Bharat Mata ki Jai..!

President of Bhartiya Janata Party and our respected guide Shri Rajnath Singh Ji, National General Secretary Shri J. P. Nadda Ji, Incharge MP of Jammu & Kashmir Shri Avinash Ji, State President of BJP Sri Jugal Kishor Ji, Sri Ashok Khajuria Ji, Sri Nirmal Singh Ji, Sri Shamsher Singh Ji, Shri Kavindra Gupta Ji, Shri Bali Bhagat Ji, Choudhary Sukhnandan Ji, Chaudhry Shyamlal Ji, all the dignitaries present on the dias and all my brothers and sisters of Jammu & Kashmir who have come here in such large numbers..!

Today I am being reminded of many old memories. I have got the opportunity to work for the organization in Jammu & Kashmir for years, and I got fortunate to visit all the districts and tehsils of the state. There must be hundreds of families present here, at whose places I would have had tea and sometimes food. My association with Jammu & Kashmir is very close. Today a gentleman came here and gifted me a 25 year-old picture of mine, and reminded me of my old days here. Today I specially want to think of my Gurjar friends, who used to say that we are your people. We are associated with Gujarat that is why we are called as Gurjars. They used to say that our ancestors have been associated with Gujarat, and I can even today see that the living style, the dressing pattern and culture of people in a few areas in Gujarat is very similar to my Gurjar friends. The Gurjar families where I used to have food, even the taste of food was a bit sweet like the food in Gujarat. Friends, even today you have come here in large numbers, and I feel really happy meeting my own people..!

Friends, I have worked quite a lot in Jammu & Kashmir. I have come here at the time of elections, for the party meetings, but till today no leader or party has been fortunate to have such huge audience in Jammu. It is the blessings of Maa Vaishno Devi that I got this opportunity..!

Friends, today I would like to bow down to Maharaja Hari Singh from the land of Jammu & Kashmir. After independence, if Maharaja Hari Singh ji would have been in the mainstream of decision making process over Jammu & Kashmir, this state would not have been in this condition. Hari Singh ji was a foresighted person. More than a king, he has worked as a social reformer. His norms for female education were very strict, he emphasized highly of girls’ education. The practice of untouchability was very widespread at that time and it prevailed throughout the nation blotting the societal structure. At that time Maharaja Hari Singh was a person, who started the mission of welcoming the dalits in the temples of Jammu & Kashmir, a campaign of social unity, and started many such great endeavours. But these historical things are forgotten for the political motives..!

Full Text of Shri Modi's speech at Lalkaar Rally, Jammu

Friends, by remembering Shyama Prasad Mukherjee from the land of Jammu & Kashmir, every vein of the body comes alive. We start dreaming. Today I appeal to the wise men, political pundits and sociologists of our nation that after so many years of independence, the country needs impartial study, discussions and dissertation about Jammu & Kashmir, whether the thinking of Pandit Nehru was right or the considerations of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee were right..! If we look closely at the history of 60 years, we will find that the thinking of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee about Jammu & Kashmir have today become the bitter truth of history that that path was the right one. But Pandit Nehru ignored the opinion of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee..!

Friends, even today the name that motivates the land of Jammu & Kashmir is of Pandit Premnath Dogra. Pandit Premnath Dogra ji struggled throughout his life with the module of ‘prajaparishad’, he motivated three generations in his lifetime!

Friends, the pride of the nation, recipient of Param Vir Chakra Brigadier Rajendra Singh belonged to this land, taking whose name makes us proud. Two recipients of Maha Vir Chakra, Major Somnath Sharma and Colonel Rim Chandra are the people who fought for the motherland and their name itself is aspiring. In the same way, how can we forget Maqbool Sherwani and Abdul Aziz who used their sagacity for protecting the nation..! Friends, many people have been martyred fighting terrorism in this country, many citizens have died, security forces personnel have been killed, many mothers have lost their sons..! Whenever we think of Tika Lal Taploo, all these people come to our memory. I, along with this huge mass, will like to salute, honour and bow down to the entire defence forces who, for the safety of Jammu & Kashmir and this entire nation, do not even care for their lives..!

Friends, our government in Delhi is fast asleep and I do not think that the rage in the hearts of 125 crore Indians can wake them up. They are sleeping and I think that they won’t even wake up in 2014. The hope of their getting up is very low now.

