CM exhorts teaching fraternity to become techno-savvy

Published By : Admin | February 3, 2012 | 07:25 IST

CM inaugurates annual conference of Gujarat Rajya Acharya Sangh

Inaugurating theannualconferenceof Gujarat Rajya Acharya Sanghtoday in AmbajiChiefMinisterNarendra Modi exhorted theteachingfraternityto become techno-savvy. A teacher’s role would becrucialin bringingqualitativechanges ineducationsectorthrough the usage of technology, he said.

Considering the scale,speedandscopeofGujarat’s development, he said, the usage oftechnologyin impartingeducationwouldincreasegreatly in the coming times. And so the teachers would needtobeconversantwith the latest technology and new methods of education.

ChiefMinistersaidthestatehasplannedtocelebrate 150th birthanniversaryof Swami Vivekananda. Theteachingfraternityshouldseizethisopportunityfor impartingprofessionalskills to the youths ofGujarat. 21stcenturyis theeraof knowledge. And in this era,educationand theempowerment of our youths are the best ways forIndiatoestablishitssupremacyover the world.

Talking about thestategovernment’s moves for theencouragementofinnovations in thefieldofeducationChiefMinistersaidthe government hassetup a world-classincubationcentre, i-Create, in the headship of Mr. Naranyan Murthy with aviewtogive shape to the innovative ideas,researchand experiments of the youths. The state government has alsoformed ‘Gujarat Educational Innovation Commission’ to push innovative experiments and research.

Gujaratis the onlystatewhich has received a full-fledged 36 MHz satellitecommunicationtransponder. Thiswillenable thestategovernmenttoprovidelongdistanceeducationto even the remotest parts of the state,ChiefMinistersaid.

With aviewtocreate highlytrainedteachers, Gujaratgovernmenthassetup Teachers’Universityand has also come up with some 976 new syllabuses for givingprofessionaltrainingto the youths, headded.

Achequeof Rs.1,11,111 was donatedtotheChiefMinister’s Kanya Kelvani Nidhi by the Acharya Sangh.Minister ofStateforEducationJaysinhji Chauhan and theofficebearers of the Principals’Associationwere alsopresenton the occasion.

CM offers prayers at Ambaji temple

ChiefMinisterNarendra Modioffered prayerstoGoddess Jagadamba at the temple of the famouspilgrimplace Ambaji today.

TheChiefMinisterwas in Ambajitoinauguratetheannualconferenceof Gujarat Rajya Acharya Sangh. Before reaching for theinauguraleventhe took to the Ambaji temple where he was greeted by theChairmanof the templecommitteeand theCollectorMr. Vora.

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