"ଏହି ବଜେଟ ହେଉଛି ନ୍ୟୁ ଇଣ୍ଡିଆର ବଜେଟ ,ଯାହାକୁ ଆମେ ନିର୍ମାଣ କରିବାର ସ୍ୱପ୍ନ ଦେଖୁଛନ୍ତି ,ଏକ ଭାରତ ଯାହା 5 ଟ୍ରିଲିୟନ ଡଲାରର ଅର୍ଥବ୍ୟବସ୍ଥାରେ ପରିଣତ କରିବା:ପ୍ରଧାନମନ୍ତ୍ରୀ ମୋଦୀ "
"ଭାରତର 5 ଟ୍ରିଲିୟନ ସ୍ୱପ୍ନକୁ ସାକାର କରିବାରେ ଚାଷୀ ଏବଂ ବ୍ୟବସାୟୀଙ୍କ ଭୂମିକା ସବୁଠୁ ଗୁରୁତ୍ୱପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ ହେବ :ପ୍ରଧାନମନ୍ତ୍ରୀ ମୋଦୀ "
ନୂଆ ବଜେଟରେ ଏଭଳି ଉପାୟ ସାମିଲ ଅଛି ,ଯାହା କୃଷି ରପ୍ତାନି ସହିତ ଛୋଟ ଛୋଟ ବ୍ୟବସାୟୀଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଅଧିକ ସାମାଜିକ ସୁରକ୍ଷା ସୁବିଧା ପ୍ରଦାନ କରିବ : ପ୍ରଧାନମନ୍ତ୍ରୀ ମୋଦୀ

Addressing the gathering, PM Modi talked at length about this government’s first Budget introduced yesterday in the nation’s Parliament. He said, “This Budget is a budget for the ‘New India’ that we aspire to build, an India which is a 5 trillion US Dollar economy, where the rich and the poor work together for the progress of the country and where there is social equality for everyone.”

Describing some specific areas which will provide impetus to the government’s vision of ‘5-trillion dollar economy’, PM Modi said that the role of farmers and traders will be the most crucial in realising India’s 5-trillion dream. He added that this is why the latest Budget includes measures that will facilitate agricultural exports as well greater social security for small traders and firms through pensions and other benefits.

Prime Minister Modi further emphasised the role of blue economy, food processing and water security for the sustainable economic progress of the country and enlisted major government initiatives in this regard such as the creation of separate department of fisheries as well as a ministry for ‘Jal Shakti.’








PM Modi later urged his supporters and party workers present there to continuously strive towards contributing more for the nation’s development in whatever ways possible. He asked them to always put the nation before their party and selflessly work for its prosperity and security.

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ଆମକୁ ‘ଚଳେଇ ନେବା’ ମାନସିକତାକୁ ଛାଡି  'ବଦଳିପାରିବ' ମାନସିକତାକୁ ଆଣିବାକୁ ପଡ଼ିବ :ପ୍ରଧାନମନ୍ତ୍ରୀ ମୋଦୀ

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BRICS summit to focus on strengthening counter-terror cooperation: PM Modi

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BRICS summit to focus on strengthening counter-terror cooperation: PM Modi

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