Friends, two incidents took place in Pakistan, one of which got attention from the media and the entire nation, while the other went unnoticed. For the last 20-25 years, two innocent men were locked in the jails of Pakistan. One was Sarabjeet Singh of Punjab while the other was Chamel Singh of Jammu. In the same jail where Sarabjeet Singh was killed, Chamel Singh was also killed, and in similar manner, but a week before Sarabjeet. If the Government of India would have woken up a week earlier and would have raised its voice, then may be Sarabjeet would not have died. Friends, can the government of a nation be such that its people keep getting killed and it continues to sleep..?

Friends, respected Rajnath Singh ji presented many policy related issues in front of you. Friends, it seems that in our nation if you want to get rid of all the sins, crimes, responsibilities and accountability then a few people have found a herb that prevents them from all of it. And that herb is - Secularism..! Just start talking on secularism and all your sins are taken away..! In Jammu & Kashmir, one more thing along with this method is used and that is - Article 370..! Friends, whether Article 370 remains in practice under the Constitution or not in the political scenario, the discussion on it has always been there and will always be in the air. But now it is the need-of-the-hour that in context of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, in context of their benefits, their rights, at least in Jammu & Kashmir and in the entire nation, it must be discussed whether Article 370 has been beneficial for the common man here? No one is ready to discuss it..! Just a few days back, at the time of elections, Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji was saying that BJP leaders just take big names, which serve no purpose; they should bring to reality what they have said. I agree to Mr. Prime Minister and accept it, but would like to remind him that the then Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said regarding Article 370 in the Parliament that this Article will fade away with time..! Mr. Prime Minister, you yourself are saying that the great men should do what they say. Is your government ready to do what Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said..? Then, what do you preach others..?

Friends, Article 370 has become a shield and is being used as one. It has been armored with communal jewels and just because of this, a valid discussion on it is not happening. I want the experts of the Constitution to discuss it. Just see the laws based on which the Delhi government is asking for votes in the four states, saying that we made this law and that law, etc…! Are the laws that the government is flaunting, being implemented in Jammu & Kashmir? Rajnath Singh Ji just said that Article 370 & 374 were amended at the time of Rajiv Gandhi, but the Congress party still keeps boasting about it. Congress party should atleast answer that the things that you have done, why can’t you get them implemented in Jammu & Kashmir..? Friends, you tell me, shouldn’t the Panchayats be empowered..? The people who want to fight for the ownership of their bungalows and offices, for them ownership is a major concern, but they do not want to give any powers to the municipalities or to the villages. Neither do they want to give them their rights nor the opportunities to progress!

Friends, till when these double standards last..! Shouldn’t the common man of Jammu & Kashmir get the rights that all other citizens of India enjoy? The special privileges that SC, ST, OBC, Dalits and tribals get, the rights that the socially and educationally backward population receives in the form of education, jobs and representation in elections, shouldn’t all these rights be given to the people of Jammu & Kashmir? After all, why are they being prevented from getting these rights? Not only this, the entire nation is discussing corruption, it is expressing their anger about it. Is there no corruption in Jammu & Kashmir? Are the governments and leaders of Jammu & Kashmir extensively corrupted? Then tell me, shouldn’t the law of prevention of corruption be enforced here? But it is not being implemented here, because they do not want to be answerable, accountable and responsible about anything!

Friends, just pay a bit attention. These separatists, they are praising separatism, but who has been benefitted of it? Study the history of last 60 years, only 50 families have taken advantage of it and the entire Jammu & Kashmir has been kept in dark. Shouldn’t all you Gurjar families get benefits as tribals? Should you get your rights or not? After all why are all these people not being provided with it? Shouldn’t be efforts put in for the betterment of my Shia brothers of Kargil? In the rest of India, males and females have got equal rights, the rights that men enjoy, same are given to women as well! Should the treatment of females be unfair in Jammu& Kashmir? Should injustice to women be stopped here? Today the condition of the law of Jammu & Kashmir is such that men and women are differentiated. I have not come here to talk about Hindus or Muslims, I have come to talk about my 1.25 crore Jammu people! This politics of discrimination, the politics of separation, it has just destroyed this nation. If development has to be done, then the politics of integration will work and only that will let us grow!

Friends, I am raising a serious question. Someone should tell me that the rights the Chief Minister of this state Shri Omar Abdullah has, does his sister Sarah enjoy the same rights? No..! In this state the rights that the Chief Minister has, even his own sister is deprived of them, because she married outside Kashmir and all her rights were snatched from her! The rights that Omar Abdullah has, should be given to his sister as well! This struggle is not of Hindus or Muslims. Women should be respected. The entire world talks of gender equality. I would like to ask the humanitarians and the people who keep blabbering about me, that why are your mouths zipped now? The women of Jammu & Kashmir get their rights, why are you silent on this concern?

