PM Modi launched the National Sickle Cell Anaemia Elimination Mission in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. The mission aims to address the pressing health challenges posed by sickle cell disease, particularly among the tribal population and aims to eliminate sickle cell disease as a public health problem by 2047.

In 2011, CM Modi’s Government in Gujarat was the first to identify the disease of Sickle Cell Anaemia which predominantly affected the tribal community genetically posing as a hindrance in their health and well-being. For the same, PM Modi visited Center for iPS Cell Research and Application in Kyoto, Japan in 2014, where he interacted with Shinya Yamanaka, Japan’s Stem Cell Pioneer and Nobel Prize winner of 2012 on the prevalence of Sickle Cell Anaemia and ways to prevent it.

Dr. Yazdi Italia, Former Honorary Director, Sickle Cell Anaemia Program, Gujarat narrates how CM Modi supported him and asked him to do what’s best to enable the elimination of Sickle Cell Anaemia in Gujarat.

Dr. Anju Sharma, IAS, Former Commissioner of Health, Gujarat recalls how CM Modi initiated the Sickle Cell Anaemia elimination mission in Gujarat in 2006. She highlights how steps were taken by the Government with regard to information dissemination on the disease, launching of mass screening to prevent proliferation, Genetic Testing on a large scale through which Red (Affected with the disease), Yellow (Carrier of the Disease), Green (No Disease or symptoms) Cards were distributed on a large scale.

Nitin Patel, Former Deputy CM, Gujarat states how CM Modi’s Government in Gujarat tied up with an American company and how the efforts towards eliminating the disease was synchronized with the efforts of the other state departments that facilitated mass testing and screening for the disease in the state.

Ganpat Vasava, Former Minister for Tribal Welfare, Gujarat, mentioned that over 90 lakh tribal people were screened for the disease through various Government-led interventions out of which 31,000 people were found to be affected by the disease. The best part is under the visionary leadership of CM Modi, a very systematic campaign was created to enable the prompt elimination of Sickle Cell Anaemia.

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PM Modi’s endeavour to transform sports in India
May 09, 2024

Various initiatives including a record increase in India’s sports budget, Khelo India Games, and the Target Olympic Podium Scheme showcase the Modi government’s emphasis on transforming sports in India. PM Modi’s endeavour for hosting the ‘Youth Olympics’ and the ‘Olympics 2036’ in India showcases the pioneering transformation and vision for India’s sports in the last decade.

Anju Bobby George, Athlete hailed PM Modi’s support being unprecedented for sports and narrated how PM Modi met her and enquired about the issues concerning sports in India. She said that PM Modi deeply enquired about the various issues and sought to resolve these issues on a mission mode to transform sports in India.

Along with an intent to resolve issues, PM Modi always kept in touch with various athletes and tried to bring about a systemic change in the way sports were viewed in India. Moreover, India’s sporting transformation was also a result of the improved sporting infrastructure in the country.

“PM Modi is really interested in sports. He knows each athlete… their performance. Before any major championships, he is calling them personally and interacting with them… big send-offs he is organising and after coming back also we are celebrating each victory,” she remarked.

Every athlete, she added, was happy as the PM himself was taking keen interest in their careers, well-being and performance.