Committed workers & trust of people are the BJP’s strength!

Published By : Admin | August 6, 2012 | 19:55 IST

Shri Narendra Modi addresses convention of BJP state office bearers.

Shri Modi attacks the falsehoods spread by the Congress party and asks what happened to their manifesto of 2004 & 2009.

On Monday 6th August 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a convention of BJP’s state office bearers and party workers in Gandhinagar. Shri Modi attacked Congress party for not fulfilling the promises made in its election manifesto of year 2004 and 2009.

The Chief Minister said that the BJP workers must be able to challenge daily dose of falsehood of Congress party. He added that the Congress sultanate is not able to touch this Government for last ten years only because this Government is clean.

Shri Modi narrated that in the one-week membership drive the party added 58% new members and 38% active members. Due to prolong good governance, faith in this Government has increased, he stated. It is this force of committed party workers that makes BJP’s victory certain, and this force is the reason of Congress’s worry, Shri Modi opined.

Talking about the elections in Gujarat, Shri Modi affirmed that in the BJP electoral strategy, false hood, gimmicks of untruth, false propaganda have no place. The strength of committed party workers and trust of people we enjoy are the BJP’s strength.

He said that the Congress has to live on media statements, while for the BJP trust of the people is our strength. While election season is closer, we can challenge the Congress sultanate in Delhi that we have changed the situation, and we have given trust to the nation, Shri Modi further spoke.

Asking the workers to take the challenge of the election, he said that from Ambaji to Umargam, the occasion of election has to be taken as a challenge against the difficulties. This will generate new energy of faith in each person.

The Chief Minister gave examples of how initiatives like Garib Kalyan Mela and Krushi Mahotsav have changed the fortunes of poor rural mass and farmers.

Furthermore, the Government has provided plots and houses to all BPL families in 0-16 range. Garib Kalyan Melas are not political programmes. These are nothing but the occasions to serve the poor people. He asked BJP workers should connect to the persons living in last mile and should share their joys and sorrows through this occasion of service to poor.

The Gujarat government has handed over Rs 1600 crore trade to 25 lakh poor women through 2.5 lakh Sakhi Mandals. This year Swami Vivekananda Yuva Kendra will connect all 18,000 villages and wards in one thread with positivity. This is Gujarat’s movement to connect the youth power for building the nation.

Shri Modi attacked the Congress and said they promised relief from price rise in 100 days in year 2004 and 2009 but prices are rising.

Speaking on the mispropoganda on missing children, Shri Modi stated that the Government has searched 91.32% missing children and handed over them back to the parents. Almost on daily basis, we see one falsehood floated in public, but not one allegation/falsehood is near truth. Being truthful is our characteristic, Shri Modi opined.

He further, “In 2004 Congress promised that the government will declare report card every year on 2nd October, but till now they have not given any report card. They gave false promises, broke promises, but still spread falsehoods. What is the status of their promise that they would give power connection to poor people in their huts? When 19 states of the country were in dark in Congress ruled centre, all media houses of the world noted that only Gujarat can give power. Congress gave promise that water source will be given to all villages, but at present 25% villages in this country are affected by polluted water. Congress promised road in each village, but today 1.25 lakh villages are without pucca sadak. Atalji’s government had said that daily 11 km new roads will be constructed. Congress promised 20 km road per day, but at present only 6 km roads are constructed per day. The promise on interest subsidy for agricultural landing is not fulfilled. Only 40% progress has been achieved in irrigation sector contrary to their promise, and even in that Gujarat an Punjab are largely contributing. Only 40-45% farmers enjoy comprehensive crop insurance scheme benefit. The promise on 33% reservation to women has not been fulfilled. When Gujarat passed 50% women representative reservation bill, the Congress party obstructed it. Free irrigation to SC and ST farmers, reservation for women in government jobs, farming land for SC and ST, free education to SC and ST, skill development for youths, model school in each taluka … many such promises are not fulfilled by Congress.”

He minced no words while stating that the Congress had in its manifesto promised high economic growth and low inflation, but UPA in its eight years rule has turned it upside down and the country has been pushed the situation of low growth high inflation. Congress has taken a decision of pink revolution through mutton production and export. They give Rs 50 crore subsidy to set up modern slaughter houses.

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