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Published By : Admin | April 20, 2016 | 17:50 IST
Share your insights with PM Modi on bringing about a qualitative change in the nation
A special chance to be a part in youth-led development of India... Share your insights with the PM now!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed joy on the large number of ideas and inputs he received on the Mobile App. on the activities and rejuvenation of youth bodies like NCC, NSS, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Bharat Scouts and Guides and Hindustan Scouts and Guides. The Prime Minister thanked all contributors for their enriching views and urged more people, particularly youngsters to share their thoughts on the matter. 

Shri Modi said that he is glad to see India’s Yuva Shakti share so many fresh ideas and added that he will be forwarding these ideas to the relevant authorities, including the organisations themselves so that they can work on the feedback and ideas received. 

Quality and quantity:

The number and range of ideas is not only large but also very diverse. People have shared all kinds of views ranging from integrating these bodies in social service to calling for better synergies between these bodies. 

Many youngsters have shared region specific ideas and how to make these youth organisations more active in a regional context. For example, how can NSS be active in the Northeast or how can NCC deepen its presence in a particular state. 

Social service and Swachh Bharat:

Several comments called upon the youth organisations to play a  proactive role in social service initiatives. Considering the youthful composition and vibrant energy, these bodies are the ideal torch bearers and brand ambassadors of the movement to create a Clean India.

For instance, the issue of social service was raised by Amit Shukla and Krishna while Siyaram Rama talked about pro-activeness in furthering the mass movement to clean India.

Defence forces:

Satyam Upadhayay shared a suggestion that has been echoed by quite a few others- that these youth bodies should inspire youngsters to join the defence forces and contribute to the nation.

Showcase Incredible India!

Ideas pertaining to utilising these organisations to showcase India’s tourist potential were shared on the Mobile App.

Youth-led development:

Subhasis Sahoo wrote, “Youth in scouts and guides can be part of tourism industry. If skills are mapped then youth would be empowered.NYKs youth could be utilized for gram rozgar and NSS for urban employment sahayak (through) assessing skills in ncvt (counselling) skills sector.”

His comment indicates a the expectations people of India have from the youth and these youth organisations to lead the journey towards India’s transformation.

Tree plantation:

Interesting suggestions on tree plantation were mooted on youth organisations taking the lead in tree plantation across India. The renewed interest on increasing the nation’s green cover is indeed a welcome sign.

One hopes the comments and ideas will continue on the Mobile App and the youth organisations will continue their good work among youngsters.


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