BJP is dedicated to fulfil all aspirations of people in West Bengal: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | April 7, 2016 | 20:06 IST
PM Modi campaigns in West Bengal’s Madarihat, Asansol and Siliguri
In the last five years the TMC government did not work for development and welfare of the people: PM
Great injustice was done to the poor of West Bengal. Can you forget the Saradha scam. Poor people lost their money: PM
Didi should have taken tough action against those who took money from the poor but she didn't: PM
During Pandit Nehru's time a Communist government was dismissed in Kerala but today they are going with the Left in WB: PM
TMC means Terror, Maut and Corruption: PM
People are all set to punish the Left and TMC for their misrule for 34 and 5 years respectively: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today campaigned in West Bengal’s Madarihat, Asansol and Siliguri. Shri Modi stated that in the last five years the Trinamool Congress government in the state did not work for development and welfare of the people. Shri Narendra Modi said that the TMC only furthered the decline, that started when the Left front that ruled the state for thirty five years.

Taking a dig at the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and the TMC, Shri Modi said, “There has been no Paribartan in West Bengal in the last five years. Earlier people used to hear Maa, Mati, Manush but now we hear only about Maut(deaths).” He said that TMC actually stands for Terror, Maut and Corruption. Taking note of the Saradha chit fund scam and the Narada sting, Shri Modi said that the TMC was never concerned about the development of the state and always focussed on remaining in power. The Prime Minister also added that the Left front and the TMC were only busy in blaming each other for corruption.

Shri Modi also expressed pain at the collapse of the flyover in Kolkata recently. “A flyover collapsed in the heart of Kolkata recently but the state government did not take prompt action. Several people lost their lives and were injured severely but the Left front and TMC kept blaming each other for the incident. The construction company said it was Act of God but instead it was Act of Fraud”, said the Prime Minister.

Shri Modi stated that the state government never cared for the poor and marginalised. He said, “The Centre’s schemes for benefit of the poor never reached them. He urged the people of West Bengal to turn out in large numbers and elect a BJP Government in the elections. The Prime Minister mentioned that the BJP was dedicated to the welfare of the people and would work towards overall development and opening up avenues for the youth of the state. Shri Modi highlighted several initiatives of the Centre aimed at transforming lives of people at the grassroots. "They take your money through chit funds whereas we initiate Jan Dhan Yojana and empower the poor," opined the Prime Minister. 

Top leaders of the West Bengal BJP joined the PM during the rallies. 

Click here to read the full text speech for Asansol

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