Shri Modi addresses a convention of youngsters at Mahatma Mandir

In an inspiring Shri Modi speaks about various issues from skill development, Gujarat’s progress and thanks people for their constant support

40,000 job letters handed out across Gujarat. Sports kits also handed out to youngster.

Government of India report says unemployment lowest in Gujarat. Glad that people from all parts of India coming to Gujarat to earn their livelihood: Shri Modi

Our Disha is to give jobs to youngsters. Was very glad to note that ITI students were happy that State Government has increased their apprenticeship allowance by Rs. 1500: Shri Modi

Congress Disha is completely opposite. They added service tax to Railways due to which coal coming to Gujarat will be more expensive: Shri Modi

(Congress) is taking money from coal and now from making it reach other places as well. Their Disha is to loot from wherever possible: Shri Modi

I raised a question yesterday that has created a storm: Shri Modi

UPA takes credit of bringing in RTI but why don’t they answer RTI queries on the issue of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s travel for more than 2.5 years asks Shri Modi

Its not about Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s health. If public money is being spent on the foreign travels, answer must be given on it: Shri Modi

Shri Modi announces several new Talukas and skill development corporation in the state

CM announces Rs. 300 crore scheme for creating toilet facilities for the urban poor


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and the birth anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shri Narendra Modi addressed a large gathering at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar. The function was jointly organized by the Labour and Employment Department and the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs. The Chief Minister spoke in Hindi and on the occasion

Today youngsters were handed 40,000 job letters across Gujarat and programmes were being held in all district headquarters where Ministers were present.

Shri Modi shared that a Government of India report has come out which states the lowest unemployment among all states is in Gujarat. He wondered what would have happened if Gujarat had not followed this path of development- our youngsters would be roaming around in other cities living in very poor conditions. He expressed joy that in every part of Gujarat there are people from every state earning their livelihood.

The Chief Minister said that this is the year when we are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and Gujarat is commemorating this year as Yuva Shakti Varsh. He stated that Gujarat has given a major impetus to skill development and youth power. Shri Modi recalled that in 4 functions held over a span of 2 week, 65,000 job letters were handed to youngsters.

He affirmed that our Disha is to give jobs to youngsters. Shri Modi spoke about the joy among ITI students on their apprenticeship allowance being increased by Rs. 1500 by the state Government. Shri Modi declared that one may have any amount of degrees but employability only comes with skills and further said that Skill, Scale, Speed along with the Zeal of the youth is the way ahead for the future. The Chief Minister announced the setting up of a new corporation for Skill Development.

Shri Modi stated that such initiatives and giving jobs to the youth is our Disha, the Disha of the Congress is completely opposite. He informed the audience about the Centre’s decision to add service tax in the railways due to which coal in Gujarat would become dearer and give burden of Rs. 100 crore to the state! Shri Modi affirmed that on one hand Congress is taking money from the coal scam and now they are even taking money from making it reach the people! Their Disha is to loot from wherever possible, he opined. He wondered how we could trust the Disha of those people who keep changing their own Disha. On the advertisements of the UPA’s Thappad (slap) on Gujarat, the Chief Minister stated that they had given sleepless night to the Congress.

Shri Modi said that he has raised a question yesterday on the expenses of the travels of UPA chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi but that has created a storm and he is being threatened with dire consequences for the same. He asked whether a citizen has the right to ask this question to which the crows roared “YES!” He further added that someone from Hissar asked this question but was denied information for 2.5 years which is why one cannot but conclude that there is something wrong in the matter which is why it is being hidden. Shri Modi remarked that on one hand the Government takes credit for brining in RTI but on the other hand they deny information to the people!

The Chief Minister categorically stated that more than the health of an individual the issue here is that how much money is being spent from the public exchequer on one person. He further added that he is already getting threats for raising this issue and Congress people are saying Modi needs a doctor. But, Shri Modi affirmed that the 6 crore people of Gujarat are his doctors and they are very well versed with his health. He asked the audience whether he should be scared, run away from this and stop asking the questions to which the unanimous reply was a strong “NO!”

On the occasion Shri Modi made several important announcements vis-à-vis the creation of new Talukas. He announced that a new Vapi Taluka would be formed in Valsad district keeping in mind the industrial development there. In Junagadh a Gir Gadha Taluka will be formed and Junagadh city will become a new Taluka, a separate Netrang Taluka in Bharuch for tribal development, a Bodeli Taluka, a Khergam Taluka in Navsari district, Thangadh Taluka in Surendranagar district, Jotana Taluka in Mehsana district. A new Development Authority in the lines of AUDA and GUDA will be formed for Girnar-Bhavanth.

Shri Modi announced a Rs. 300 crore scheme for the creation of toilet facilities for the urban poor. Shri Modi affirmed that cleanliness was an issue that was very dear to the heart of Mahatma Gandhi.

Shri Modi spoke about the state Government’s initiatives to promote sports and shared that 20 lakh youngsters have associated themselves with the various Vivekananda Kendras across Gujarat.

In his speech, Shri Modi said that the love of the people for the last 11 years has inspired him to work more and he derives new strengthen from their support.

Cabinet Ministers Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela and Shri Vajubhai Vala spoke on the occasion. Several dignitaries were also present on the occasion. The Chief Minister handed over kits and job letters to youngsters during the programme.


CM announces to form nine more talukas

In the public interest of administrative convenience the Chief Minister Narendra Modi today announced to form nine new talukas, which are as follows:

List of proposed talukas:

• Vapi taluka (Valsad district) • Jotana taluka (Mehsana district) • Gojhariya taluka (Mehsana district) • Girgadhada taluka (Junagadh district) • Netrang taluka (Bharuch district) • Bodeli taluka (Vadodara district) • Khergam taluka (Navsari distrcit) • Thangadh taluka (Surendranagar district) • Junagadh City taluka (Junagadh district)

Chief Minister said the formation of new talukas is desired to take effect from January 26, 2013 and a committee headed by the chief secretary to state government will handle responsibility for completion of administrative procedures regarding it.


CM announces Rs.300-cr incentive package for building toilets in every houses in urban areas

Chief Minister Narendra Modi today on the occasion of Gandhi Jyanti announced an incentive package of Rs.300 crore for building toilets in every house in cities and public toilets as well as household toilets in urban poor localities, with a view to pay best homage to Mahatma Gandhi’s message of cleanliness.

Speaking about the objectives of the package the chief minister said that ‘cleanliness’ was a treasured work for Ghandhiji. The state government has approved Rs.300 package for making available toilets in every house in cities and public toilets as well as household toilets in urban poor localities so as to create an atmosphere of cleanliness all over.


CM announces to create separate Girnar-Bhavnath area development authority

New city taluka for revenue administration in Junagadh city

Chief Minister Narendra Modi today announced to create separate Girnath-Bhavnath area development authority in Junagadh with a view to boost all-round tourism development in the district.

He also announced a separate City taluka for revenue administration in Junagadh city. He said that a committee headed by the chief secretary to state government will handle responsibility for completion of administrative procedures and the new talukas will become functional from approaching January 26, 2013.


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