Chief Minister calls upon the youth to Devote 100 hours for Gujarat

Published By : Admin | January 4, 2010 | 09:52 IST

Delivering convocation address, Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi called upon the youth to devote their 100 hours for the betterment of the Society. Gujarat is celebrating 50th anniversary of attaining statehood, it would be most appropriate for the youth to contribute for the bright future of Gujarat.

'We all share a common vision,' He inspired the youth, 'To live with a commitment, to live for our country. ' He asked them to accord primacy and reverence to sectors like education, healthcare, environment and sanitation. 'Seek pleasure of service. Give your best to the society,' added C.M.

The 3rd annual convocation of Ganpat University took place near Mehsana today. Degrees and Diploma were awarded to as many as 1474 students in various disciplines. University offers bachelor degrees in around 35 disciplines, also offers Doctoral degrees to the students. Highlight of the function: Chief Minister honoured 35 students with medals.

Shri Narendrabhai congratulated the degree holders and medal winners. 'As legend has it, under Gurukul tradition, the student seeks knowledge and guidance from the Guru. Valedictory discourse used to enlighten the pupil to blaze the right path. Mother gives us birth, but the Guru gives us life, teaches us how to live. School-college and University are the frameworks, which awards us degree or diploma. But there exists the infinite possibilities, various avenues gets open up. It depends on your attitude, whether to surrender before difficulties or to defeat the difficulties.'

Chief Minister emphasised the need to gain wisdom .Only knowledge can not derive solutions. Knowledge with wisdom teaches us about the application of knowledge. He cited an example of an illiterate mother, who is using Solar Lantern. Conscience and wisdom occupies centre stage, only knowledge may not deliver optimal results.

Chief Minister stressed the need to have an inward journey. He inspired youth to have faith in their inner strength. Strive to cultivate scientific attitude, inquisitive nature and power of scientific observation leads to truth.

'Strive to obtain capacity, that the flow can not drag you. Develop eminence so that you can rule the tide; you can give direction to the currents. Those who can do it, they can create history. Grab the opportunity. 'He added.

He asserted, 'Life is not burdensome. In life, don’t try to be something. Instead of that, try to do something. Even if you fail, do not get disheartened, there is no shame in failure. Commit your self with full of your strength. Do not bother that some one accompanies you or not. Have faith in your inner capabilities. Have courage to go alone, march towards your goal.' He had inspired the students to redeem their pledge to their mother institute, from where they gained knowledge and wisdom. 'We owe a lot to our mother institute,' He added.

Art and literature are the energising forces. Science & Technology are not sufficed; our knowledge journey is extended from Veda to Web.

Delivering welcome address, President of Ganpat University highlighted bright contributions of the donors. He outlined the educational facilities available at the University. University offers courses in Engineering, Pharmacy, Technology, Management, Computer-Science, Service-Sector, and Management Diploma and Doctoral fellowships.

Mehsana District Education Foundation had donated Cheque of Rs.2.51 Lakhs in to Kanya Kelavani Nidhi.

Vice Chancellor of Ganpat University -Prof. P.I.Patel, Dean Dr.Mahendra Sharma, Dr.S.M Pancholi, Dr.Somabhai Patel, Prof.S.M.Patel, Prof.S.M.Panchal, Dr.Rajvit Bagai, Registrar Shri Bharatbhai Shah, faculties and many other dignitaries attended convocation ceremony.

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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Gaya, Bihar
April 16, 2024
RJD is the biggest face of jungle raj in Bihar... RJD has given only two things to Bihar - Jungle Raj and Corruption: PM Modi
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Amidst the ongoing election campaigning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Gaya, Bihar. Seeing the massive crowd, PM Modi said, “This immense public support, your enthusiasm, clearly indicates - June 4, 400 Paar! Gaya and Aurangabad have announced today – Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”

"Just two days ago, the BJP released its Sankalp Patra. This is the first time that the Sankalp Patra of any party is being called a guarantee card. Because over the past 10 years, everyone has seen Modi's guarantee, which means a guarantee of fulfilment,” added PM Modi.

Talking about how the Congress and RJP exploited the poor, PM Modi asserted, “For decades, the Congress, which ruled the country, squandered opportunities, wasting the nation's time. We have lifted 25 crore people out of poverty. For decades, Congress and its allies showed dreams of bread and shelter to the poor. The NDA government has provided pucca houses to 4 crore poor. Jitan Ram Manjhi is a witness to how the Congress and the RJD exploited the names of Dalits, oppressed, and backward classes for their own political selfishness. The NDA has given rights and dignified lives to Dalits, oppressed, and backward classes.”

Focussing on development projects, PM Modi stated, "In our agenda, there is both development and heritage. You also know how long the North Koel project was pending. It's the NDA government that has put it back on track. The completion of this project will be a significant boon for the farmers of Gaya and Aurangabad, providing irrigation facilities. Under our government, Gaya Ji has also been included in the list of 12 ancient historical heritage sites under the PRASAD scheme." He further said, “This pace of development is just a trailer. I have much more to do for the country.”

Slamming the Opposition for doing politics over Ram Temple, PM Modi iterated, "Tomorrow is Ram Navami, a festival where the rays of the sun will specially bless the forehead of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya. However, the people of the INDI Alliance are also troubled by the Ram temple. Those who once questioned the existence of Lord Ram are now speaking all kinds of language against the Ram Mandir! To appease a community, these people have even boycotted the consecration ceremony. A leader of this alliance, Congress's Shehzada, has openly declared that he will destroy the Shakti of Hinduism. Their other companions call our ancient tradition Dengue Malaria. Can you tell me, are these people worthy of winning even a single seat?”

Accusing the RJD of casting the state in a negative light, PM Modi remarked, “RJD has ruled Bihar for several years but they don't have the guts to discuss the work done by their government. RJD has only given two things to Bihar - Jungle Raj and Corruption. It was during their era when kidnapping and ransom became an industry in Bihar. Our sisters and daughters couldn't step out of their homes. Areas like our Gaya were engulfed in the flames of Naxal violence. RJD forced many families to leave Bihar out of compulsion.”

He went on to say, “I say, eradicate corruption, and they say, save the corrupt. They think that the people of Bihar, the youth of Bihar, will fall for their words. In the era of smartphones, the smart youth of Bihar will never align with the goons of Jungle Raj. If RJD were in power, even your mobile phone battery wouldn't get charged. Those who want to charge mobile phones with their lanterns do not want the country to progress.”

Lashing out at the opposition, PM Modi said, “Those who insult Sanatan should listen carefully: even in the Constituent Assembly that drafted India's Constitution, 80-90% of the members were Sanatanis, and these Sanatanis collaborated with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to create such an outstanding Constitution. For the opposition, the constitution will be a political tool, but for us, the constitution is the cornerstone of our faith.”