• Satyameva Jayate: Truth Alone Triumphs

  • Satyameva Jayate: Truth Alone Triumphs

    December 27, 2013 Author: Narendra Modi

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    My dear sisters and brothers,

    The law of nature is that Truth alone triumphs – Satyameva Jayate. Our judiciary having spoken, I felt it important to share my inner thoughts and feelings with the nation at large.

    The end brings back memories of the beginning. The devastating earthquake of 2001 had plunged Gujarat into the gloom of death, destruction and sheer helplessness. Hundreds of lives were lost. Lakhs were rendered homeless. Entire livelihoods were destroyed. In such traumatic times of unimaginable suffering, I was given the responsibility to soothe and rebuild. And we had whole heartedly plunged ourselves into the challenge at hand.

    Within a mere five months however, the mindless violence of 2002 had dealt us another unexpected blow. Innocents were killed. Families rendered helpless. Property built through years of toil destroyed. Still struggling to get back on its feet from the natural devastation, this was a crippling blow to an already shattered and hurting Gujarat.

    I was shaken to the core. ‘Grief’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Misery’, ‘Pain’, ‘Anguish’, ‘Agony’ – mere words could not capture the absolute emptiness one felt on witnessing such inhumanity.

    On one side was the pain of the victims of the earthquake, and on the other the pain of the victims of the riots. In decisively confronting this great turmoil, I had to single-mindedly focus all the strength given to me by the almighty, on the task of peace, justice and rehabilitation; burying the pain and agony I was personally wracked with.

    During those challenging times, I often recollected the wisdom in our scriptures; explaining how those sitting in positions of power did not have the right to share their own pain and anguish. They had to suffer it in solitude. I lived through the same, experiencing this anguish in searingly sharp intensity. In fact, whenever I remember those agonizing days, I have only one earnest prayer to God. That never again should such cruelly unfortunate days come in the lives of any other person, society, state or nation.

    This is the first time I am sharing the harrowing ordeal I had gone through in those days at a personal level.

    However, it was from these very built up emotions that I had appealed to the people of Gujarat on the day of the Godhra train burning itself; fervently urging for peace and restraint to ensure lives of innocents were not put at risk. I had repeatedly reiterated the same principles in my daily interactions with the media in those fateful days of February-March 2002 as well; publically underlining the political will as well as moral responsibility of the government to ensure peace, deliver justice and punish all guilty of violence. You will also find these deep emotions in my recent words at my Sadbhavana fasts, where I had emphasized how such deplorable incidents did not behove a civilized society and had pained me deeply.

    In fact, my emphasis has always been on developing and emphasizing a spirit of unity; with the now widely used concept of ‘my 5 crore Gujarati brothers and sisters’ having crystallised right at the beginning of my tenure as CM itself from this very space.

    However, as if all the suffering was not enough, I was also accused of the death and misery of my own loved ones, my Gujarati brothers and sisters. Can you imagine the inner turmoil and shock of being blamed for the very events that have shattered you!

    For so many years, they incessantly kept up their attack, leaving no stone unturned. What pained even more was that in their overzealousness to hit at me for their narrow personal and political ends, they ended up maligning my entire state and country. This heartlessly kept reopening the wounds that we were sincerely trying to heal. It ironically also delayed the very justice that these people claimed to be fighting for. Maybe they did not realize how much suffering they were adding to an already pained people.

    Gujarat however had decided its own path. We chose peace over violence. We chose unity over divisiveness. We chose goodwill over hatred. This was not easy, but we were determined to commit for the long haul. From a life of daily uncertainty and fear; my Gujarat transformed into one of Shanti, Ekta and Sadbhavana. I stand a satisfied and reassured man today. And for this, I credit each and every Gujarati.

    The Gujarat Government had responded to the violence more swiftly and decisively than ever done before in any previous riots in the country. Yesterday’s judgement culminated a process of unprecedented scrutiny closely monitored by the highest court of the land, the Honourable Supreme Court of India. Gujarat’s 12 years of trial by the fire have finally drawn to an end. I feel liberated and at peace.

    I am truly grateful to all those who stood by me in these trying times; seeing through the facade of lies and deceit. With this cloud of misinformation firmly dispelled, I will now also hope that the many others out there trying to understand and connect with the real Narendra Modi would feel more empowered to do so.

    Those who derive satisfaction by perpetuating pain in others will probably not stop their tirade against me. I do not expect them to. But, I pray in all humility, that they at least now stop irresponsibly maligning the 6 crore people of Gujarat.

    Emerging from this journey of pain and agony; I pray to God that no bitterness seeps into my heart. I sincerely do not see this judgement as a personal victory or defeat, and urge all – my friends and especially my opponents – to not do so as well. I was driven by this same principle at the time of the Honourable Supreme Court’s 2011 judgement on this matter. I fasted 37 days for Sadbhavana, choosing to translate the positive judgement into constructive action, reinforcing Unity and Sadbhavana in society at large.

    I am deeply convinced that the future of any society, state or country lies in harmony. This is the only foundation on which progress and prosperity can be built. Therefore, I urge one and all to join hands in working towards the same, ensuring smiles on each and every face.

    Once again, Satyameva Jayate!

    Vande Mataram!

