Even as Gujarat's yearlong golden jubilee celebrations come to an end at a grand gala function at Sardar Stadium here this evening, Governor Dr Shrimati Kamlaji and Chief Minister paid handsome tributes to the visionaries who laid foundation of this progressive state and contributed to the development of the nation.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi described the Golden Jubilee year as the foundation stone for ensuing Golden Age. He expressed his resolve to take the state to greater heights through democratic means with the full cooperation of the people's strength. ‘Gujarat will not bow down before its adversaries and would rather fight against any injustice', he said.

He congratulated 6-crore people and 5.5-lakh karma yogis of Gujarat for their wholehearted contribution to let Gujarat cross many milestones in various sectors. Gujarat's success has become a cause of other state's envy.
Shri Modi said that he has never claimed that he alone did all development works for the state. He said, “Gujarat's development is not just because of his government's efforts, but of all the successive governments who ruled the state in the last 50 years.”
Speaking at the culmination of Gujarat's golden jubilee celebrations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Sunday accused the Centre of persecuting him through neither constitutional authorities, saying he would neither "break down" nor "bow out".
"Every constitutional authority in this country is being misused to carry out opression on me...let them try to do that. I would neither budge and nor bow down to these forces...You try and target Modi but you have been doing this during the state's golden jubilee celebrations....in this celebration year, these forces rather than contributing to the development of the state have been working against it", Shri Modi said.

The Chief Minister said that growth made by Gujarat is the best certificate for those who criticize the state. He said: “The PM had during his election campaign in West Bengal last week said that West Bengal has failed to provide employment to Muslims and that Muslims in Gujarat have better employment than in West Bengal. I don't want anybody's certificate for Gujarat's development.”

"We have always tried to take everybody together. But those who wanted to take political advantage did not participate or cooperate in the Golden Jubilee celebrations," Shri Modi said without naming anybody.

He said, “There should be a limit to this political opposition. Those who have tried to politicise the celebration cannot be forgiven. I appeal to the people of Gujarat not to let go those who do not want to participate in the state's golden jubilee celebrations. My opponents have got many chances to target me, but they should have restrained from politicising the celebration of the state's golden jubilee. This function is of Gujarat's 50th year not Modi's.

I remained silent for the entire year, but will speak out the truth now. People (Congress) have shown complete perverseness in their political opposition”, Shri Modi said during the closing ceremony of a function celebrating Gujarat's Golden Jubilee year. "This kind of discrimination in democracy, faced by Gujarat, would not have been experienced by any other state," he said.

"In the coming days, I would be entering the battle field with my full strength, I want your blessing," Shri Modi told the gathering. "To tolerate injustice is also a crime, now Gujarat won't tolerate injustice," he added.

“There are hundreds who work day and night to trouble Modi. But Modi has never bowed down to them and would never will,” he said amidst loud applause from the public packed to capacity at the stadium.

“I will counter all those who scourged upon Gujarat. It is the trust you put upon me that energize me to work for the service of Gujarat,” he said.

"Some people forget to take name of Gujarat, but they can't miss remembering Modi. They don't feel blessed if they do not remember Modi 108 times. They are into the habit of criticising Gujarat," he added.

Dr Kamlaji paying the tribute to the visionaries said the bejeweled Gurjar land has produced many legends and visionaries who made remarkable contributions in the making of modern India. She specially mentioned the names of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Dadabhai Navroji, Indulal Yagnik and social reformer Ravishankar Maharaj. She said that Gujarat had begun its march on this historic day in 1960 and in the hind sight it is evident that the state was blessed by this galaxy of illustrious persons.

Prominent among those present on the occasion were Gujarat Assembly Speaker Ganpat Vasava, Rajya Sabha Opposition Leader Arun Jaitley, state cabinet ministers, MPs, MLAs, Chairmen of various Boards and Corporations, former Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel, Chief Secretary A.K.Joti, senior secretaries, senior officials and religious leaders.

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