Friends, it is the need-of-the-hour for us to ponder seriously on the tune of a separate state that we all have been hearing since last 60 years, what did it give us? Did anyone get anything except hazards? The funds that come from Delhi, it gets looted and no account is given, this is what is going on..! In the name of a separate state, separatism has been encouraged, divisive powers have been encouraged. Friends, how would it have been if in the place of a separate state, there prevailed the dreams of a Super State! You only tell me, do you want a separate state or a super state..? Friends, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji has given us a dream, has shown us a path - that of making Jammu & Kashmir a super state!

Friends, a few people here in power have become habitual of asking for something or the other from the Delhi government, because they think that whatever will flow in here, there will be no accountability of it at all! Most of the local leaders live abroad, neither do they like the summers over here, nor the winters. They run to foreign countries at the very first chance. Friends, Jammu & Kashmir has been projected as if this state can’t be self-dependant, it will only have to beg to the Delhi government for everything. If Delhi grants their wishes, they will be cursed, if it does not, even then it will be cursed… this political game is never-ending. These people keep calling Jammu & Kashmir beggars. Jammu & Kashmir is not a beggar state; it is a province of people who live with pride and honour and die for the country..! Friends, do you want to get rid of this tag of beggar or not..? Today I have come to you because we have to turn Jammu & Kashmir from beggar to better..! The days of being called as beggar are gone, now we have to walk on the path of being better..!

Friends, in Kargil, where the people of Shia community live, I have stayed there for some time and have tried understanding their problems. Jammu & Kashmir develops, there are talks of progress in the Srinagar Valley but what is the reason that the Shia community of Kargil is left untouched from development and growth, why this unfairness to them..? Injustice with Gurjar, Bakarwal and Shiya community… separating them from others, pushing them backwards, till when will it last? In Jammu & Kashmir, the politics of discrimination that prevails, injustice with Ladakh at times, sometimes getting unfair with Jammu, getting unfair with Shias on various occasions, and then treating Gurjars or Bakarwal in unjust manner… till when will this inequity prevail? People of Jammu & Kashmir, if you raise your voice together, then the government of Delhi or Srinagar is not strong enough to not let your future change..!

Friends, I want to tell you that they have no interest in development. We have been listening since the era of the Ramayana that Himalayas are a prolific reserve of herbs. We have heard that when Lakshman fainted, Hanuman Ji got medicinal herb from Himalayas. We all believe that Himalayas are apt for the medicinal herbs. Jammu & Kashmir is full of medicinal herbs. Our neighboring country China is the largest exporter of herbal medicine in the entire world. Today herbal medicine is a charm to the world. The whole world is going on the path of herbal medicines. Holistic healthcare has brought a change in the life of this society. Today, when the entire world has demand of herbal medicines, and we have a huge reserve of it with us in Himalayas, and Himalayas lie here in Jammu & Kashmir, then can’t the government of my country, the government of Jammu & Kashmir, the universities here by conducting research, by using Ayurveda institutes, export herbal medicines? In the same way in which carpets are exported from here. Can we employ the youth of Jammu & Kashmir by exporting herbal medicines or not? Should the youth of Jammu & Kashmir get employment or not?

Friends, tourism is declining with every passing day. The entire tourism of Jammu & Kashmir has shifted to Himachal..! This state is a tourist attraction for both beauty and belief. Here, with pilgrimage places like Amarnath and Vaishno Devi and leisure travel, everything can be enjoyed at one place…there is no greater opportunity for tourism than this place! Even then our tourism went away, employment came to an end, and people are struggling to survive. Can’t the Government of India emphasize on development of tourism here?

Just now, we celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema. Many movies of this country, which have been shot amidst the natural beauty, have been shot here in Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmir was considered as one of the best places for shooting. The entire film industry of Mumbai used to come here for shooting. Every person here used to get employment. But today the film industry has stopped coming here because the government did not pay attention to it. When the industry was celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Government of India should have organized an event in Jammu & Kashmir and by telling people here about those days, they should have been motivated to move ahead! Today the film industry is a huge sector in India, if a film institute was set up here in Jammu & Kashmir, and would have gone in the direction of technological advancement, people would have come here for landscapes, and the people here would get employment. There would have been progress! But Friends, these people do not believe in progress. Just see, how much the craze of Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra is increasing in people. Thousands of people go there now through Nepal and Nepal gets all the income. If the same actions are taken on the Leh-Mansarovar route, the entire area will prosper! Who says there are no ways and opportunities for development, but the Kashmiri youth is being ruined!

