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Fellow citizens, Namaskar.

You might be listening to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Radio but you would be occupied with the exams of your children which begins tomorrow. For class 10th   & 12th exams are starting from March 1. I too want to join this journey of yours. I am as much concerned about the exams of your children as you are. If we change our attitude towards exams, probably we will be relieved of anxiety.

In the last edition of  Mann Ki Baat, I had requested you to share your experiences and suggestions on Narendra Modi App. I am glad that thousands of people have shared their views with me. These include teachers, successful students, parents and social thinkers. Two things have touched me especially. First, all those who have written to me, have stuck to the subject. Second, thousands of people shared their views. It is a reflection of how important the issue is. We have restricted exams to school premises, students and parents. Large number of views shared on my App show that student related issues should be discussed continuously across the country.

In this edition of Mann ki Baat, I want to discuss something with students, parents and teachers. I will share whatever I have heard, read and have been told. I will also share my thoughts and I feel. that 25-30 minutes discussion will be very useful for the students appearing in the exams.

My dear student friends, before I say something why not open this edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’ with the   batting maestro, Sachin Tendulkar.  Let’s find out what made him successful. His experience will certainly help you. I want you to listen to the message sent by the pride of Indian youth and Bharat Ratna Shri Sachin Tendulkar:

“Namaskar, This is Sachin Tendulkar. I know exams are going to start in a few days, some of you may be tense. I have ä message for you. Your parents, teachers, family members and friends will expect many things from you. Everybody will ask about your preparations and expected marks. I just want to say you that you set targets for yourself and do not buckle under any pressure. Work hard and set a realistic and achievable target for yourself. When I used to play cricket there were innumerable expectations from me also. Over the past 24 years, many difficult moments came. Some nice moments were there as well. Public expectation was always there and it increased with passage of time. I found a way to deal with it. I decided to set my own targets and to achieve them. If I am setting my own targets and achieving them, then I am doing something good for the country. I always tried to achieve those targets. My focus was on the ball and targets were achieved automatically. Please keep your thoughts positive which will definitely yield positive results. Hence be positive and by God’s grace you can always expect best results. My best wishes for your exams. Write you exams in a tension free manner and come across with flying colours. Good luck.”

Friends, see what advice Sachin Tendulkar has for you. Never get bogged down under the pressure of expectations. You have to build your own future. Set targets for yourself with the free heart, free thinking and free capability. I am sure that Sachin’s advice will help you a lot. And it is true; why waste our time in competing with others? Why not compete with ourselves? Why not to try to break our own earlier records? You will see that nobody will be able to stop you from going forward. You will not expect any praise from anyone when you will break your own record. You will be satisfied internally.

Friends, do not consider exams as a number game. Life should be linked with great purposes. We should pursue our dreams and stay focused. Exams only tell us that whether we are treading on right path or not and with right pace or not. Therefore, if dreams are big, this exam will become enjoyable. Every exam is a step towards achieving that great purpose. Every success will become a key to achieve that great purpose. Therefore, do not limit yourself to what will happen in this year’s exam. Work with a much bigger purpose. Even if you fall short a little, you will not feel disappointed. You will get more courage to achieve that purpose.

People have shared their views on my App. One Mr. Shrey Gupta has emphasized that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Students should take care of their health also along with their studies. So that you can write exams in a good health. On this last day, I will not ask you to do exercise or run for 3 or 5 kilometers. But what is your routine, especially during exams, is important. During all 365 days, out routine should be according to our dreams and commitments. I agree with what Shri Prabhakar Reddy has said. He has suggested that students should sleep on time and should do revision after getting up early. Students should reach examination centre before time with admit card and other essential things. Shri Prabhakar Reddy has said this and I may not have said this.  Because I am little unconcerned regarding sleep. My friends also keep telling me that I sleep very less. I will try to do something about it. But I definitely agree with this. Stipulated time to sleep, sound sleep are equally important as your other day-to-day activities. And this is possible. I am fortunate that I sleep less but it is very sound. And it is enough too for me. But I will request you. Some people have a habit of talking on phone for long time before sleeping and those thoughts occupy their mind, so how will they sleep? When I ask you to sleep, I am not asking to sleep only for exams. To write well in exams, I am asking you to sleep tension-free. I am not asking to keep on sleeping. It shouldn’t happen that when you score less and your mother asks the reason, you tell that Modi Ji asked me to sleep and I slept. I hope you will not do that.

