Seated on the dais, Shri Venkaiah Garu Ji, Shri Bangaru Laxman Garu Ji, Shri V. Rama Rao Garu Ji, Andhra Pradesh BJP president Shri Kishan Reddy Garu Ji, Ladies & Gentlemen, Namaskaram…!

… and you people observe Hyderabad Liberation day on 17th September, and I am fortunate to specially think of you that day because 17th September is my birthday as well..! I heartily congratulate all the senior leaders of Andhra Pradesh BJP for excellently utilizing this political meeting for a social cause. I will also like to congratulate the youngsters of Andhra Pradesh for paying Rs. 5 as a registration fee to attend this meeting and have tried connecting themselves with the sufferings of Uttaranchal victims. And thus, I once again congratulate youngsters and BJP members of Andhra Pradesh..!

Brothers & Sisters, various such heart touching incidences happen in public life, and that become a great motivation for us. A Sikh family which came and settled in Andhra Pradesh, their son resides in Canada. His mother, who was over 80 years of age, wanted to come and attend this programme. His son tweeted from Canada and today I got the opportunity to touch her feet and take her blessings..! Friends, I am amazed..! A veteran freedom fighter, who protested his family for three days by giving up on food to attend this programme and asked them to make arrangements and took food only when his family agreed for it. This devotion, these blessings, they are reflections of their concern for this country..! I bow down to those two great people from the bottom of my heart and this incidence will keep motivating me for the rest of my life..! Because, when today in this country people do not trust the politics and politicians anymore and with one act after the other, the Sultanate of Delhi has broken the trust of common man..!

Navbharat Yuva Bheri at Hyderabad

Friends, there are so many youngsters here today, but on my way to the stadium I saw people double this strength outside, who could not come inside..! I apologize to all those people and will like to ensure you that whether there is any space in this stadium or not, but you have a very high place in my heart..! You are watching on the television sets installed there, but I am not fortunate enough my young friends to see you all from here. But I assure you that whenever I will get chance, I will definitely come again to Andhra Pradesh and will meet people whom I could not meet today, that I promise..!

Friends, the events of last week have shaken the entire nation. Brothers & Sisters, the question is whom should we trust..? When five soldiers of our army were beheaded, the Prime Minister of India said that if such event is repeated, we will take tough actions against Pakistan..! I would like to ask our Hon. Prime Minister, that now when this week our soldiers, who live and die for this country, were brutally shot by Pakistan to death..! India is asking the Delhi Empire that when our soldiers were beheaded, you promised that you will not tolerate such acts, so what is the reason that Pakistan is doing such gruesome acts one after the other, but this nation of 125 crore people is silently taking it all..?

Brothers & Sisters, the sequence of events that took place in last few days is really troubling..! You all know that Kishtwar is on flames..! There is no account of the people been killed, shops set on fire and the houses been demolished..! Friends, is it not intended to rehearse the nefarious acts happening in Kashmir valley since last three decades in Kishtwar? The nation wants to know. Today the leader of opposition, Sri Arun Jaitley Ji of BJP wanted to visit Kisthwar, to know the condition of people there, to see the situation of Kishtwar, but the Government there to hide this truth, to hide the tale of atrocities, to maintain silence on this round of violence; Jaitley Ji was detained at Jammu airport..! My Brothers & Sisters, this incidence of the hilly region of Jammu should not be neglected. This smells like a beginning of what Kashmir valley has gone through..! And thus Friends, this is not a question of the people in Kishtwar only, but of all the peace loving Indians who want a peaceful life, who want freedom from all these atrocities, but once again the country’s trust has been defied..!

Navbharat Yuva Bheri at Hyderabad

This Delhi Government can’t protect our nation. Friends, you will be shocked to know that, The Sultanate of Delhi, indulging in petty vote bank politics, is ignoring the security of our nation. Our soldiers who are at Bangladesh border, they have been asked to refrain use of armaments if some Bangladeshi tries to intrude national boundaries. Not only this, they also have orders that if the attack or the attempts of infiltration are strong, then they should not combat them but should allow that infiltration..! My Brothers & Sisters, how can the head of a sovereign nation can he provide protection to the common man of this country of 125 crore people through such decisions..?

