Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed 2 day Gujarat BJP Executive meet in Rajkot. 

Speaking in Hindi, Shri Modi attacks the Congress- led UPA for failure of all fronts. 

Am confident BJP will win 2012 Gujarat polls, Congress will be wiped out: Shri Modi 

Gujarat is the state that uprooted a Congress Government ridden with corruption through a mass movement. Even today, wont let Delhi cast its corrupt shadow on Gujarat: Shri Modi 

Low growth rates, rising prices and falling rupee under UPA has left the country and the world extremely disappointed: Shri Modi

Addressing the 2 day Gujarat BJP State Executive meeting in Rajkot on Sunday 10th June 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi attacked the UPA on the issue of lack of development and corruption that is rampant in its 8 year rule. The Chief Minister expressed confidence that the situation for the BJP in Gujarat is more favorable than it was during the earlier elections.   


Shri Modi remarked that it is not often that state executive meets garner so much nationwide attention but the fact that Gujarat has brought in a paradigm shift from election oriented politics to development oriented politics is the reason why the entire nation is viewing the proceedings so closely. 

Shri Modi said that in December 2012 Gujarat will go to the polls and he expressed confidence that the people know very well who will serve them for the next 5 years and take Gujarat in the forward direction. He stated that BJP successfully fought elections in 2002 and 2007 but the situation in 2012 is more favorable than the earlier two elections.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister came down heavily on the 8 years of Congress misrule. He affirmed that the people are unhappy with the Congress and their misdeeds, which have become a cause of concern for the entire nation, are coming out. He reminded the executive that it was Gujarat that had uprooted a Congress government in 1974 after a mass movement against corruption. Even today, things are no different he said adding that the shadow of Delhi’s corrupt practices will never be allowed in Gujarat. Shri Modi accused the Congress of trying to escape from their misdeeds and recalled that the Congress has accepted that coalition compulsions are preventing them from taking action on corruption, adding the Congress is much like a ship that is on the verge on sinking.


Shri Modi expressed disappointment that 8 years of this century has shown India in poor light all across the world. He attributed this to 3 reasons. The first is the falling growth rate. Despite repeated promises of the PM that growth will cross 7%, it could barely reach 5%. Shri Modi also said this disappointment goes beyond numbers- it has affected the social fabric of the nation. He attacked the UPA for not doing enough for strengthening the youth power of the nation.

The second reason Shri Modi attributes is rising prices. He termed the rate at which prices were rising as alarming but the only thing the Prime Minister did was to give false dates by when the prices will fall. Shri Modi asked the Prime Minister that he may not be able to bring prices down substantially but what prevents him from bringing them to the level where NDA Government led by Shri Atal ji left it? 

The weak rupee vis-a-vis the dollar is the third issue that Shri Modi spoke on relating to the coming apart of the India story. He questioned the silence of the Centre and said that the currency of no other neighbor from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh to Nepal was witnessing such a weak currency as ours. This is a result of the UPA’s corrupt practices, Shri Modi said.

He stated that there is no way the Congress party can escape their current misdeeds and remarked that a party that cant save it self cannot save the nation. He said the Congress is best at spreading lies but that cant be thrust down the throats of the people.

Shri Modi declared that Gujarat is following the path of developing and no storm can prevent them from doing so in the future. He expressed his determination to empower the poor, the villages, the farmers, women and provide a ray of hope to the youth of this country. The Chief Minister warned that casteism in politics helps nobody and the case of Bihar in the yesteryears as well as UP is well known. He concluded the speech by lauding the efforts of the party workers and of State BJP President Shri RC Faldu for raising the issues of the farmers and ensuring that the UPA had to bow down and rethink the cotton export ban. He said that this ‘Team BJP, Team Gujarat’ is a team of extremely competent, hardworking and patriotic workers who can provide leadership with a grand vision for the years to come.

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