In life, discipline is a big reason behind strong foundation of successes. Discipline provides a strong foundation. Unorganized and undisciplined  people, who complete day’s work in evening, think that they have done the job but so much of energy is wasted and there is tension every moment. In our body also, even if one part is paining, the whole body does not feel comfortable. Not only that, our routine also gets disturbed. Any that is why; we should not consider any thing small. You should never compromise on your decisions. Decide and try to do it.

Friends, I have seen two types of students who appear in exams. One is who concentrates on his strengths and learning. Second types of students doubt their abilities and worry too much about their question paper. You would have seen these two types of people. Concern about the paper has a negative impact on results too. The one, who is confident about whatever he has learnt, is able to handle anything that comes up. Someone who can say this better than me is chess champion Shri Vishwanathan Anand. He will share his experiences and tell you how to check-mate in exams:

“Hello, this is Viswanathan Anand. First of all, let me start off by wishing you all the best for your exams. I will next talk a little bit about how I went to my exams and my experiences for that. I found that exams are very much like problems you face later in life. You need to be well rested, get a good night’s sleep, you need to be on a full stomach, you should definitely not be hungry and the most important thing is to stay calm. It is very very similar to a game of Chess. When you play, you don’t know, which pawn will appear, just like in a class you don’t know, which question will appear in an exam. So if you stay calm and you are well nourished and have slept well, then you will find that your brain recalls the right answer at the right moment. So stay calm. It is very important not to put too much pressure on yourself, don’t keep your expectations too high. Just see it as a challenge – do I remember what I was taught during the year, can I solve these problems. At the last minute, just go over the most important things and the things you feel, the topics you feel, you don’t remember very well. You may also recall some incidents with the teacher or the students; while you are writing an exam and this will help you recall a lot of subject matter. If you revise the questions you find difficult, you will find that they are fresh in your head and when you are writing the exam, you will be able to deal with them much better. So stay calm, get a good night’s sleep, don’t be over-confident but don’t be pessimistic either. I have always found that these exams go much better than you fear before. So stay confident and all the very best to you.”

Vishwanathan Anand has really said a very important thing and you would also have seen him playing international matches with good health. He plays with so much concentration and does not even move his eyes. We used to hear about Arjuna, how he used to concentrate on the bird’s eye. Similarly, Vishwanathan Anand’s eyes are fixed on target when he plays and that is expression of the inner peace. It is difficult to say whether we will get inner peace just by someone’s words. But we should strive for that, smilingly. Even during exams, if we smile and laugh, we will start experiencing the inner peace. You can’t have inner peace when you are not talking to friends, walking alone, trying to read so many books at the last moment. Laugh with your friends. Share jokes. You will feel peaceful environment automatically.

I want to share a small thing with you. Just imagine, you are standing at a pond and you are getting a nice view of the water but suddenly if someone throws a stone in it. Now, the nice view which you were getting will not be there anymore. If water is still, no matter how deep are the things they look clear. But if water is not still, then nothing is visible inside. There is a lot inside you, labour of the whole year. But if your mind is not at peace, then you can’t find that treasure. If you have a peaceful mind, then you will be able to use your treasure of knowledge and exam will become very easy.

I want to tell you something about myself. When I go to attend some lecture or in the government also, there are subjects I need to concentrate hard. When I try to understand by concentrating more, then I feel an inner pressure. Then I realize that I need to relax a bit. Then I developed a technique of deep breathing and take 3-5 deep breaths. It takes me around 30,40 or 50 seconds but then my mind becomes calm and ready to understand the matter. This is my experience and may work for you too.

Shri Rajat Aggarwl has written a good thing on my App. He said, we should relax with friends, family for at least half an hour every day. This is a very important thing said by Shri Rajat. Most of the times, when we come back from exam, we start calculating about right and wrong answers. And if parents are educated and more so, if teachers, then they ask the exact answers. They calculate whether you will score 40,80 or 90 marks. Your mind is still entangled in the exam that is already over. You also share with friends about the answers. We get entangled in that only. Friends, please do not do this. Once an exam is over, it’s over. Chat with your family on other subjects, remember old memories. Try to remember the scenes of a location you had visited with your parents. Spend half an hour on this. What Shri Rajat has said is absolutely correct.

