"Shri Narendra Modi addresses rally in Sikar, Rajasthan"
"This is the land of the brave. I bow to all those Mothers whose children have laid down their lives for the nation: Shri Modi in Sikar"
"There is Mother of SIkar who is ready to sacrifice her son for Nation but there is a Mother in Delhi who will sacrifice nation for her son: Shri Modi"
"Caste politics will never help the nation: Shri Modi in Sikar"
"In MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan your dreams were shattered. Dalits, Minorities & Tribals are winning with BJP, please wake up to the reality: Shri Modi to Congress"
"Some people are misusing my name & spreading lies. My only relation is with the Lotus: Shri Modi "

Addressing a massive rally at Laxmangarh (Sikar) in Rajasthan, on the afternoon of 14th April, Shri Narendra Modi gave the clarion call of pulling the Nation out from the clutches of the Congress’ misgovernance and disruptive practices. He urged the people to support the BJP and ensure a bright future for the Nation.

Speaking on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birth anniversary, Shri Modi recalled his contribution in drafting the Constitution and his efforts at ensuring social inclusiveness of all irrespective of their class or creed. He attacked the Congress Vice President for his false claims of the Congress having drafted policies for people’s progress, while in reality it was Dr. Ambedkar who had initiated the policies for the betterment of the Nation and its people.

Shri Modi commended the Constitution framed by Dr. Ambedkar, and placing it in high regard, affirmed that it was the comprehensive Constitution that had enabled a tea seller like him to emerge as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

Shri Modi applauded the valour shown by mothers in Sikar who were ready to sacrifice the lives of their sons for the sake of the country, and stated how, on the other hand, the Mother in Delhi was ready to sacrifice the Nation for the sake of her Son. He said that the Nation had been ruined under the Congress, and now the time had come to hold them accountable and punish them for their doings.

Affirming the wipe out of the Congress in 2014 Elections, Shri Modi stated that similar to the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Congress and its allies will get washed away when the election results will be declared on 16th May. “Even before the elections were announced the results are loud and clear. There will be a change in Government, just like in Rajasthan. In MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan your dreams were shattered. Dalits, Minorities & Tribals are winning with BJP, so please wake up to the reality,” said Shri Modi. He asserted that the divisive policies and votebank politics of the Congress will not be tolerated any more, and voiced that the Nation now needs unity, peace and progress.

Shri Modi asserted the BJP’s focus on ensuring the development of all sections of the society, from the farmers to the underprivileged, and spoke of how a standard Minimum Support Price with due margin for profit, detailed in the BJP’s Manifesto, would benefit the farmers tremendously. He also stated how the initiative of dividing the Food Corporation of India into 3 divisions – 1. Buying the produce 2. Storage 3. Distribution – cited in the BJP’s Manifesto, will ensure that the produce does not get rotten and the farmer is able to get adequate returns for his efforts.

Shri Modi acknowledged the support shown by the people and thanked them for reinforcing their faith in the BJP government. He appealed to them to vote for the BJP and ensure the formation of a strong and stable government in Delhi.

Pariksha Pe Charcha with PM Modi
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