Shri Modi addresses massive public rally in Nand Gam, Bhachau and Bhuj in Kutch

This election not about who your MLA will be, it is about to whom we want to give Gujarat and its future too: Shri Modi

Shri Modi speaks about the development of Kutch in the last 10 years

Did anyone imagine agriculture would shine in Kutch? Now farmers from Kutch are exporting mangoes: Shri Modi

Congress lacks Neta, Niti and Niyat. Their single point programme is to abuse Modi: CM

I want the Lotus to shine in all parts of Kutch. I am asking on the basis of our work, not mere promises: Shri Modi

Another name for Congress is cheating. They not only cheat the people but also their own workers: Shri Modi

On the afternoon of 5th December 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed a large public meeting in Nand Gam, Bhachau and Bhuj in Kutch. The Chief Minister spoke about the remarkable development in Kutch in the last decade and continued his direct attack on the Congress for its anti-Gujarat mindset.Making a strong appeal to the people to vote for the BJP, he said, “I want the Lotus to shine in all parts of Kutch. I am asking on the basis of our work not mere promises!”

“There was a big quake in Kutch. I got the opportunity to wipe your tears after the quake” Shri Modi pointed out. He added, “I followed only one Mantra- I must work to create a better Kutch and ensure the attention of the world towards Kutch.” Shri Modi stated that he has lived up to this determination and today Kutch is scaling new heights of development. “Mr. Amitabh Bachchan says ‘Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha’ (If you have not seen Kutch, you have not seen anything)” he said, while speaking about how the entire world is visiting the White Rann of Kutch. The Chief Minister talked about how tourism has brought about a qualitative difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor.

Speaking of the development in Kutch Shri Modi asked if anyone imagined if agriculture would shine in Kutch and shared that the farmer from Kutch is exporting mangoes as well. He affirmed that Kutch is an example of how a compassionate Government can bring about a positive difference in society.

Yet, giving an example of the anti-Gujarat mindset Shri Modi pointed out how the ads with Shri Amitabh Bachchan were disallowed and it was only recently that the permission to air them was granted. The ads do not contain any reference to the BJP or Shri Modi. Yet they were taken off air for sometime.The Chief Minister declared that the people should answer such anti-Gujarat elements on 17th December.

Shri Modi termed the Congress as a party without a Neta, Niti or Niyat as well as without ‘Manas aur Mudda’ (leader and issue) and added that their single point programme is to abuse him. “Congress has looted and ruined Delhi, do we want them to do the same in Gujarat?” he questioned. He said that while there is no taint on the Gujarat Government, there is a new taint on the Government in Delhi everyday. The Chief Minister took on the Congress over their false promises and declared that another name for the Congress is cheating, who not only cheats the people but also its own workers.

He said that till now he has only filled the ditches of preceding years of Congress rule and asked the people to fill the remaining ditches of 17th December. After the elections and after the ditches are filled, Shri Modi said that he will commence the work for a Bhavya and Divya (Glorious and divine) Gujarat.

The Chief Minister also called for strong participation by women voters to uproot the Congress. On the upcoming elections he said the polls are not only about electing the next MLA but to decide who the people will give Gujarat and its future too.

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