the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh reminded this Assembly about earlier this afternoon.                                      

Mr. President,

  1. Pakistan’s virulent reaction to the removal of an outdated and temporary provision that was hindering development and integration of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir stems from the fact that those who thrive on conflict never welcome the ray of peace. 
  1. While Pakistan has ventured to upstream terrorism and downstream hate speech there, India is going ahead with mainstreaming development in Jammu and Kashmir. 
  1. The mainstreaming of Jammu & Kashmir, as well as Ladakh, in India’s thriving and vibrant democracy with a millennia-old heritage of diversity, pluralism and tolerance is well and truly underway. Irreversibly so. 
  1. Citizens of India do not need anyone else to speak on their behalf, least of all those who have built an industry of terrorism from the ideology of hate.


I thank you, Mr. President.