CM opens Saurashtra Patel Samaj function at Atlanta in USA

Published By : Admin | July 6, 2012 | 19:12 IST

Narendra Modi asks Gujaratis living abroad to inspire Americans to visit a new ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ and help state’s tourism industry

Ahmedabad, Friday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today asked each Non-Resident Gujarati (NRG) living abroad to inspire at least 15 non-Gujarati Indians or Americans to tour a new ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ and help the state’s tourism industry having immense potential.

“If one NRG could send 15 tourists from America to Gujarat,” he said, “imagine it could total up to millions and in dollars.”

Addressing the members of Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj at Atlanta in the USA through videoconferencing from here, he said that Gujarat of droughts and barren lands with people migrating to other parts of India or abroad has undergone facelift beyond recognition as it is in for a sea change, vibrating with all round development, all during the last ten years.

Mr. Modi recalled that earlier Gujarat was known for having just India’s 1.600-km long seacoast and now it has become the gateway to India’s prosperity, humming with a number of modern ports, port-based economic regions, auto hub and assorted industries. The 24x7 electricity has reached every village and the Narmada water and other water projects across the state. The number of universities has risen from 11 to 42 during the last ten years, with qualitative improvement in school education, too. The state has made long strides in agriculture and dairy, contributing to as many as three ‘white revolutions’ in common salt, milk and cotton. The state has taken initiative in renewable sources of solar and wind energy, too.

Incidentally, he said that Saurashtra and Kutch region, also known as Kathiawad, was earlier considered to be the most backward in the past. But it has now become the most developed region pulsating with maximum industrial and business activity. The region boasts as the only abode of Asian abode and several bird sanctuaries, virgin beaches, vast stretches of Rann, religious places like Somnath and Dwarka.

Mr. Modi said that Gujarati people are themselves known as born tourists for their wandering spirit. A number of Gujaratis settled in America are in motel business and they know the importance of tourism. Appreciating the Gujarati pride and confidence for whatever they do and wherever they go, he said it was time for them to tap the USD 3-trillion global tourism industry. Even as Gujarati people abroad continue to have vital link with motherland, they could use technology and enterprise to take Gujarat to new heights.

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