Chief Minister Modi’s appeal to the people of Gujarat

Published By : Admin | July 10, 2009 | 09:43 IST

Recently there has been an unfortunate tragedy, because of which Gujarat is shocked, and personally I too feel great pain.

As a reaction to this tragedy it is natural for citizens to feel angry and I have total sympathy towards the families of the victims. My condolences are with them.

I promise the citizens of Gujarat that my government is determined to get to the root of this problem and those responsible will face an unimaginable punishment. The government will not concede in this matter. But we don’t want to stop there, because this problem has always ruined the lives of poor people. I don’t wish to raise a discussion on what did and did not happen under past governments.

The state government has immediately put a probe panel in action. This panel has been requested to not only find out the truth about this incident but to also suggest a long term remedy to free Gujarat from this problem.

In this context, I appeal to the leaders of our society and the citizens to present their suggestions freely before this commission. This commission will complete its task speedily and the state will implement all possible suggestions to pull the state out of this illness. So far as the law and order situation is concerned, the state government has taken all necessary actions. Anyone guilty will not be spared.

We have tried our best to save the lives of the poor victims. We have worked in the best possible manner to provide them with the proper treatment immediately in our hospitals.

This tragedy is as unfortunate as it serious. Gujarat is today on the path of development in all sectors. Gujarat’s peaceful atmosphere is one of the major factors contributing to this status. Gujarat has seen many calamities. We always come out from the calamities with our wisdom and passions.

But some political elements don’t wish to respect the deaths and intend to disturb the state by spoiling the peaceful atmosphere in society here.

Gujarat is determined to create an atmosphere to find a solution to this problem which has been plaguing us since many years. I urge my people most humbly to please not support those who want to disturb our peaceful atmosphere. I appeal to you for your support in respecting those who have died in this tragedy.

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