Shri Narendra Modi continues campaign in Himachal Pradesh, addresses rally in Kangra 

Shri Modi urges people to reelect the BJP Government, says he is seeing wave of support in favour of BJP 

Reason behind Gujarat’s development is political stability. This time even Punjab bucked the trend of alternating Governments and reelected the incumbent Government: Shri Modi 

PM asked for votes but failed to give accountability to the people: Shri Modi 

Congress has institutionalized corruption. In Congress, commit sin and you are rewarded: CM 

In Dev Bhoomi like this do we want sins of Delhi to enter? Asks Shri Modi


Continuing his campaign in Himachal Pradesh in the wake of the upcoming Vidhan Sabha polls in the state, Shri Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Kangra in which he strongly appealed to the people to give BJP a second chance in governing the state.

Talking about his relations with Himachal Pradesh Shri Modi recalled that he has worked in the hill state for years and outside Gujarat, Himachal is his 2nd home.

About the upcoming elections, Shri Modi affirmed that he has seen many elections but this time he is seeing a wave in support of the BJP. He said that today Gujarat has scaled new heights of development and the reason behind this is political stability- for the last so many elections BJP is winning in the state. The Chief Minister stated that politics stability enhances accountability and brings consistency in policy. He urged the people to buck the trend of not repeating incumbent Governments and gave the example of neighboring Punjab, which created history by reelecting the Akali Dal-BJP Government in the January 2012 elections.

Shri Modi affirmed that Shri Dhumal’s Government has won 72 awards whereas Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Government has not even won a single award.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s visit to Himachal Pradesh Shri Modi affirmed that the visit created news as Dr. ‘Maunmohan’ Singh decided to speak but Shri Modi said it was unfortunate that the PM and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi have failed to speak about the condition of the poor, who are suffering due to rising prices.

The Chief Minister reminded the people of the Congress promise of 2009 to bring prices down in 100 days of getting elected but asked if that had happened. He further stated that the PM should come to the people and answer why prices are rising. Shri Modi declared that the PM came to Himachal to seek votes but failed to provide any accountability to the people.

He stated that the Congress rubbed salt in the wounds of the people by putting the LPG cylinder cap and made the false promise of providing 3 additional cylinders at subsidized rates when that has not happened till now.

Talking about Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s statement that the UPA has given Rs. 10,000 crore to Himachal Pradesh, Shri Modi expressed surprise that Mrs. Gandhi said this. He said that money belongs to the people on which they have right.

Shri Modi declared that the Congress has institutionalized corruption and there is no point expecting any change from them. He affirmed that in the Congress one commits sin and is rewarded. He cited the example of Salman Khurshid, who faces grave allegations of corruption but has been promoted in the reshuffle yesterday.

Similarly, Shri Modi spoke about former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s resignation due to corruption but noted that immediately after that the Congress handed him charge of the Himachal.

He lauded the work of the Dhumal Government and said that while Sonia ji and Dr. Manmohan Singh never understood the plight of the women, Dhumal ji understood and said that the people must decide in what hands do they want Himachal Pradesh to go to. Shri Mod categorically said that the solution to all problems in development and the BJP’s Mantra is to improve the condition of the common man.

CM addressing Election Rally at Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

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