Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, while dedicating the 765K.V. transformer to the nation at AREVA plant Vadodara today, has said that the encouraging Solar Energy policies of Gujarat have attracted global investors. Gujarat is on every investor's radar. Gujarat is all set to emerge as the Global Solar Energy Hub, added CM.

Efficiency is the cliché of the course. Gujarat, today, crossed one more milestone when Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicated India's first 765 KV Capacity Transformer to the Nation. Chief Minister observed that it is offering a great boost to country's transmission infrastructure. The high-capacity transformer, first of its kind, is built by AREVA at their Vadodara factory.

Chief Minister announced that Government of Gujarat has entered in to a deal with Clinton Foundation, under which the biggest Solar Energy Park is being set-up in the Kachchha-desert, having installed power generation capacity of about 3000 M.W.

Referring to the disappointing national energy scenario, however, most of the States are facing severe energy crisis. Where as Gujarat is the only power surplus State in the country. The recent feat by AREVA would not only satisfy the immediate needs of transmission grid, but it would also satisfy the future needs of T.N.G networks confirming global standard. India being the fastest growing economy is in direct competition with China. For surpassing China, India has concentrate on power production, added CM.

The power-generation companies and electricity boards of various States are incurring huge losses. Gujarat is the shining exception; it has successfully converted losses to the tunes of Rs.2500 crores in to the profits of Rs. 400 Crores. Chief Minister, on the occasion, detailed the success of Jyotigram Scheme and its positive socio-economic impacts. Under Jyotigram, the feeders have been segregated, for industries and agriculture. Now, all the 18000 villages are getting un- interrupted quality electricity-supply.

Criticizing Non-Proliferation Nuclear Treaty with America, Shri Modi observed that any disaster in our nuclear Power Station may cause chaotic situation.

Reiterating his commitment to inclusive and equitable growth, Chief Minister outlined State's initiatives that are aimed to strike an ideal balance among agriculture, industry and service sector. By every yardstick, the strides achieved by the State during the last decade are impressive one.

Earlier, delivering welcome address, CEO Shri Karim was full of praise for CM's dynamic leadership, under which state has made rapid strides in various sectors. The red-tape is slashed in a true sense; Hassle free environment attracts capital investors to Gujarat, he added.

Eminent leaders, Power Sectors tycoons were among others who attended the function.

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Riding on direct payment, Punjab wheat procurement hits new high

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Riding on direct payment, Punjab wheat procurement hits new high

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Prime Minister holds high level meeting to review preparedness on Cyclone ‘Tauktae’
May 15, 2021
Prime Minister directs senior officers to take every possible measure to ensure that people are safely evacuated
Ensure maintenance of all essential services such as Power, Telecommunications, health, drinking water: PM
Special preparedness needed for COVID management in hospitals, vaccine cold chain and power back up and storage of essential medicines in vulnerable locations due to cyclone: PM

PM Narendra Modi took a high level meeting here today to review the preparedness of States and Central Ministries/Agencies concerned to deal with the situation arising out of Cyclone ‘Tauktae’.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) informed that Cyclone ‘Tauktae’ is expected to touch Gujarat coast between Porbandar & Naliya around 18th May afternoon /evening with the wind speed ranging upto 175 kmph. It is likely to cause heavy rainfall in the coastal districts of Gujarat, including extremely heavy falls in Junagadh & Gir Somnath and heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places in the districts of Saurashtra Kutch & Diu namely Gir Somnath, Diu, Junagadh, Porbandar, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Amreli, Rajkot, Jamnagar. IMD also warned of storm surge of about  2- 3 m above astronomical tide to inundate coastal areas of Morbi,  Kutch, Devbhoomi Dwarka & Jamnagar districts and  1-2 meters along Porbandar, Junagarh, Diu, Gir Somnath, Amreli, Bhavnagar and 0.5 to 1m over the remaining coastal districts of Gujarat during 18th May afternoon/ evening around the time of landfall. IMD has been issuing three hourly bulletins since 13th May with latest forecast to all the concerned States.

It was discussed that Cabinet Secretary is in continuous touch with Chief Secretaries of all the Coastal States and Central Ministries/ Agencies concerned. 

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is reviewing the situation 24*7 and is in touch with the State Governments/ UTs and the Central Agencies concerned. MHA has already released first instalment of SDRF in advance to all States. NDRF has pre-positioned 42 teams which are equipped with boats, tree-cutters, telecom equipments etc. in six States and has kept 26 teams on standby.

Indian Coast Guard and the Navy have deployed ships and helicopters for relief, search and rescue operations. Air Force and Engineer task force units of Army, with boats and rescue equipment, are on standby for deployment. Seven ships with Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Units are on standby along western coast. Surveillance aircraft and helicopters are carrying out serial surveillance along the western coast. Disaster Relief teams (DRTs) and Medical Teams (MTs) are standby at Trivandrum, Kannur and other locations along western coast.

Ministry of Power has activated emergency response systems and is keeping in readiness transformers, DG sets and equipments etc. for immediate restoration of electricity. Ministry of Telecom is keeping all the telecom towers and exchanges under constant watch and is fully geared to restore telecom network. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued advisory to the Sates/ UTs, likely to be affected, for health sector preparedness and response on COVID in affected areas. They have also kept ready 10 Quick response medical teams and 5 Public health response teams, with emergency medicines. Ministry of Port, Shipping and Waterways has taken measures to secure all shipping vessels and has deployed emergency vessels (Tugs).

NDRF is assisting the State agencies in their preparedness for evacuating people from the vulnerable locations and is also continuously holding community awareness campaign on how to deal with the cyclonic situation. 

After review, the Prime Minister directed senior officers to take every possible measure to ensure that people are safely evacuated by the State Governments and to ensure maintenance of all essential services such as Power, Telecommunications, health, drinking water etc. and are restored immediately in the event of damages caused to them. He further directed them to ensure special preparedness on COVID management in hospitals, vaccine cold chain and other medical facilities on power back up and storage of essential medicines and to plan for unhindered movement of oxygen tankers. He also directed for 24*7 functioning of control rooms. He also said that special care needs to be taken to ensure that there is least possible disruption in oxygen supply from Jamnagar. He also spoke about the need to involve the local community for timely sensitisation and relief measures.

The meeting was attended by Home Minister, MoS Home, Principal Secretary to PM,Cabinet Secretary, Secretaries of Ministries/ Departments of Home, Civil Aviation, Power, Telecom, Shipping, Fisheries, Members & Member Secretary of NDMA, Chairman, Railway Board, Director Generals of NDRF and IMD, and senior officers of PMO, MHA and IMD.