"Shri Narendra Modi addresses large public meeting in Bangalore"
"Shri Modi urges people of Karnataka to vote for the BJP and reject the Congress"
"Shri Modi says Congress has insulted the people of Karnataka and must apologize to them"
"Such a powerful Government is sitting in Delhi but still is Delhi safe? If they cannot manage Delhi, how will they manage Karnataka? Asks Shri Modi"
"Karnataka was the only state to win 2 Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence. Of the 7 Awardees, there was no UPA ruled state: CM"
"For Congress power is poison but this is the same Congress that spread poison of casteism, communalism, and corruption. It is your poison that divided India, divided brother from brother. We have to save Karnataka, we cannot give it in such hands: Shri Modi"

Addressing a massive BJP public meeting in Bangalore in the run up to the Karnataka 2013 elections, Shri Narendra Modi strongly urged the people of Karnataka to vote in large numbers and support the BJP in the upcoming state elections and reject the Congress. Shri Modi lauded the work of the BJP ruled Karnataka Government and the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Jagdish Shettar. Shri Modi attacked the Congress and its leadership of those leaders born with golden spoons for their doublespeak and their failure to put their own words into action. Shri Modi asked the Congress, “All leaders of BJP, the people of Karnataka are repeatedly saying to the Congress atleast say who will be your CM candidate. People are saying that you are showing the hand, atleast show the face! A hand without a face, you would never know whose hand it is.”

Shri Modi said that the Congress Party had insulted the people of Karnataka and that they must apologize to the people of Karnataka for hurting their sensibilities. He declared that the sooner the nation is free of the Congress, the sooner it can make a mark at the world level.

Launching a frontal attack on the UPA, Shri Modi affirmed, “Can anyone make the mistake of liking the Congress? If your elder daughter is unhappy in a marriage will you give your younger daughter to the same family? Delhi was given but can we give Karnataka to them?”  Referring to the colossal failures of the UPA Government, Shri Modi pointed out, I urge the people to ask Congress leaders…if there is a Government that is among the biggest in the world, it is in Delhi. They have everything, including the CBI. Such a powerful Government is sitting in Delhi but still is Delhi safe? If Delhi cannot be managed by them, how will they manage Karnataka?” Giving further examples of the failure of the Congress in the sphere of Governance, Shri Modi shared that in the recently awarded Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Administration, there were seven awards but no Congress ruled state figured in the list. On the contrary, it was Karnataka that was the only state to win two awards! Similarly, he shared that in the top five states for the implementation of the 20 Point Programme that was started by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, no Congress ruled state figured! It was either BJP or non-UPA ruled states.

Lauding the state Government headed by Shri Shettar, the Chief Minister recalled that when people from the North East were leaving due to rumors, it was the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister Shri R Ashok and others who left no stone unturned to dispel the rumors and bring the people back. He also shared that in NDC meetings, when Shri Shettar speaks, everyone listens to his words very seriously.

“Do not believe what the Congress says. Country knows what the Congress is about now. In every election they wear a new mask. Congress promised to bring prices down in 100 days. Did that happen? No, prices only increased!” Shri Modi declared. He also stated that the Congress promised jobs to 1 crore youngsters but asked if any youngster of Karnataka got the job at the hands of the Centre.

The Chief Minister minced no words in exposing the hollow promises of the Congress leadership, especially those leaders of the Congress born with golden spoons. Referring to the Jaipur Plenary Session of the Congress he affirmed, “In Jaipur the Congress was painting itself in a different colour. What all did they say and for a week the media kept talking about it, the balloon was inflated but in a matter of such less time, water has been thrown on their promises.” Elaborating further on his point, Shri Modi said, Those born with a golden spoon were advising that candidates who lost by over 15,000 votes will not get a ticket. What happened? They got it. Then they said no tickets would be given to criminal elements but what happened? Contrary to what they said haven’t tickets bring given to scions of big families? The nation wants to know about the promises you made in Jaipur.” He further said that the Congress is a party that says something but does something else. “We have been brought up with values. If a mother says something, the son does not disregard it. But see the Congress, Mother says power is poison but son says- give us power in Karnataka,” he avowed amidst thunderous applause from the audience.

Shri Modi went on to say, “See the double speak. For Congress power is poison but this is the same Congress that spread poison of casteism, communalism, and corruption. It is your poison that divided India, divided brother from brother. We have to save Karnataka, we cannot give it in such hands.” Talking about the corruption of the Congress Shri Modi said, “Congress gives lessons on corruption. See your 2G scam, if we start writing the numbers of the scam from 7 Race Course Road, the final zero will stop at 10 Janpath.” He declared that if we were to compare Governments of the BJP and Congress for any given five years, the BJP Governments would resoundingly emerge as the better performers.

Giving a fitting reply to a Congress leader who said one person cannot do anything, Shri Modi pointed, “Maybe in your culture, in your knowledge that is the case but in our culture we learn that even one person can do a lot. There was a leader, Pandit Nehru who had the task of integrating one state and there was another leader, Sardar Patel who had to integrate the rest of them. That one person cannot do anything we saw in Jammu and Kashmir and that one person can do a lot we saw with Sardar Patel.” Likewise, Shri Modi said that there was the leader who had everything, including the scent of roses yet India had to import grains. But there was a leader who gave the clarion call of ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ and the it is for the people to see what our farmers did.

In his speech Shri Modi questioned the UPA for its failures on the Italian Marine issue, the beheading of two Indian soldiers, the incursions by China and the Sarabjit issue. “Are these coalition problems? A small nation like Maldives tells you what to do! In a nation where Chanakya is born the foreign minister reads the speech of another nation,” he said.

Shri Modi affirmed that if the BJP makes mistakes they go among the people and rectify it but the Congress does not do that. Referring to the recent political events in Karnataka Shri Modi pointed that in Karnataka and Gujarat the rise of the BJP happened during the same period and that the same problems the party witnessed it Gujarat were seen in Karnataka. He shared, “In 1995 people were fed up of the Congress and gave us a 2/3rd majority. We did not have experience of running a Government and in the Party we faced problems. In a span of five years four Governments changed. We thought the people would not accept the BJP. We ran a good government but we thought due to Party problems people would reject us. Media also ruled us out. Yet, the people made a mature move. They saw the interest of the state and gave us the opportunity to serve them again. We decided that there would never be such a mistake. It has been twelve years and the people have continued to shower their affection. The same faith I have in the people of Gujarat, I have in the people of Karnataka.”

Praising the work of the BJP Government under Shri Shettar’s leadership, Shri Modi said, “There were ups and downs in the party, there were internal issues. But, there was no down in the development journey, there were only ups!”

Shri Modi received a very warm welcome in Karnataka. Before Shri Modi spoke speeches were made by Shri R Ashok, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Shri Ananth Kumar and Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji. A large number of people across various age groups and communities attended the public meeting.

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August 13, 2022
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