A Special Bond

Published By : Admin | February 6, 2022 | 13:39 IST

Lata didi has left for the heavenly abode. This ends the marvellous and melodious era in the Indian Movie Industry. Her soulful voice reverberated across the nation and won million hearts in the country. Called as the “Swar Kokila” by her fans, Lata Didi shared a special intangible bond with them. Not only with her fans, Lata Didi had immense affection for PM Modi.


PM Modi and Lata Didi shared the same birthday month. She used to affectionately call PM Modi as ‘Narendra Bhai’. In 2013, when PM Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he was invited by Lata Didi and her family to inaugurate a super-speciality hospital in Pune, which was built in memory of her late father, Deenanath Mangeshkar. The hospital was very close to Lata Didi as it was built in the memory of her late father. During the event, Lata Didi had said, “I pray to God that we see Narendra Bhai as PM.” Lata Didi had said this much before 2014 elections.



She used to wish her “Narendra Bhai” on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan every year. In one of her video messages Lata Didi had expressed anguish that why she couldn’t send Rakhi to PM Modi because of the COVID pandemic. She had said – “Narendra Bhai, I would like to wish you on the occasion of Rakhi and say pranam. I couldn’t send a Rakhi and everybody knows the reason why,”. To which PM Modi had replied that “her heartfelt message gives infinite inspiration and energy. May you be healthy and live long, this is my prayer to God”.


In an interesting episode of Mann Ki Baat in 2019, PM Modi had shared with the nation, a telephonic conversation, he had with Lata Didi before leaving for his US Trip. He had called this cheerful conversation as “It was like a younger brother talking lovingly to his elder sister”.


PM Modi also recounted his personal relationship with Lata Didi in the same conversation. He recalled how she always treated him to Gujarati delicacies whenever he had the opportunity to meet her.


In the same conversation he says, “There would hardly be anyone who does not show utmost regard for Lata Mangeshkar ji. She is elder to most of us and has been witness to different eras in the country. We address her as ‘didi.’ To this Lata Didi had said, “Even you (PM Modi) don’t know what you really are. I know that the picture of India is changing with your arrival and that, that makes me very happy. It makes me feel very good.” Lata Didi had also said that she took PM Modi’s Mother’s blessings on her birthday.

Lata Didi and PM Modi used to wish each other on their birthdays. In one of the birthday-messages she had said that “Namaskar Narendra bhai. Aap ko janamdin ki bahut badhaai. Ishwar aap ko har kaam mein yash de yehi mangal kaamana. Tathastu.” To this PM Modi had replied “Thank you Lata Didi. I have been fortunate to receive your blessings for many years. They give me immense strength.” If one looks at this greetings exchange, one can see the mutual affection and warmth between Lata Didi and her ‘Narendra Bhai’.

PM Modi had also wished on her 92nd birthday in 2021. He said - “Birthday greetings to respected Lata Didi. Her melodious voice reverberates across the world. She is respected for her humility & passion towards Indian culture. Personally, her blessings are a source of great strength. I pray for Lata Didi’s long & healthy life.”


It is indeed a sad day for the nation that Lata Didi has passed away. But her voice will still reverberate across the country. This year at The Beating Retreat Ceremony, at the behest of PM Modi, the tune of “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon Was Played”. This song which was sung by Lata Didi instils the spirit of patriotism in the heart of every Indian.


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