Brothers & Sisters, China came to our border and tried to infiltrate, the entire world could see that, even the citizens could see Chinese movements on Google Maps that how China is entering our land and creating space for themselves..! And I am surprised, China was an intruder, they had to go back from our land, but Delhi Government went into an unfortunate agreement that Indian army had to retreat from our very own land..! Not only this, Indian Foreign Minister went to China with lots of dialogues and instead of raising a voice against China’s acts and trying to be tough with China, Indian Foreign Minister says in China that Beijing is such a great city, I feel like staying here only..! Shame on the people in this Government..! Feel ashamed on yourself. You people are rubbing salt into our wounds..! You are sprinkling acid on the mental pain that the 125 crore people of this country have got..!

It does not end here. Our soldiers were beheaded and just after that our Indian Foreign Minister was serving Biryani to Pakistani guests in Jaipur, and what does he say, this is protocol..! I am asking youngsters of my country, should there be any protocol with those who behead the soldiers of our nation..? Isn’t it like scraping the wounds of India..?

Brothers & Sisters, people from Italy came and shot our fishermen in Kerala. They had done no wrongs..! Those fishermen went to catch fish, poor people were striving to feed their families, they were working hard..! Italian men came, and gunshot two fishermen of our nation..! They were arrested, and in India if someone is in jail, they do not get bails, but what influence was it that those Italian soldiers got bail..? They went back to Italy and when were asked to come back, Italian Government refused to send those men back..! We are fortunate that the Supreme Court of India got strict and told Italian High Commissioner that he will not be able to leave India, then only Italy had to step down and hand over those men to India..!

Brothers & Sisters, I am quoting all these incidences because the people in Government at the center are not serious on any issue, they are not bothered with problems of this nation..! My young friends, are you worried about India..? Are you concerned about this nation..? My young friends, you are concerned about India and I am concerned about the youngsters of India..! I often encounter this question of mine that what will happen to this young generation of my nation..? Where will they get employment..? Friends, Congress is in power in Maharashtra and in Andhra Pradesh also. Our Congress friends may feel offended but listen carefully, you are in power in Andhra and in Maharashtra for quite many years, but the highest incidents of suicides in India are in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, the youngsters there have to opt for suicide..! Friends, today the youth of our Andhra has to take the route of Gulf countries to earn his bread..!

Navbharat Yuva Bheri at Hyderabad

Divide and rule has always been the strategy of the Congress. In 2004, Congress promised Andhra people for Telangana. In the entire India, the highest number of Congress MPs is coming from Andhra. If the Government is stable in the Center, it is because of the Andhra MPs. But what did Congress give to Andhra..? They promised you, did they fulfill it..? Brothers & Sisters, even Atal Bihari Vajpayee constituted small states. When Chhattisgarh was formed, Madhya Pradesh was very happy and Chhattisgarh was also very happy. When Uttarakhand was formed both U.P. and Uttarakhand were happy. On constitution of Jharkhand, both Bihar and Jharkhand were happy. Bhartiya Janta Party is in favor of Telangana since beginning. At the time of election of Vidyasagar Rao, I myself came to a rally in Telanagana and said in a public meeting that if we get a chance to form the Government, then within 100 days we will constitute Telangana. That was our promise..! But at that time also we said that at any cost the Seemandhra can’t be ignored. It should be developed in such a way that the entire nation feels proud of it. Those cities that come in its boundaries should be more developed than Hyderabad itself. But Delhi Government has no time to do this. If they had to make Hyderabad the capital of both the states and say that the separate capital will be developed after ten years, then my question to the Delhi Government is that why didn’t you start this work in 2004 itself..? Why didn’t you start preparation for a separate capital..? You do not have the right to do injustice to the people of Andhra..! So Friends, Telangana and Seemandhra, both are of equal importance to us..!

