"2014 Lok Sabha Elections: Narendra Modi campaigns in Bareilly"
"Please send over 300 MPs and all MPs from UP for NDA so that we can provide a strong and stable government for the people: Narendra Modi"
"Congress, SP and BSP know they can’t win so they are talking about instability: Narendra Modi"
"Hon’ble SC said give food grains to the poor, Centre gave it to alcohol makers at throw away prices: Narendra Modi"
"Under UPA the farmer does not see his future as bright that is why he is forced to commit suicide: Narendra Modi"

Addressing a massive crowd in Bareilly (UP), on the afternoon of 1st April, Shri Narendra Modi affirmed of ensuring a stable government under the BJP and spoke of the imminent destruction of SABKA -– SP, BSP and Congress. Disapproving of the Congress’ strategy of fooling the people all year round by making false promises and divisive strategies, Shri Modi urged the people of India to vote for the BJP and give a chance to a ‘sevak’ to serve the country.

Shri Modi came down heavily upon the lack of good governance witnessed under the Congress rulesince 2004, and stated that the time had come for taking action instead of merely doing paperwork. He stated that this misrule will only end when the reign of SABKA – SP, BSP and Congress - will end. “Sitting in AC rooms they make schemes to run the nation from Delhi but things remained the same. Governments need to hear common people,” stated Shri Modi.

Unforgiving of the Congress’ incessant lies, Shri Modi spoke of how their Manifesto was yet another ‘Dhokha Patra’, which repeated many unfulfilled promises made by them in the past decade. He urged the people of Uttar Pradesh to vote for the BJP and give chance to a ‘sevak’ to serve the country. For 60 years you chose Shasaks. You have seen what they did. It’s upto you to decide. Now, people need a Sevak, not Shasak,” said Shri Modi. He recalled how the Congress had become overconfident of defeating Shri Modi, after his name was declared as NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate, and said, “When I was declared PM candidate Congress was celebrating. We will crush him. But what has happened. They said BJP won’t get allies, many will leave but across the nation new friends have joined us. Congress said he was only in Gujarat but that too didnt cut ice. Now they are talking of unstable Governments. They want instability.”

2014 Lok Sabha Elections: Narendra Modi campaigns in Bareilly

Comparing how Bareily had developed under the governance of Shri Santosh Gangwar ji, Shri Modi said that today the region had bettered on the development front, more than Rae Bareilly, which boasts of strong leaders as their MPs. Shri Modi highlighted Bareily’s contribution to Gujarat’s flourishing kite industry and said, “Without the Manjha of Bareilly, the kite of Gujarat cannot fly. Such is our bond. Our kite industry has integrated poorest of the poor. Most of the people involved in the industry belong to Muslim community. We have taken Gujarat's Kite Industry to Rs. 500 crore and this has helped the poor people.” He thus highlighted the flourishing kite industry under BJP in Gujarat and the declining manjha industry under the SP and Central government in Uttar Pradesh.

Empathizing with the sorry condition of farmers and soldiers in the country, Shri Modi expressed shock at the Congress’ indifference towards incessant farmer suicides and terrorism-led killings of soldiers. This unsympathetic approach of the Congress, Shri Modi said, had contradicted Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji’s mantra of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ and created a new mantra of ‘Mar Jawan, Mar Kisan’.He spoke of how the poor only figured in the Congress’ votebanks, and was addressed to during the Elections time. Confronting this insensitive approach of the Central government, Shri Modi said that understanding the poor and relating to their poverty could only be done by someone who has lived poverty, but the Congress was miles away from this. “For Congress all 365 days are April Fools’ Day. They keep talking of poor before elections and their leader says poverty is a state of mind,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi empathized with the crowd who had been waiting since long and assured them that their perseverance will not go in vain. He affirmed that he wanted to bring a new wave of hope in the country and work towards ensuring the progress of the Nation, even as he assured the people that under the BJP, the Nation will have a stable government. Shri Modi also extended greetings on the occasion of Cheti Chand.

Senior leaders Dr. Laxmikant Bajpai, Shri Rajesh Agrawal and Shri Dharampal were present on the occasion.



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July 23, 2024

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The Prime Minister posted on X;

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