CM connect with farmers during Krishi Mahotsav through satellite

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Narendra Modi asks Railways to provide containers to transport milk to metros, could bring down cost by one rupee per litre

Ahmedabad, Monday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today urged the Centre to provide adequate number of railway containers to transport liquid milk from different cooperative dairies in Gujarat to the Metros. It could bring down cost of the milk by one rupee per litre as well as save scarce fuel resources, he said.

Talking with farmers in the state during the ongoing Krish Mahotasav through video conferencing, he said Gujarat dairies send 20-lakh litres of milk to Delhi, 8-lakh litres to Mumbai and 5-lakh litres to Kolkata daily, besides milk power to the Armed Forces.

He said that milk production in the state has increased by 68 per cent during the last ten years. The share of cooperative dairies has increased from 46-lakh litres to 100-lakh litres per day, and in value terms from Rs.2,400-crore to Rs.12,250-crore, over the same period.

Mr. Modi said that the number of primary milk cooperative societies in this period has increased from 10,000 to 16,000 membership from 22-lakh to 32-lakh, and the number of women’s milk societies from 800 to 2,250.

He said that gone are the days when the cattle owners used to migrate from the drought-prone regions in the state for greener pasture almost every summer. The government has undertaken a project to grow fodder on 67,000 hectares in the Banni region in Kutch.

Nearly one lakh kits of improved seeds of fodder have been distributed so far to cattle owners during the Krish Mahotsav to upgrade and develop the grassland on a scientific manner around each and every village. Nearly 11-lakh cattle owners in Kathiawar and Kutch region have been brought under cooperative sector in dairy.

The government has spent Rs.185-crore to strengthen the dairy sector, giving equal importance to animal husbandry as well as tree plantation alongside traditional farming, to improve overall economy. The government had set a target of doubling the income of 5-lakh small and marginal cattle owners in tribal regions, but ended up exceeded the target by 1-lakh.

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PM to inaugurate the first Indian Art, Architecture & Design Biennale 2023 on 8th December
December 07, 2023

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate the first Indian Art, Architecture & Design Biennale (IAADB) 2023 being held at Red Fort on 8th December, 2023, at around 4 PM. During the programme, Prime Minister will also inaugurate Aatmanirbhar Bharat Centre for Design at Red Fort and the student Biennale- Samunnati.

It was Prime Minister’s vision to develop and institutionalise a flagship Global Cultural Initiative in the country like the International Biennales at Venice, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Sharjah, among others. In line with this vision, a nationwide campaign to reinvent, rebrand, renovate and re-house museums was launched. Further, development of cultural spaces in five cities of India namely Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Varanasi was also announced. Indian Art, Architecture & Design Biennale (IAADB) will serve as an introduction to the Cultural Space at Delhi.

The IAADB is being organised from 9th to 15th December, 2023 at Red Fort, New Delhi. It also follows key initiatives like the International Museum Expo (May 2023) and Festival of Libraries (August 2023) that were organised recently. IAADB is designed to initiate a holistic conversation between artists, architects, designers, photographers, collectors, art professionals and the public to strengthen the cultural dialogue. It will also provide avenues and opportunities to expand and collaborate with the creators of art, architecture and design as part of the evolving economy.

IAADB will showcase different theme based exhibitions on each day of the week:

Day 1: Pravesh- Rite of Passage: Doors of India
Day 2: Bagh e bahar: Gardens as Universe: Gardens of India
Day 3: Sampravah: Confluence of Communities: Baolis of India
Day 4: Sthapatya: Anti fragile algorithm: Temples of India
Day 5: Vismaya: Creative Crossover: Architectural Wonders of Independent India
Day 6: Deshaj Bharat Design: Indigenous Designs
Day 7: Samatva: Shaping the Built: Celebrating Women in Architecture
IAADB will include pavilions based on the above themes, panel discussions, art workshops, art bazaar, heritage walks and a parallel student biennale. The student biennale (Samunnati) at Lalit Kala Akademi will provide an opportunity for students to showcase their work, interact with peers & professionals, and gain valuable exposure within the architecture community through design competition, display of heritage, installation designs, workshops etc. IAADB 23 is set to be a watershed moment for the country as it will herald India entering the Biennale landscape.

In line with the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Vocal for Local’, ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Centre for Design’ at Red Fort is being set up. It will showcase the unique and indigenous crafts of India and provide a collaborative space between the karigars and the designers. Paving the way for a sustainable cultural economy, it will empower the artisan communities with new designs and innovations.