Brothers & Sisters, I am a small man, but I have come from Gujarat, the land of Mahatma Gandhi, the land of Sardar Patel..! I request all the people from Telangana and Andhra. Friends, let Congress play whatever games they want to, but you should not have a clash with each other..! There should not be hatred among the two brothers, hatred for your own sibling..! I want to ask the people from Andhra and Telangana, I want to ask them with pain, with suffering, with the misery of events that have occurred in last few days. My friends, if you do not find truth in what I say, reject it, but if my question reaches your heart then tell me..! Friends, what is our path..? I want to ask you all that Andhra and Telangana, can there be a rift in mothter’s milk..? Friends there should not be a rift. We are brothers, we are companions..! In Gujarat, in Surat itself 4 lakh Telugu speaking people reside, in Ahmedabad 6 lakh Telugu speaking people are there. We live with love, we live together, we work together, we try to make everyone have his bread..! If we in Gujarat can live with Telugu speaking people with so much compassion, then Telangana and Andhra people can also live with each other with same compassion..!

Brothers & Sisters, our aim today should be that Andhra progresses to the extent that it even overtakes Gujarat in development..! Telangana also progresses to the extent that it even overtakes Gujarat in development..! This should be our dream..! Ladies & Gentlemen, development is the only way. It is the only solution. Development is the only solution to all our problems..! This Congress party in no condition is ready to take the path of development because it becomes difficult for them to answer questions..! Those people of my age who are sitting here, 40 years back from now, did you ever read a board on any shop saying ‘Pure Ghee Shop’..? 40 years ago that board was not needed. If the board reads ‘Ghee Shop’, it meant that it would be pure only. But today the board has to read, shop of pure ghee, because pure ghee is not available..! Friends, when Vajpayee Ji was in power, then the poor in the country did not have to worry about his bread. The poor used to get food and thus we never had to think about food security. This Congress party has taken the poor to such a situation that like ‘shop of pure ghee’ they need to talk about Food Security Bill..! Those who have snatched the bread from plate of the unprivileged, they have committed sin..! I want to ask the economists of our country. These days a word is quite heard in our nation, which is ‘inclusive growth’..! Why wasn’t this word known earlier..? Ten five year plans were devised, neither the Planning Commission used this word and nor did the Delhi Government and not even any State Government needed to use it..! Why did we need to use it today..? We had to use it today because Congress had never done anything ‘inclusive’ in 60 years, they have always ‘excluded’ everything..! They have kept many people deprived from the growth, kept many in the state of underprivileged, and thus today this condition has come for them today..!

Brothers & Sisters, Congress Party has become a burden for our nation. But today when I have come to Andhra, I will like to memorize NTR..! NTR served this nation in a great manner. He did not only serve the pride of Andhra, did not only fight for it, but he also emphasized on anti Congress politics. It was NTR’s effort that I was able to make an anti Congress Government in this nation. I urge all the political parties in Andhra that what can be the best tribute to NTR..? We can only give tribute to NTR by building a Congress free India. Those who boast of NTR legacy, your first duty is to do whatever it requires to build a Congress free India..! I am sure that the political parties of Andhra and Telanagana will do all it takes to save and build Andhra and Telangana and will strive to bulid a Congress free nation. All the anti Congress powers will come together and it will become possible to eliminate these atrocities, this bad governance, this family serving attitude from the grounds of Andhra. And thus friends, it also becomes the responsibility of Telugu Desam, who have the legacy of NTR, to fulfill his dream..!

Brothers & Sisters, I want to say this to you today that whether someone works or not, whether they do something today or tomorrow, whether someone think before starting or afterwards, but I will still say that the air is tuned for a Congress free India, the nation has dreamt of a Congress free India..! To realize this dream, youth of the nation, farmers of the nation and the poor of India has taken an oath. Friends, corruption today has devastated our nation. Land, Water, Sky… There is no place in the entire universe where the Congress corruption has not reached..! Someone tell me, the senior leader of our party Shri Lal Krishna Advani toured the entire nation, for what reason…? To get the black money back..! Someone please tell us that what are the problems of Indian Government in getting the black money back from foreign banks..? In the public life of India, a senior person like Advani Ji raised a demand to get the black money back for the good of this nation, but the Sultanate of Delhi denied this demand for whose good..? Then the question arises that whose black money is it..? Whose black money is this, which is in billion and trillion dollars in foreign banks..?

