People becoming the Brand Ambassadors of Gujarat, contributing to Gujarat's growth

Published By : Admin | December 13, 2012 | 13:19 IST

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Gujarat’s development has truly touched people’s lives across geographical and sociological barriers and this is evident when one reads stories that have been shared through the ‘Be Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador’ Application on Facebook. People from all over the world are sharing stories about how the development of Gujarat has affected them.

O.P Gupta, an ex-employee of GIDC from Bharuch explains the reasons behind the state’s rapid industrial growth. He says ‘Power is available as much as any Industry would want and good RCC roads are laid before an Industry is set up. Because of the abundance of Water, Road, Electricity, and infrastructure for the effluent disposal of waste, people find it easy to set up industries. This is why Gujarat has developed.”

Sharing his awe and amazement after visiting his home after a long period, another person wrote, “The Modi Miracle was felt when I reached Panandhro (one of the remotest corners of Kutch) in May 2012 after a gap of more than 16 years. As such, while driving the stretch from Bhuj to Panandhro I could feel the change the 16 years had brought in. Where I had to buy water in tankers even for taking bath and washing clothes, today I was surprised to see that water was no longer a problem.”

Saurabh Gandhi who visited Gujarat, this year, praised Gujarat’s infrastructure. He wrote, “I visited Mehsana, Palitana, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and 2-3 small villages in 2012. I must say, I have never seen the high-quality roads that Gujarat has in India, except National Highways. I don’t remember any place during my 5 day tour in Gujarat where I found a single pot-hole on the roads.”

Ahmadabad’s residents have witnessed positive changes in the last decade and a number of them have shared their experiences through the app. Rakesh Patel, originally from Thaltej,  and currently studying in Alabama wrote, “BRTS is one of the best public transport system that I have ever seen. Even in the US, there is a no highly managed modern public transport system.”

The rapid pace of development was evident from Mr. Prerak Shah’s writing. Originally, from Ahmadabad but now residing in Pune, he wrote, “Once, I had to stay back in Pune and could visit Ahmedabad after 3 months and what I saw was magic. All auto rickshaws had turned green. I asked and was amazed to know that they are all Gas driven now. The smoky polluted air has gone away gradually. I am the example of someone who has seen systematic development in Gujarat.”

The Facebook application also aims to harness people’s energy by letting them share their ideas for Gujarat’s development. Manini Bajpai, shared an innovative idea to promote Gujarat’s tourism. She wrote, “Gujarat abounds in beauty and history. My idea for enhancing the state’s tourism is a theme park shaped like the map of Gujarat to be setup in Gandhinagar. The park can display replicas, in 3D, of all landmarks and destinations of the state along with other details. The exhibits will not only offer visual dictionary to the tourist, but also be in itself, a novel and popular tourist spot in the capital.”

The application has a “Build your story” feature with pre-set stories which can be customized and edited by the user by choosing options as presented by the application.

4 winners will be selected from the stories and ideas received and the winners will get to share their stories with Shri Narendra Modi himself!

This application marks the continuation of the innovative usage of latest technology social media by Shri Modi to connect with well-wishers from across the world.

In addition to Facebook, Shri Modi is active on Twitter, where he crossed a million followers recently. He writes his own blogs and has his You Tube channel where one can find an assortment of his videos and speeches.

On 31st August this year Shri Modi became the first Indian leader to interact with people from all across the world through a Google+ Hangout. The Hangout has been universally hailed as a raging success and was witnessed by people from 116 nations. It is the biggest Google+ Hangout in India till date.


To go to the Facebook app and share experiences, click here!

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