PM Narendra Modi address public meeting in Meerut
Our Government is trying everything possible for progress of Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi
Shri Modi attacks Congress for allying with Samajwadi party
This election is about UP’s fight against SCAM - Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati, says Shri Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a huge public meeting in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Speaking at the event, Shri Modi said, “In 1857, the first struggle for independence begun from Meerut to fight the British and now the battle against poverty has to begin from here.” Shri Modi urged the people to change the government in the state to change the fortunes of Uttar Pradesh.

Prime Minister Modi said that the BJP was concerned about the state’s youth and wanted to provide employment opportunities for them to prosper. “Our Government is trying everything possible for progress of Uttar Pradesh. A lot has been done but I want to work more for the state to touch newer heights of progress.”

Shri Modi remarked that there was no fear of law among criminals in Uttar Pradesh. The PM questioned the state government, “Why are innocent citizens being killed? Why are innocent traders being killed?” 

Launching attack on Congress party, Shri Modi opined, “Congress was going to every village and saying how Uttar Pradesh has been looted. They were demeaning the Samajwadi party and the state government. But what happened all of a sudden that Congress became allies with the SP.”

Shri Modi said that it was now Uttar Pradesh’s fight against ‘SCAM’- Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati. He added, “This is a fight against SCAM. People must decide whether they want SCAM or a BJP Government devoted to development. We are willing to do everything possible for Uttar Pradesh.”

The PM also accused the state government of not focussing on healthcare of people. Shri Modi stated, “Centre allotted funds for healthcare. But the state government did not even spend it for the people. What politics guided you when you prevented development works and healthcare to reach people?”

The PM also spoke about welfare measures for sugarcane farmers and implementation of One Rank, One Pension scheme for ex-servicemen. Shri Modi also spoke about demonetisation drive and how a few people were facing its heat. He added, “I knew on 8th November that people who looted will not like the decision that was taken and they'll join hands against me. But I’ll continue to fight the evils of corruption and black money.” 

The event was attended by several BJP leaders and karyakartas.

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MoS Dr. Jitendra Singh’s Statement after meeting with the political parties of Jammu-Kashmir under the leadership of the Hon'ble Prime Minister
June 24, 2021

A discussion with the political parties of Jammu-Kashmir under the leadership of the Hon'ble Prime Minister has just ended. This has been a very positive effort towards the development and strengthening of democracy in Jammu-Kashmir. The meeting took place in a very cordial atmosphere. All the participants expressed their full allegiance to the democracy of India and the Constitution of India.

The Home Minister apprised all the leaders of the improvement in the situation in Jammu-Kashmir.

The Prime Minister listened to every party’s arguments and suggestions with all seriousness and he appreciated the fact that all the people's representatives shared their point of view with an open mind. The Prime Minister laid special emphasis on two important issues in the meeting. He said that we all have to work together to take democracy to the grassroots in Jammu-Kashmir. Secondly, there should be all-round development in Jammu-Kashmir and development should reach every region and every community. It is necessary that there should be an atmosphere of cooperation and public participation.

Hon'ble Prime Minister also pointed out that elections to Panchayati Raj and other local bodies have been successfully held in Jammu-Kashmir. There is improvement in the security situation. About 12,000 crore rupees have directly reached the panchayats after the conclusion of elections. This has accelerated the pace of development in the villages.

The Prime Minister said that we have to approach the next important step related to the democratic process in Jammu-Kashmir i.e. assembly elections. The process of delimitation has to be completed expeditiously so that every region and every section gets adequate political representation in the assembly. It is necessary to give a proper representation to the Dalits, backwards and people living in tribal areas.

There was a detailed discussion in the meeting regarding the participation of everybody in the process of delimitation. All the parties present in the meeting have agreed to participate in this process.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the cooperation of all the stakeholders to take Jammu-Kashmir on the path of peace and prosperity. He said that Jammu-Kashmir is moving out of the vicious circle of violence and moving towards stability. New hope and new confidence have emerged among the people of Jammu-Kashmir.

The PM also said that we will have to work day and night to strengthen this trust and work together to improve this confidence. Today's meeting is an important step for strengthening the democracy and the development and prosperity of Jammu-Kashmir. I thank all the political parties for attending today's meeting.