Rajnath Singh Ji was just narrating the incidences of Demchok. I would like to compliment the people of Demchok that inspite of the pressure from China and the apathy of the Delhi government, they hoisted the national flag on 15th August and protected the pride, respect and honour of India. I heartily congratulate all the people of Demchok on behalf of the entire nation and say it with full belief that the flag hoisted at Demchok will motivate us more than the flag hoisted at the Red Fort!

Friends, China provides free mobile and SIM cards to the border villages of India and then connects them to the network in China. It is slowly seizing them. What is the Telecom Ministry of India doing? How is it possible that the telecom system of some other country is making our people dependant by giving them SIM cards? There is such a grave danger to Indian security, but no one cares about it!

Friends, people of Jammu & Kashmir still have a feeling of reverence for Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. In this country, no prime minister stepped on this land for 14 years! Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first Prime Minister who, after 14 years, came to Jammu & Kashmir inpite of the grave danger. Atal Ji has given us three mantras and they are the guidelines for us. Respected Atal ji said that we will work for Kashmir on three mantras : First – Insaniyat (humanity), Second - Jammuriyat, and Third - Kashmiriyat..! Friends, Shri Atal ji asked us to follow these three things - wherein he first talked of humanity, in Jammuriyat he talked of the democracy and by Kashmiriyat he talked of the age-old culture and tradition.

Friends, I have a thought in mind that if there can be efforts for IITs and IIMs in Himachal and Assam, shouldn’t there be IIT and IIM in Jammu? Can’t the youth of this place study and get fame in the world..? But neither Jammu & Kashmir government, nor the Delhi government have belief in developing educational institutions in Jammu & Kashmir! If we all have to move ahead, then we can’t move ahead struggling against each other. Today the democracy of the country is in hands of people who are either egoists or opportunists, either they believe in disintegration or in dynasticism, they are either pleasure seekers or sadists, because of such people only, today the country is getting ruined!

Our country is full of unity in diversity; it is the speciality of our nation. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Atak to Katak, mother India is united. We have to move ahead with that feeling, with the voice of unity. Even if our languages vary, the emotions are one; even if we have various states, the nation is one; we may have many paths, but the destination is the same; maybe there are many dialects, but all are in the same tone; there are many colours but our tricolor stands the same for all; there are many societies but India is one; there may be many traditions but culture is the same; there may be many tasks but there is one resolution; there may be many ways but the goal is the same; there may be many faces, but they have one smile, we have to move ahead with this mantra!

Friends, the people who are engaged in vote bank politics, the people who have been dividing the nation for power; I want to challenge them today through this Lalkar Rally. Instead of weighing everything I say on the scale of secularism, accept my challenge if they can. Friends, what is our thinking..? Our mantra is, that the government has no religion but one - India first, nation first. There is just one scripture of the government - the Constitution of India; there is just one devotion of government - devotion to India; government has just one strength - strength of 125 crore countrymen; there is just one worship of government - welfare of 125 crore Indians; there is just one work methodology of government – Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas (together development for all), and Bhartiya Janata Party is moving ahead with just this mantra!

I will heartily congratulate the people and party workers of Jammu & Kashmir, you have done a great job. This incidence is not just the pride of this stadium, but of entire India, an incidence that would strengthen every person who believes in the power of unity, an incidence that would encourage every person who believes in peace, unity and brotherhood, so many congratulations to you all..! With all your strength, raise your hands and say,

Bharat Mata ki Jai..! Bharat Mata ki Jai..! Bharat Mata ki Jai..!

Vande Matram..! Vande Matram..! Vande Matram..!

Modi Govt's #7YearsOfSeva
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Where convention fails, innovation helps: PM Modi
June 16, 2021
Stresses the need for insulating our planet against the next pandemic
During the pandemic digital technology helped us cope, connect, comfort and console: PM
Disruption does not have to mean despair, we must keep the focus on the twin foundations of repair and prepare: PM
The challenges our planet faces can only be overcome with a collective spirit and a human centric approach: PM
This pandemic is not only a test of our resilience, but also of our imagination. It is a chance to build a more inclusive, caring and sustainable future for all: PM
India is home to one of the world's largest start-up eco systems, India offers what innovators and investors need: PM
I invite the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of: Talent, Market, Capital, Eco-system and, Culture of openness: PM
France and Europe are our key partners, our partnerships must serve a larger purpose in service of humanity: PM

Excellency, my good friend President Macron,

Mr. Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Publicis Group,

Participants from around the world,


Congratulations to the organisers for successfully organising Vivatech in this difficult time.

This platform reflects the technological vision of France. India and France have been working closely on a wide range of subjects. Among these, technology and digital are emerging areas of cooperation. It is the need of the hour that such cooperation continues to grow further. It will not only help our nations but also the world at large.

