Hon'ble CM’s China tour concludes

Published By : Admin | November 12, 2011 | 09:28 IST

CM takes overview of low-cost earthquake resistant housing project in Yingxiu city

CM concludes his China tour with the visit of Wenshu Buddhist temple

Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the Gujarat delegation on Saturday evening went to Yingxiu city of Sichuan province and took overview of low-cost earthquake resistant housing project. The Yingxiu city which is situated amid the mountain-range of Sichuan in the southern China was destroyed in 2008 in a devastating earthquake but managed a turnaround with well-administered reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts. Chief Minister went on the site of the ruined city and paid homage to the people who lost their lives in the quake.

Chief Minister said that the city reminded him the earthquake in Kutch of Gujarat where also the state government with the support of people changed the face of ruined Kutch just in three years by treating the odd as an opportunity for rising to a higher level. Gujarat had also extended helping hand to Sichuan after the quake took place there in 2008.

In Yingxiu, the victims of the quake have now put aside the feeling of pain and have started a new life. The new buildings in Yingxiu have been made with quake-resistant housing technology with only 25% of the actual project cost. Youth wing of Communist Party of China has constructed a museum illustrating with audio-visuals the destructions caused by the earthquake and how the government and people changed the ruined city with joint efforts.

On the concluding note of his China tour the Chief Minister and the delegation visited the ancient Wenshu Buddhist temple in Chengdu. The temple has been a centre of faith for the followers of Buddha. The giant idols of Buddha have been placed in the temple centuries back. Temple management also gave details of spiritual, historical and religious significance of different idols to the Chief Minister and the delegation.

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