Brothers & Sisters, today the BJP and NDA Governments have set examples of good governance in the entire nation. How many youngsters today we have here..! In the entire world the importance of skill development has become a priority, but in Andhra, there are no steps in direction of skill development. I want to say this to Congress leaders of Andhra that if you hate Gujarat, then do not take its name, but in your neighborhood only, in Tamil Nadu, the steps that are taken by Dr. Jayalalitha Ji’s Government in the direction of skill development, learn something from it and do something for the good of the youth of Andhra..! Today also my friends, Delhi Government is unable to understand that how to provide food to the poor. I will like to tell Delhi Government and Congress leaders that the way to feed every poor has been shown by the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh. The way he has modernized the Public Distribution System, and the Supreme Court of India has appreciated his work, but none of the Congress Government wants to learn from him, and understand or do anything for the good of the poor. And not only this, how to respect the daughters, what should be the stature of girl in family, how the girl child can be prevented from being seem as a burden on the family, how to start a social movement in this direction..! I will ask our Congress to go to Madhya Pradesh and see our Shivraj Singh Chouhan of BJP. Through the ‘Ladli Lakshmi Yojna’, he has given all the daughters of Madhya Pradesh a life of pride, has respected them, has given them the right to live, has arranged for their education..! Shouldn’t the girls of our country get education..? The Delhi Government, 60 years have passed now, a single family has ruled the nation for decades but they have not been successful in doing anything for the good of the common man..!

Brothers & Sisters, I once talked to the Prime Minister of India. I said that Andhra has over 990 KMs of coastline, Gujarat has coastline of over 1600 KMs, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal, all are fortunate to have coastline. I kept telling the Indian Government to call a two day meeting of all these states and discuss the issues of a seaport state, in this age of global economy how are coastal areas should be developed so that the falling Indian Rupee can be saved...! Well, when India got freedom, one rupee was equivalent to one dollar..! Friends, do understand this, when India got freedom, one dollar was equal to one rupee, and today the age of Indian Finance Minister is equal to value of one dollar in rupee..! One dollar is equal to Rs. 64- 65… You can imagine what the situation of this nation is..!

Friends, there was a time when the world used to come to India for education. Youngsters from across the nations of world used to come here for their studies. Friends, the figures of the Indian Government state that within last one year, Rs. 1,20,000 crore has been spent from Indian treasury for the education of Indian youth who have gone abroad for studies. Why, because they were not getting the education of the kind that they were looking for. We lost our intellectual capital and also our monetary capital..! Can’t the Indian Government arrange that the youth gets good education in India, they do not have to roam here and there..? It is not doing so..! Friends, today there are no doctors in villages, if people in rural areas need medicine, they don’t have it..! This Delhi Government is there since so many years, can’t it be arranged to prepare doctors to cater to the needs of our nation, prepare medical collages for more doctors..? Friends, Andhra and Gujarat are two states that are contributing the most in pharmaceutical production. Medicines are being produced but as there are no doctors to prescribe these medicines, how is the poor be cured..? Friends, such problems, no food to eat, no cloth to wear, no shelter to live in, no education and no treatment to the ill… All these belongings are a legacy of Congress..!

Brothers & Sisters, if we want to be concerned for India's future, want to change India's destiny, then we will have to opt for the path of development..! And I have come to say that without development, we can’t do any good to the common man..! Who will work for the welfare of the suffering, of the exploited, of the scheduled cast, of the tribal, of fishermen..? Why the Congress Party did not do anything for them..? They only know the way of spending money in the elections and come to the power. And thus friends I have come to urge you all. I request entire India from the grounds of Hyderabad that every citizen of this nation is concerned for this country, every resident, every citizen is concerned and if we do not give them the trust, then what we talk about the demographic dividend, that our 65% population is below 35 years of age, they have the power, dreams, potential but not employment. If we do not provide them with employment then you can guess, where will the country lead to..!

Brothers & Sisters, today when I have come here on the land of Hyderabad then I would like to tell you about my visualization of Government that should be. Friends, my clear opinion is that the Government has only one religion and that religion is ‘India First’..! The Government has just one scripture and that scripture is Constitution of India..! The Government has just one devotion and that is devotion to India..! The Government has just one power and that is power of the people..! The only homage of the Government is to the good of 125 crore countrymen and the methodology of the Government is ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’..! With this mantra, in the coming days we have to strive to have a Congress free India to change the destiny of this nation..!

