Why were Congress-JD(S) leaders shedding tears for Pakistan when we attacked its terrorist camps while the entire world was standing besides us: PM Modi in Karnataka
The upcoming elections are about electing a strong government that puts the welfare of its people first: PM Modi
Nobody knows who is running the government in Karnataka because both Congress and JD(S) are busy in out-maneuvering each other: Prime Minister Modi
While the Opposition parties are busy pitting communities against each other, we are striving towards building a ‘New India’: PM Modi

Taking on the ruling Congress-JD(S) combine in the state for their questionable stands on national security, PM Modi said, “The entire country witnessed how we responded strongly and attacked terrorist camps in Pakistan recently. While it is natural that Pakistan was hurt but what was more surprising is how Congress and JD(S) leaders were shedding tears for Pakistan instead of proudly appreciating the valour of our armed forces.

Some of them were even busy in passing resolutions condemning our strong action against Pakistan while the whole world was standing besides us. I wonder why they were so upset. Do they have vote-banks in Pakistan or in India? ”

Highlighting the importance of the coming Lok Sabha elections in deciding the future of the country, Prime Minister Modi said, “The upcoming elections are not about electing MPs or the Prime Minister of the country rather they are about electing a strong government that puts the welfare of its people first. The best example can be seen from Karnataka itself where nobody actually knows who is running the government because both these parties that formed an opportunist alliance in Karnataka to grab power are now busy handling and out-maneuvering each other.” 

Contrasting the politics of the BJP and Congress, PM Modi described, “While Opposition parties like JD(S) and Congress are busy in politics of appeasement, division and vote-banks, BJP on the other hand, has redefined and implemented the politics of development that rises beyond caste or communal identities and works equally for every Indian. While they are busy pitting communities against each other, we are striving towards building a ‘New India,’ where everybody has their own house to live in with access to clean fuel, electricity and sanitation. I urge the people to compare the politics between these two parties and then make a wise decision while voting.” 

Expressing his gratitude at the incredible support the BJP government has received from across the nation since assuming power in 2014, Prime Minister Modi asserted that such strong backing of the people made his resolve to serve the people even stronger and helped him take bold decisions in the best interests of the people without worrying about politics. He further expressed happiness that the ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ has resonated so strongly with every Indian that they have turned it into a mass movement. 








Ending his power-packed address in the southern state, PM Modi highlighted some of the key promises and goals of the BJP in its recently launched election manifesto and said, “Our resolve is to build next generation infrastructure in the country in the next five years. We will also significantly strengthen our national security apparatus and secure our borders while working to make India the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2030. With the support of the people, I am sure that the BJP will provide the country with a strong, stable, decisive and transparent government that will fulfill the aspirations of the 21st century India.”

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PM conducts on-site inspection and reviews ongoing construction work of new Parliament building
September 27, 2021
Ensure Covid vaccination and monthly health check-ups of all workers engaged at the site: PM
Digital Archive to recognize the contribution of the workers towards the construction of the new Parliament building must be set up: PM

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi conducted on-site inspection and reviewed ongoing construction work of the new Parliament building in the evening of 26th September, 2021.

Prime Minister ascertained the progress of the work being carried out at the site, and laid emphasis on timely completion of the project. He interacted with the workers engaged at the site and also enquired about their well-being. He stressed that they are engaged in a pious and historic work.

Prime Minister instructed that it must be ensured that all the workers engaged at the site are fully vaccinated against Covid. He further asked officials to conduct monthly health check-ups of all workers. He also said that once the construction work is complete, a digital archive for all construction workers engaged at the site must be set-up, which should reflect their personal details including their name, the name of the place they belong to, their picture and should recognize their contribution to the construction work. Further, all workers should also be given a certificate about their role and participation in this endeavour.

The surprise inspection by the Prime Minister was done with minimal security detail. He spent over an hour at the site.