Friends, what can I tell you about peace? Today, before you take your exams, one such person has sent you his message, who himself is a teacher. He teaches us the values of life. By interpreting Ram Charit Manas in present context, he teaches us values. He is revered Morari Bapu, He has given some important tips for you. He is a teacher and thinker also therefore his words have combination of both:

 “I am Morari Bapu speaking. My advice to all the students is that at the time of examination you unburden your mind and with a clear, calm and concentrated mind take the exam. And then accept whatever situation comes. My view is that by accepting the situation as it is, we can be more happy and peaceful. Take the exam with a light and calm mind, you will get sure success, you will not feel guilty if you fail and not feel arrogant if you succeed. I end with a couplet ‘It is not necessary everybody get success in this world, learn to live with failures’. I thank our honorable Prime Minister’s programme Mann ki Baat.   I wish all the best.”

I am grateful to revered Morari Bapu for his inspiring message. Friends, I want to talk about one issue. In their responses, people have invariably mentioned about Yoga.  It is a matter of satisfaction for me that when I meet people from different countries, a mention of Yoga always comes, may be briefly. I feel proud that there is so much curiosity about Yoga. How many people on my mobile app, Shri Atanu Mandal, Sri Kunal Gupta, Shri Shashank Kumar, Shri K G Anand, Shri Abhijeet Kulkarni, innumerable such people have referred to Yoga and Meditation. I do not say that you start practicing Yoga from tomorrow that will be injustice with you, however those who practice it should not stop it, just because of exams. However, it is true that be it student life or latter part of life, Yoga is an important key for the development of conscience. And it is a key which is most accessible and simple. You should definitely think about it. If you search around you and find a Yoga teacher, they can definitely suggest you few things which you can practice in few minutes and will benefit during exams. See if you can. I have great faith in it.

My young friends, you are in a great hurry to enter the examination hall. You want to take your seat quickly. Why do you do this in a hurry? Why should not you manage your time in such a manner that if you are stuck in traffic, still you reach in time for exam. Otherwise, the hurry adds to the tension. You should read the instructions for the question paper very carefully. Sometimes we think it is a waste of time, but it is not the case.  Let it take 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, but read the instructions very carefully. You will clearly know what is to be done and it will ensure that you do everything properly and you will not have to regret later. I have observed that sometimes one comes to know only during exam that there is a new pattern, but if you read instructions carefully, you will be able to cope with it. So please read the instructions very carefully.

Mr. Yash Nagar has written on my app that when he saw the paper for the first time, it appeared very difficult. However in the second look, it appeared easy to him. Questions were the same which he knew, only they were asked differently. It is very essential to understand the question. Sometime when we do not understand the question properly, they appear difficult to us. I emphasize this view of Yash Nagar. Read the question several times and try to match your knowledge with them.You will see that the question will appear easy even before you attempt it.

It is a matter of great happiness to me today that Bharat Ratna and renowned scientist Professor CNR Rao has stressed upon patience. He has given a brief yet very effective message, to all the students. Let us listen to the message of Sri Rao:

“This is C.N.R. Rao from Bangalore. I fully realize that the examinations cause anxiety. That too competitive examination. Do not worry, do your best. That’s what I tell all my young friends. At the same time remember, that there are many opportunities in this country. Decide what you want to do in life and don’t give it up. You will succeed. Do not forget that you are a child of the universe. You have a right to be here like the trees and the mountains. All you need is doggedness, dedication and tenacity. With these qualities you will succeed in all examinations and all other endeavors. I wish you luck in everything you want to do. God Bless.”

See how amazing is the way of expression of a scientist? For which I take half an hour, he took only 3 minutes to communicate. This is the strength of science and a scientific mind.  I am very much thankful to Mr. Rao for inspiring the children of the country. What he has highlighted are the qualities of dedication, determination, diligence. Remain steadfast friends, if you do not give up, fear will run away. For achieving good things, a bright future awaits you.

In my App, Ruchika Dabas has sent a message, sharing her exam experience. She said that in her family, there is a conscious effort to create a positive environment during examinations. Similar efforts were made in her neighboring families too.  And this was emphasized by Mr. Sachin Tendulkar also that Positive approach, positive frame of mind gives rise to positive energy.

