Congress always treated Dalits as a bank of votes

Published By : Admin | April 28, 2010 | 21:05 IST

State Government Spokes-Person, Health Minister Shri Jaynarayan Vyas and MOS Shri Saurabhbhai Patel have sharply repudiated Congress Leadership for triggering the controversy. The evil -campaign is based on fabricated stories. It is to be noted here that the Book-Release function held at Ahmedabad, and labyrinth controversy is triggered by congress leadership, has no substance at all. State Government has recorded version of CM’s Speech. Chief Minister has not spoken a single word of the sort. Nor, there is anything objectionable is being found in the Book- which was released, the book is based on Social Harmony. Next day, all the major News-Papers, including Gujarat Samachar, had covered the event. In highlighting the Book-Release function, no News-Paper has printed a single word about the alleged controversial remarks. However, with ulterior motives, just to provoke the Dalits, Congress has sponsored the campaign of lies. The episode has damaged the image and esteem of opposition. They must tender their apology to the citizens.

Power hungry Congress is playing with fire. They have been playing dirty, divisive and vote-bank politics for their own benefits. They have always treated Dalits as a bank of votes, never cared about the welfare of Dalits during their regime. The Dalit-Voter was remembered only at the time of election. Congress has treated Hon.Dr.Babasaheb also as an untouchable, during his entire life. Dr. Babasaheb fought for the cause of social harmony. He dedicated his whole life for the cause of social-harmony. He never afraid in highlighting the truth, on the contrary, he remained instrumental in busting the hollowness of Congress. ‘Divide and Rule policy’ is flowing in to the genes of Congress. Since Independence, their unobstructed rule for 40 -50 years are under public scanner, when Shri Narendra Modi was nowhere in picture.

The Dalits, Down-Trodden and Underprivileged Classes remained at the mercy of post- independent regimes, who was responsible for the sorry state? Congress could never treat them as a vibrant force, nor could offer dignified treatment. Congress leadership could not take-up the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi seriously, which implies them to serve Harijan and Daridra Narayan. The down-trodden, underprivileged classes and Dalits trusts Shri Modijee, they see him as an emancipator, who is relentlessly fighting for their rights. Shri Narendra Modi has left a high stamp of credibility among Dalits. Perhaps, Congress is scared of the loss of Dalit Vote-Bank. Dr Ambedkar, who had dedicated his entire life for carrying out the crusade against untouchability, became victim of Congress’s political untouchability. Abandoning cast- creed and religion, he carried out public campaign for the welfare of Dalits. Compared to that, present Congress leadership’s stature is not at all up to the mark. Spokes Person added that people are aware about it.

Spokes Person revealed series of events, under which Congress has employed dirty tactics to remain in power, the power hunger of Congress is known to all. He raised a very crucial point, “During 45 years of Congress Rule, and how many accesses and atrocities the Dalits had to face? Take an account of atrocities, under Congress Regime! Who pitted Minorities against Dalits? Who tried to take disadvantage of the Backwardness and poor state of Dalits? Prod on that. Those, who are shedding crocodile tears, their identity is very clear in the mind-frame of Dalits. They have been victims of number of bitter experiences. And now, they are trying to attack the image of an emancipator, the great leader like Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Mind well, they can never succeed in their evil mission. They can no longer mislead the Dalits.

Shri Narendrabhai Modi has to his credit the longest period of service; he has to his credit a record that he ruled Gujarat for 3000 days. To mark that, he carried out the Abhiyan of Garib Kalyan Mela. As many as 50 Garib Kalyan Mela offered economic assistance to the tune of Rs. 2700 Crores to 21 lac odd beneficiaries. Intended benefits reached up to identified and appropriate beneficiary. It proved disastrous for the mediators, who used to run their shops since Congress Regime. They have become desperate; Congress is also desperate as its vote-bank is no more with it. It left congress in dilemma, a face saving exercise for them. They are not in a position to face Dalits; they even opposed the Maha-Yagna of welfare. In the coming three months, State is scheduled to organise 225 Garib Kalyan Melas, covering all the Talukas. Desperation has come out of the scare. They are trying to vitiate the noble drives, which are aimed to empower the poor. The Dalits would never forgive Congress for their heinous acts, added Spokes Person.

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