Vibrant Gujarat 2013- Shri Narendra Modi attends series of talks, conferences, panel discussions where he interacts with captains of industry, academics and youngsters 

CM spends day attending various meets related to knowledge and Human Resource Development 

Knowledge creation a key focus area of Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013 

Shri Modi impresses diaspora with his address at Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Kochi via video conference

As Gujarat eagerly awaits the commencement of 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Shri Narendra Modi has been attending a series of panel discussions, conferences and events where he has been interacting with captains of industry, academics and youngsters. Delivering inspiring speeches filled with anecdotes, Shri Modi has inspired all those who attended and presented the story of Gujarat’s unique development journey over the last decade.

On Wednesday 9th January 2013 Shri Narendra Modi attended various events relating to education and human resource development. This is in line with the endeavor of the 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit to go beyond the conventional industry-centric approach. The focus of this year’s summit is knowledge sharing, which is a very crucial component of the development journey of any society.

In the morning, Shri Modi spoke at the International Conference of Academic Institutions (ICAI). In a very short span, the ICAI has grown very big, drawing 135 universities and initiations from 56 nations and 60 universities, institutions from 14 states. Shri Modi talked at length about the importance of knowledge creation and shared that if there is one event that is very important to him during this entire summit, it is this one. A series of MoUs were also signed during the meet.

At a seminar on export competitiveness, Shri Modi released a book and spoke about the importance of values and vision in business. He stressed on the need of creating our own place in the world and pointed that for that the support of states, association, business and the people is required.

Later, Shri Modi impressed the members of the diaspora with his insightful address at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2013 in Kochi via video conference. He talked about the development of Gujarat and answered questions from the audience thereafter. It must be noted that the session of Gujarat saw record attendance.

A firm believer in the power of innovation, Shri Modi spoke elaborately about the power of innovation at an Innovation Symposium. He stated that innovation has now become an imperative. He listed out the efforts of the Gujarat Government to promote innovation among the people, especially the youth of the state.

In the evening Shri Modi joined a panel discussion on ‘Youth Development: Industry Responsive Skill Development’ where he threw light on the importance of dignity to bring about change. He rightly pointed out that no person or work is big or small. He shared that Gujarat is not only focusing on skill development but also on soft-skills.

All his addresses drew record people and the people were all praise for the Gujarat Model of Development after hearing Shri Modi.


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