I want you all to say something. Will you speak..? With all your might..? You will say what I will; I am speaking, repeat after me…

Yes, We Can... Yes, We Can..! Yes, We Will Do... Yes, We Will Do ..!

Say with me, Jai Telangana..! Jai Seemandhra..!

Bharat Mata Ki Jai ..! Bharat Mata Ki Jai ..! Vande Mataram ..! Vande Mataram ..! Vande Mataram ..!

Pariksha Pe Charcha with PM Modi
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It is now time to leave the 'Chalta Hai' attitude & think of 'Badal Sakta Hai': PM Modi
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Covid-19: Govt’s 4-pronged strategy for vaccine development

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Baba Saheb Ambedkar was a person with universal vision: PM Modi
April 14, 2021
Baba Saheb Ambedkar had a universal vision: PM Modi
Baba Saheb Ambedkar gave a strong foundation to independent India so the nation could move forward while strengthening its democratic heritage: PM
We have to give opportunities to the youth according to their potential. Our efforts towards this is the only tribute to Baba Saheb Ambedkar: PM


Present with me in this programme, Gujarat Governor Acharya Shri Dev Vrat ji, the country’s Education Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank ji, Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani ji, Education Minister of Gujarat Shri Bhupendra Singh ji, Chairman of UGC Prof. D.P.Singh ji, Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ami Upadhyay ji, Association of Indian Universities President Prof. Taj Pratap ji, all dignitaries and friends.

Today when the country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, the occasion of Babasaheb Ambedkar ji's birth anniversary also connects us with that great yagna and also with the inspiration of the future. On behalf of the grateful nation and all the countrymen, I pay my respectful homage to Babasaheb.


During the freedom struggle, millions and millions of our freedom fighters dreamt of a harmonious and inclusive India. Babasaheb made the beginning in realizing those dreams in the form of the Constitution to the country. Today India is creating a new future and achieving new dimensions of success by following the same Constitution.


Today, the 95th meeting of the Vice Chancellors of Association of Indian Universities is taking place on this auspicious day. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University has announced the establishment of 'Babasaheb Samarasta Chair'. The four books written by Shri Kishore Makwana ji have also been released on Babasaheb's life, his thoughts and ideals. I congratulate all the dignitaries involved in these efforts.


India has been the mother of democracy in the world. Democracy has been an integral part of our civilization and our way of life. Babasaheb laid a strong foundation to independent India so the nation could move forward while strengthening its democratic heritage. When we read and understand Babasaheb, we realize that he was a person of universal vision.

There is a clear vision of Babasaheb's philosophy in Shri Kishore Makwana ji's books. While one of his books introduces Babasaheb’s “Jeevan Darshan” (philosophy of life), the other focuses on “Vyakti Darshan” (individual philosophy). Similarly, the third book highlights Babasaheb's “Rashtra Darshan” (national philosophy), whereas the fourth book “Aayam Darshan” will introduce his philosophy of dimension to the countrymen.  These four philosophies are no less than modern scriptures in themselves.

I would like our new generation in colleges and universities to read more and more of such books. All these dimensions, whether it is the inclusive society, the concern for the rights of the Dalit-deprived society, the question of upliftment and contribution of women, or Babasaheb's vision on education and especially on higher education, will offer an opportunity to the youth of the country to understand Babasaheb.


Doctor Ambedkar would say:

"My three revered deities are -- Knowledge, self-respect and politeness.” Self-respect comes with knowledge and makes a person aware of his or her rights. Through equal rights, social harmony emerges and the country progresses.

We are all familiar with Babasaheb's struggles of life. The position that Babasaheb reached after so many struggles is a great inspiration for all of us. Our education system and universities have this responsibility to carry the country forward on the path shown by Babasaheb Ambedkar. And when it is the issue of common goals and shared efforts as a nation, collective efforts become the means of accomplishment.

Therefore, I think the role of Association of Indian Universities becomes very important. AIU also has the legacy of scholars like Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Smt. Hansa Mehta and Dr. Zakir Hussain.

