There was a concept of a 'Steel bridge' in Bengaluru. Congress government turned it into 'Steal bridge': PM Modi
Bengaluru was known as the 'computer capital' but the present government has changed it to a 'crime capital': PM Modi in Bengaluru
Congress has changed garden city to garbage city, says PM Modi in Bengaluru
Women safety is one of the biggest concerns in Karnataka, crimes against women are on the rise under the Congress government: PM
Congress has no respect for the sacrifices of our soldiers. When our soldiers did surgical strikes, the shameless Congress party questioned the strikes: PM
Government of India is devoting significant resources towards improving the irrigation network: PM Modi
When the BJP is elected, the Lotus blooms and people prosper, but when the Congress wins only a few families shine: PM
Karnataka has a ‘Sidda-Rupaiah Sarkar’. It has created a debt-burden for the state: PM Modi
In Karnataka, not even a single work is possible without corruption and bribery: PM
Congress is involved vote-bank politics and dividing people on the grounds of caste; it did not let OBC Commission get Constitutional status in Parliament: PM


Addressing a public meeting at Kalaburagi, Karnataka PM Narendra Modi said that election in the state was going to decide the future of Karnataka. “It is about the safety of women, the wellbeing of farmers. Do not assume this is only about electing MLAs, it is way beyond that”, said the Prime Minister.

Remembering Saradar Patel, the Prime Minister remarked, “Who can forget the role of Iron Man Sardar Patel who forced the Nizam of Hyderabad and ensured this land is a part of India?”

“What the Nizam of Hyderabad did can compare with the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. I applaud the team of people who worked on a memorial for martyrs. This was something the Congress could have done but they dislike anything to do with Sardar Patel”, he added further.

The PM accused the Congress for having no respect for the country’s brave soldiers. He exclaimed, “When our soldiers did surgical strikes, the shameless Congress party questioned the strikes. They kept asking us for the proof!” The PM also blamed the Congress leaders for disrespecting the National Song. He also questioned the Congress for mistreating Field Marshall Cariappa and General Thimayya.

Shri Modi alleged the Congress government in Karnataka to be least bothered and insensitive towards farmers. “Congress is least bothered about the farmers. We are devoting all our energy towards farmer welfare. The Government of India is devoting significant resources towards improving the irrigation network”, he said. He highlighted how the NDA Government made important decisions of MSP but the Congress only ensured the Swaminathan Committee report was not used.

The Prime Minister attacked the Congress for misleading the dalit and tribal communities in the state, stating that the NDA Government had taken numerous steps towards their welfare. He said, “During the last election Congress promised they will make Kharge Ji CM. They misled the Dalit community. They sidelined Kharge Ji. This is typically how Congress does their politics. When the BJP is elected the Lotus blooms and people prosper but when the Congress wins only a few families shine… By the way, does anybody know about the assets of Kharge Ji's family?”

Launching fierce attack on the Congress from Ballari, PM Modi termed the state government as a ‘Sidda-Rupaiah Sarkar’. He said, “Congress government has created a debt-burden for the state. Their ministers who were caught in mining scams, who were made to resign from their posts, were once again distributed tickets! People can no longer tolerate them. They will give a strong reply on 12th May.”

The Prime Minister said that not even a single work was possible without corruption and bribery in Karnataka under the Congress. “Look at rising illegal mining in the state. Congress government in Karnataka could not even frame a strong mining policy”, he remarked.

He said that when the BJP had earlier got the opportunity to serve people of Karnataka, numerous development initiatives were undertaken but the Congress could not even ensure proper water supply despite the state being rich in water resources. “Ours is a sensitive government which looks after the aspirations of people and then formulates policies. Through the Fasal Bima Yojana we have been able to ensure welfare of farmers”, he added further.

Shri Modi assailed the Congress for vote bank politics and dividing people on the grounds of caste. “We wanted OBC Commission to get Constitutional status but the Congress did not let it happen. They are insensitive towards the tribal communities and the OBCs”, said Shri Modi.

“Congress divides people on the lines of dalits, Muslims. See the way they treated S Nijalingappa ji. When we got the opportunity, we elected a Muslim - Dr. Kalam as the President, we elected a Dalit - Shri Kovind as the President”, said PM Modi. Adding further, he also mentioned how Congress used to term BJP as 'Mahila Virodhi' but now the Defence Minister was a woman representing Karnataka itself in the Parliament.

He also accused the Congress government in Karnataka to be in 'sleep mode’ and not spending the funds Centre allocated for development of the state. “Congress never promoted the textile sector and cloth industry in Karnataka. We have formulated a new Textile Policy which will significantly benefit the sector as well as generate employment opportunities for people”, he added.

Confident of a BJP victory in Karnataka too, the PM said that the enthusiasm of people in Karnataka towards the BJP was a clear indication that they would dethrone the Congress. He said, “Congress fears loss in Karnataka elections. That is why they are spreading lies about hung assembly.”

PM Modi mentioned that Congress will lose their last bastion soon with the political pundits forecasting that JD(S) is going to trail at number 3. “A sensible voter would never vote for them," he said.

While addressing the rally, he remarked that Bengaluru, which was once known as ‘India’s Silicon Valley’ had become a ‘valley of sin’ under the incompetent Congress government in Karnataka. He highlighted that Bengaluru was admired as a ‘Garden City’ but the Karnataka government wanted to turn it into a ‘garbage city.’

Accusing the Congress government in the state, Prime Minister Modi said our youth made Bengaluru the ‘computer capital’ but under the Congress, the city was turning into a ‘crime capital.’ He alleged that the state government was incapable of controlling the situation.

The talented youth of Karnataka, the PM said, transformed the state into ‘Startup capital’ but Congress government turned it into a ‘pot-hole capital.’ “Bengaluru, which was earlier a City of Lakes, Congress transformed it into a City of Burning Lakes”, he added furthermore.

PM Modi urged the people of Karnataka to elect a development-oriented BJP Government in the elections and defeat Congress' corruption.

Assailing the ruling government, PM Modi asked why it was that Congress government in Karnataka not sensitive towards women's issues. “Why are they not even spending funds for construction of toilets?” he questioned.

Stating that Congress' 'Hawa-Hawai' manifesto for Karnataka was full of lies, he asked the Congress to list out their achievements in the last five years for the state's people.

Click here to read PM's speech at Kalaburagi

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