Many youngsters saw the French Open with great enthusiasm. One of India's tech companies, Infosys provided tech support for the tournament. Likewise, the French Company Atos is involved in a project for making the fastest super computer in India. Whether it is France's Capgemini or India's TCS and Wipro, our IT talent is serving companies and citizens all over the world.


I believe - Where convention fails, innovation can help. This has been seen during the COVID-19 global pandemic, which is the biggest disruption of our age. All nations have suffered loss and felt anxiety about the future. COVID-19 put many of our conventional methods to test. However, it was innovation that came to the rescue. By innovation I refer to:

Innovation before the pandemic .

Innovation during the pandemic .

When I speak about innovation before the pandemic, I refer to the pre-existing advances which helped us during the pandemic. Digital technology helped us cope, connect, comfort and console. Through digital media, we could work, talk with our loved ones, and help others. India's universal and unique bio-metric digital identity system - Aadhar - helped us to provide timely financial support to the poor. We could supply free food to 800 million people, and deliver cooking-fuel subsidies to many households. We in India were able to operationalise two public digital education programes- Swayam and Diksha - in quick time to help students.

The second part, innovation for the pandemic refers to how humanity rose to the occasion and made the fight against it more effective. In this, the role of our start-up sector, has been paramount. Let me give you India's example. When the pandemic hit our shores, we had inadequate testing capacities and shortage of masks, PPE, Ventilators and other such equipment. Our private sector played a key role in addressing this shortage. Our doctors adopted tele-medicine in a big way so that some COVID and other non-COVID issues could be addressed virtually. Two vaccines are being made in India and more are in the development or trial stage. On the Government side, our indigenous IT platform, Arogya-Setu enabled effective contact tracing. Our COWIN digital platform has already helped ensure vaccines to millions. Had we not been innovating, then our fight against COVID-19 would have been much weaker. We must not abandon this innovative zeal so that we are even better prepared when the next challenge strikes.


India's strides in the world of tech and start-up are well-known. Our nation is home to one of the world's largest start-up eco systems. Several unicorns have come up in the recent years. India offers what innovators and investors need. I invite the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of: Talent, Market, Capital, Eco-system and, Culture of openness.

Indian tech-talent pool is famous across the world. Indian youth have given tech solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. Today, India has One Point One eight billion mobile phones and Seven Seventy-Five million internet users. This is more than the population of several nations. Data consumption in India is among the highest and cheapest in the world. Indians are the largest users of social media. There is a diverse and extensive market that awaits you.


This digital expansion is being powered by creating state-of-the-art public digital infrastructure. Five hundred and twenty-three thousand kilometres of fibre optic network already links our One hundred and fifty six thousand village councils. Many more are being connected in the times to come. Public wi-fi networks across the country are coming up. Likewise, India is working actively to nurture a culture of innovation. There are state-of-the-art innovation labs in Seven Thousand Five Hundred schools under the Atal Innovation Mission. Our students are taking part in numerous hackathons, including with students overseas. This gives them the much-needed exposure to global talent and best practices.


Over the past year, we have witnessed a lot of disruption in different sectors. Much of it is still there. Yet, disruption does not have to mean despair. Instead, we must keep the focus on the twin foundations of repair and prepare. This time last year, the world was still seeking a vaccine. Today, we have quite a few. Similarly, we have to continue repairing health infrastructure and our economies. We in India, implemented huge reforms across sectors, be it mining, space, banking, atomic energy and more. This goes on to show that India as a nation is adaptable and agile, even in the middle of the pandemic. And, when I say - prepare-I mean: Insulating our planet against the next pandemic. Ensuring we focus on sustainable life-styles that stop ecological degradation. Strengthening cooperation in furthering research as well as innovation.


The challenges our planet faces can only be overcome with a collective spirit and a human centric approach. For this, I call upon the start-up community to take the lead. The start-up space is dominated by youngsters. These are people free from the baggage of the past. They are best placed to power global transformation. Our start-ups must explore areas such as: Healthcare. Eco-friendly technology including waste recycling, Agriculture, New age tools of learning.


As an open society and economy, as a nation committed to the international system, partnerships matter to India. France and Europe are among our key partners. In my conversations with President Macron, In my summit with EU leaders in Porto in May, digital partnership, from start-ups to quantum computing, emerged as a key priority. History has shown that leadership in new technology drives economic strength, jobs and prosperity. But, our partnerships must also serve a larger purpose, in service of humanity. This pandemic is not only a test of our resilience, but also of our imagination. It is a chance to build a more inclusive, caring and sustainable future for all. Like President Macron, I have faith in the power of science and the possibilities of innovation to help us achieve that future.

Thank you.