Sometimes many things happen, which inspire us. And please don’t think that they help only students. In every phase of life, good examples, given us strength, inspiration and show us the way out of troubles. We all have read about Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of electric bulb. Have you ever thought how many years he devoted to achieve this feat? How many times he faced failures, how much time was wasted, how much money was spent how much frustration he must have felt, due to repeated failures? But today, the electric bulb is illuminating our lives. That is why it is said that seeds of success are inherent within failures.

Who doesn’t know Srinivas Ramanujam? One of the greatest mathematical minds of the modern world. You must be knowing that he did not have any formal training in mathematics. Still, he made great contribution towards fields of mathematical analogies and number theory. His was a life filled with pain and sorrow; still he made a great contribution to the world.

JK Rowling is a brilliant example of the fact that anybody can achieve success anytime. Harry Potter series is now popular all over the world but it was not the case in the beginning. Imagine, how many difficulties she had to face, how many failures? Rowling herself has said that it the times of crisis she used to focus her entire energy on the job which was most meaningful for her.

Nowadays, exams are not merely for the students, but they are a test of family, teachers and schools as well. However, without the support system of parents and teachers, it is difficult for a student to cope up alone. If students, parents, teachers and even seniors work as a team and proceed in a planned manner, examinations become easier.

Mr. Keshav Vaishnav has written on my App, he has complained that parents must never pressurize their children for more marks. They should merely encourage them to prepare and should be concerned about keeping them relaxed.

Vijay Jindal writes that our own expectations must never be imposed on children. Children must be encouraged as much as possible and they must be helped to maintain their confidence.  Please do not pressurize children. Do not stop him talking to his friends; create a lighter, positive environment. You will see your children grow in confidence. This confidence will be visible to you as well.

Friends, I want to tell it to our young friends. Our lives have significantly changed from the previous generations. We are witnessing every moment, a new innovation, new technology and a new face of science. The best part is we are not merely dazzled by all this; rather we want to move ahead in tandem with the pace of science.

I am highlighting these point because it is the National Science Day today. Every year we celebrate it as the national festival of science. On February 28, 1928, Sir CV Raman has announced his famous discovery, The Raman Effect for which he won the Nobel Prize. Therefore, the country celebrates February 28 as National Science Day. Curiosity is the mother of Science. Every mind should have scientific temper and the quest for science. Each generation will have to emphasize on the innovation. And innovation is not possible without science and technology. On National Science Day, let us resolve to make science and technology as an essential part of our lives. This year, the theme on the National Science Day is “Make in India, Science and Technology Driven Innovations”. I bow to  Sir CV Raman and appeal to all of you to inculcate scientific temper.

Friends, sometimes success comes very late and when the person is successful, his views about the world also changes. You may have been busy preparing for exams and some news events might not have registered in your minds. Still I want to repeat a story which you must have heard recently, that a great discovery has been made in the life of science. Scientists of the world worked relentlessly, several generations of them contributed including our own scientists who discovered the Gravitational Waves. It is a very far reaching achievement in the field of science. The discovery not only proves the theory of Albert Einstein, but also is quantum jump for physics. This is indeed a great achievement for the entire mankind and also a matter of great pride for us since many Indians were involved in this discovery. I want to extend my heartiest congratulations to all these scientist. In future too our scientists will work towards consolidating such gains and in all other international scientific endeavors. We have recently taken an important decision to set up Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) in India. There are only two such laboratories in the world and India will be the third country. The process will gather momentum with the involvement of India. Despite its meager resources, India will definitely be an active partner in the endeavor of great importance for the mankind. I once again congratulate all the scientists.

Fellow citizens, I want you to note down a number. From tomorrow, if you give a missed call to this number, you can listen to my “Mann Ki Baat”, in your regional language. The number is 8190881908. I repeat 8190881908.

Friends, your exams are going to start; I too have to appear in examination tomorrow before 125 crore countrymen. Don’t you remember! Tomorrow is 29th February, Budget Day. Still, you must have noticed by my voice, how calm and confident I am. Let my exam get over tomorrow and yours begin day after. Wish me the success and let all of us come out with flying colors so that our country succeeds. Friends my best wishes to all of you.  Move ahead without the tension of failure or success. Do not give up. Thank you.


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