Shri Modi addresses 7 massive public meetings across Gujarat

Shri Modi addresses last public meeting of the day in Ahmedabad, phenomenal response witnesses

Shri Modi gives a pointed reply to the lies spread by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in South Gujarat earlier today

I had asked some questions to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. She has not been able to answer any of the questions: Shri Modi

Congress has no issues in this election. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said ‘my mother-in-law had visited this area and you supported her so support us also.’ What does this show of the understanding of the Congress? Asks Shri Modi

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said roads in Gujarat are not up to the mark. Do you believe this? Gujarat does not get PM Gram Sadak Yojana funds as we are told our roads are very good: Shri Modi

This is election time. You are going to the court of the people, atleast speak the truth: Shri Modi

You are cheating the people. You have not fulfilled your promises: CM

CM takes on Congress for cotton export ban, power poor situation during Congress rule

Shri Modi takes on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi for her comment on law and order situation in Gujarat.

Think 7 times before spreading lies about Gujarat. Can we forgive Congress? Let us vote and defeat Congress: Shri Modi

Give me an opportunity to serve you for 5 more years. I want to take Gujarat to new heights of development: Shri Modi

CM takes on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who said there is corruption in Gujarat. CM says talking about corruption does not suit the Congress.

On Friday 7th December 2012 Shri Narendra Modiaddressed 7 public meetings across various parts of Gujarat. Meetings were held in Zeda (Banaskantha district), Sami (Patan district), Malvan (Surendranagar district), Fala (Jamnagar district), Jamkandorana, Jamnagar City and Ahmedabad. The Chief Ministergave a befitting reply to the lies spread by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi during her campaign rally in Surat. Shri Modi said that he had asked some questions to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi yesterday but she has not been able to answer any of his questions. Shri Modi affirmed that he wishes to take Gujarat to new heights of development and that he seeks an opportunity to serve the people for 5 more years.

Stating that the Congress and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi have no issues in this election, Shri Modi affirmed, “What did Mrs. Sonia Gandhi say today- my mother-in-law also came to this areaand you supported her so support us also. What does this show of the understanding of the Congress?”

One by one the Chief Minister shattered every lie of the Congress President while speaking in Gujarat. “Madam Sonia Gandhi ji said Gujarat’s roads are not good as compared the entire nation. Do you believe this?” he asked and added that the first thing people from all over the world tell him is that the roads of Gujarat are very good. He pointed out that the Centre has a Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana but Gujarat does not get any money from this Yojana. The reason they give from Delhi is that the roads in Gujarat are already very good. Shri Modi asked how come on one side the Government under Dr. Manmohan Singh is saying one thing and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is saying another in Gujarat.“Everyone knows how Gujarat’s roads are. Sonia Ben has not stepped on the roads and is talking about them,” he declared.

Talking about the point raised by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on the condition of the farmers in Gujarat Shri Modi stated that the Centre has everything including several perennial rivers while apart from the Narmada Gujarat has none. Gujarat was a state known for being drought prone for 7 out of 10 years. Still, the nation’s agriculture growth rate is not exceeding 2.5% whereas Gujarat’s agriculture is growing above 10%. “In the name of the farmer you are misleading people and seeking votes? This is election time, you are going to the court of the people, atleast speak the truth,” he strongly avowed.

The Chief Minister asked what happened to the Congress promise of 2009 to bring prices down within 100 days of getting elected and wondered why Mrs. Sonia Gandhi did not say a word on price rise. “You are cheating the people, you have not fulfilled your promise. You didn’t say a word on price rise!” he commented.

On this issue Shri Modi made another important point. He raised, “You say farmers are ruined in Gujarat. I want to ask you- our hardworking farmers grow cotton. From 23 lakh bales in 2001 production has risen to 1 crore 23 lakh bales in the last 10 years. But the UPA stabbed farmers in the back. They caused a loss of Rs. 7000 crore to the cotton farmers of Gujarat by banning exports.” Shri Modi added that the ban came when prices were highest and that the farmers had to agitate on this issue but the losses caused were immense.

He asked the people to remember the days of the Congress when there was ‘Langdi Vijli’ (interrupted power supply) and shared that today that is history. Giving an example, he said that during Congress rule Jamnagar had 16 substations whereas in the last decade itself the Government added 46 substations!

Reacting sharply to the canard by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi about the law and order situation in Gujarat, Shri Modi said that she has no right to speak of law and order here. He recalled the years of Congress rule when disturbances and curfews were common in the state be it during cricket matches, Rath Yatra or even if 2 bicycles collided. Today curfews and disturbances are a matter of history in Gujarat. Similarly, Shri Modi pointed out that in Delhi women do not find it safe to move outside after 6PM. The Chief Minister gave the example of 2 Muslim girls in Maharashtra who were arrested but they said that Maharashtra is not safe and they will stay in Gujarat. “Think 7 times before spreading lies on Gujarat. Can we forgive the Congress? Let us vote and defeat the Congress” Shri Modi affirmed.

Shri Modi also took on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi for saying that there is corruption in Gujarat. He said that it does not suit her to say this, adding that the nation is suffering due to the corruption of Delhi. He affirmed that those whose pockets are full of corruption of Delhi do not have the right to speak about corruption. He also pointed, “Madam Sonia ji, I do not have a son-in-law and the nation knows what sons-in-law are doing!”He expressed that Gujarat will not tolerate such insults!

The Chief Minister shared that in the last 7 years 3 lakh youngsters were given jobs in the Government while during the Congress years recruitments to the Government services had stopped for many years. He also declared that not a single allegation of corruption have been made for these recruitments.

On the Parliament passing the vote on FDI, the Chief Minister declared that the Congress won in Parliament but the traders of Gujarat will punish the Congress and show that this decision on FDI is wrong.

Shri Modi termed India’s suspension from the IOC a matter of great shame and said that the Congress has insulted the youth of the nation.“The world’s most youthful nation cannot take part in Olympics? Doobi Maro Congress Ke Mitron!” he affirmed. He said it is an insult to the nation and its pride and added that we cannot remain silent spectators to this- we must seek answers from the Congress. The Chief Minister stated that Delhi may not do anything about it but Gujarat will be setting up a Sports University and a sports school in every district.

State BJP President Shri RC Faldu was present on the occasion. A large number of people attended the public meeting.

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