Dr. Radhakrishnan ji would say: “The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature”.

It implies that education should be such which should liberate the person, so that he can think openly, and make something new with a new thinking. He believed that we should develop our education management as a unit of the entire world. But at the same time, he emphasized the Indian character of education. This becomes even more important in the global scenario today.

Here special issues were released on the new 'National Education Policy' and plan for its implementation. These issues are detailed documents how National Education Policy is a futuristic policy, a policy of global parameters. You all scholars are familiar with the nuances of the National Education Policy. The purpose of education that Dr. Radhakrishnan ji spoke about is reflected in the core of this policy.

I am told that this time the theme of the seminar is - 'Implementing National Educational Policy-2020 to Transforming Higher Education in India'. All of you deserve congratulations for this.

I have been constantly discussing NEP with experts. National Education Policy is as practical as its implementation.


You have dedicated your entire life to education. You all know very well that every student has his own capability and capacity. Based on these capabilities, students and teachers also have three questions.

First: What can they do?

Second: What is their potential if they are properly taught?

And, third, what they want to do?

What a student can do is his inner strength. But if we add institutional strength to his inner strength, his development becomes expansive. With this combination, our youth can do what they want to do. Therefore, the country’s special emphasis is on skill development. As the country is moving ahead with the mission of the AatmaNirbhar Bharat, the role and demand of skilled youths is also increasing.


In view of the strength of skills, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had placed greater emphasis on the collaboration of educational institutions and industries decades ago. Today, the country has immense opportunities, and there are new industries of modern times. India is being looked upon as a future centre of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, 3D printing, Virtual Reality, Robotics, mobile technology, geo-informatics, smart healthcare and defence sector. The country is taking huge steps to meet these requirements.

Indian Institutes of Skills are being set up in three big metropolitans of the country. The first batch of the Indian Institute of Skills has already started in Mumbai a few months ago in December. The Future Skills Initiative was launched with NASSCOM in 2018. This initiative offers training in more than 150 skill sets in 10 emerging technologies.


The new National Policy on Education also provides for NETF which emphasizes the maximum use of technology in education. We want all universities to be multi-disciplinary. We want to give flexibility to students so that they can complete courses anywhere easily through the easy entry-exit and Academic Bank of Credit. Every university in the country will have to work together to achieve all these goals. All the Vice Chancellors have to pay special attention to this.

A huge skill pool will be created in our universities for the new possibilities that we can create in the country. All of you are requested to work in this direction more expeditiously and the work should be completed within a stipulated time.


The country is rapidly transforming the lives of the poor, Dalits, the victims, the exploited and the deprived following the footsteps of Babasaheb Ambedkar. Babasaheb talked about equal opportunities and equal rights. Today, schemes like Jan Dhan accounts are leading to financial inclusion of every person and through DBT money is reaching directly to their accounts.  The BHIM UPI that was launched for the digital economy has become a great strength for the poor today. Today, every poor person is getting a house and free electricity connection. Similarly, work is in the progress to provide clean water to villages under the Jal Jeevan Mission.

When there was a corona crisis, the country stood up for the poor and the labourers. There is no discrimination among the poor and the rich in the world's largest vaccination program. This is the path shown by Babasaheb and these are his ideals.


Babasaheb always emphasized on women empowerment and made many efforts in this direction. It is with this vision that the country is giving new opportunities to its daughters today. From toilets at home and schools to combat roles in the army, women are at the centre of every policy of the country today.

Similarly, the country is working to spread Babasaheb's message to the people. The places associated with Babasaheb are being developed as Panch Teerth.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to dedicate the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre. Today, this Centre is emerging as a centre of research on social and economic issues and on Babasaheb's life.


Today, we are close to 75 years of independence, and we have goals for the next 25 years. The country’s future, the future goals and successes of the country are linked to our youth. It is our youth who will fulfill these resolutions. We have to give opportunities to the youth of the country to the best of their ability.

I am confident that our collective resolve and conscious efforts of the education world will realise this dream of a New India.

Our efforts and the hard work will be our tribute to Babasaheb.

With these good wishes, I once again thank you all very much. I wish you all the very best on Navratri. I also extend my special greetings on the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Many thanks.