    Narendra Modi

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    Purnima Parulekar
    Dear Modiji, My heart cried when read this. How lonely you must have felt, fighting single handed the natural & man-made calamities successfully & yet taking the brunt of malafide publicity created & hyped by Congress fed media!! But the Truth prevails. That is the universal fact. All the best wishes to you for your successful journey to the position of India's P.M. I have joined the mission 272+ and have already started the work at ground level. I have resolved to dedicate the next 6 months to this mission. This is a 'Now or Never' situation for us. Let us unitedly proceed to Victory.
    ab blog dwara yeh bhi bata de ki dangon ke peereton ko nyay kab tak milega...aap ki bahut bahut aabhari.
    Roshani D Shah
    i salute Mr. Modi and i appreciate him for such a nice writing what he feels, the pain of HUMANITY though it is toooooooooooooooooo difficult to take care many many groups and religions casts colors in one place but if a GREAT leader born and lead the HUMANITY ON HUMAN GROUNDS. i salute you, not because of your popularity,fame hard work but only for HUMANITY BELIEF, HUMANITY IS BIGGEST RELIGION,RACE,COLOR AND COUNTRY, , IAM OUT OF BOUNDARY BUT I LOVE HUMANITY SO IN LOVE OF HUMANITY I AM ALWAYS THERE TO SUPPORT YOU,TO HELP YOU, TO DO ANY THING OVER MY LIFE, THE BEST DUA FOR YOU IS BE A LEADER AND MAY ALLAH GIVE YOU POWER TO MAINTAIN HUMANITY
    Ravi Shankar
    Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi
    Shashikant Gokhale
    नरेन्द्रभाई अभिनंदन! अबके बाद आपके बारेमे किसी भी चर्चामे गुजरात-दंगोंपर किसीने चर्चा शुरू की तो बीजेपी कार्यकर्ता सिर्फ़ न्यायालयने दिया हुआ फैसलेकी तरफ उनका ध्यान खिंचे। इससे जादा गुजरात-दंगोंपर कोईभी चर्चामे भाग न ले। स्युडो सेक्युलर लोगोंके पास इसके अलावा कोई भी मुद्दा होता ही नही। आपको मेरी हार्दिक शुभकामनाए।
    thank the true follower of swami vivekananda who can bear such a pain in his heart and move forward. here in tamilnadu cho ramaswamy has been stand on the truth and as a responsible journalist he expressed the truth on gujarat riots and the measures taken by you during those times amidst the political parties and media tried to malign you and spread wrong information to thecitizens of this country
    Sundaram Subramanian
    Respected Shri Modiji, Pranams. Sorry you had to undergo this in solitude for so long . But we all those who love our great nation are always with you.
    Modi ji your every single words are true , we trust you . Satyameva Jayate
    Modi Ji, We believe in truth and the Truth is YOU. Let the hate mongers & single agenda people can go to any court to keep them occupied. Focus must be on 272 by 2014. Good Luck. Wish you a Prosperous New Year 2014 - HOPE INDIA will also become PROSPEROUS by making you PM in 2014
    Satyameva Jayate! There could not have been a better title to this post! Often we need to allow time and our deeds to do the talking to all the criticism of the world and you have done exactly the same. Respectful thanks! Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!
    Pradeep Mn
    Part II of Science Innovation and India. 2.The Other part of the story If we look at the other part of the world in research perspective we have the world class research organisations like IEEE, science direct and Elsevier to name few of the circuit branches. However in every field related technology and pure sciences there are separate organisations which are internationally acclaimed. All these don't have any of the drawbacks as stated above. The reasons are, any of these are not small but having international recognition and the number of international posts are more.These works only for the upliftment of technology, and there are no hidden agendas of favourism. If everything is good in the other part of the world,where lies the problem?.The problem lies in the subtle methods adopted by the developed countries to extract the knowledge and information from all parts of the world for the benefit of its own good and selling the same knowledge world wide and increasing the revenue if its own country, by keeping the system friendly for authenticity and genuineness. What happens to a country's development and security whose people drain the knowledge outside for their own good?
    Pradeep Mn
    Science Innovation and India. 1.The Introduction As we know in India there is an exponential growth of research population. Any new concept or ideas in the form of a paper done by a researcher has a dream of getting it published in only in organisations owned by foreign societies. Are there not any Indian bodies doing this job? Yes, there are many journals owned by Indian groups. But there are a list of short comings in it. 1. If your hard work in the form of journal is published in almost any Indian journals as of now, your doctorate degree loses the value!? 2.The review methodology is not up to the mark. For a review process to take place it is required to have a look at each and individual word in the paper to be published.It should not be copied or should not contain any wrong information. 3. It gives superficial and false citation numbers, (Citation:- it is referring to the journal which is already published in your work for having its improvement in technology or concept) means, form a group, give a name to journal, start publishing in it irrespective of the standards, for reference or citations you cite only the journals which are already published in the group previously, or by a journal owned by your friends group. So steps should be taken to stop this fraudulent business (for each paper to be published in Indian journals are some times greater than their foreign counterparts) done by these self interested selfish groups.
    Pradeep Mn
    Modiji If i want to share a text of mine which is more than 1000 words in size how shall i send it to you ?. please give me the link.
    वीर तुम बढ़े चलो (Veer Tum Badhe Chalo) - द्वारिका प्रसाद माहेश्वरी (Dwarika Prasad Maheshwari) वीर तुम बढ़े चलो ! धीर तुम बढ़े चलो ! सामने पहाड़ हो सिंह की दहाड़ हो तुम निडर डरो नहीं तुम निडर डटो वहीं वीर तुम बढ़े चलो ! धीर तुम बढ़े चलो ! एक ध्वज लिये हुए एक प्रण किये हुए मातृ भूमि के लिये पितृ भूमि के लिये वीर तुम बढ़े चलो ! धीर तुम बढ़े चलो !
    Gajanan Mehendale
    Para 14 : "CLOUD OF MISINFORMATION" ! It was generous of you to call it misinformation, sir! It was DISINFORMATION ! Deliberate lies to defame you. Gajanan Mehendale
    Well said Modiji - Satyamewa Jayate ! It was very agonizing that you took so much abuse and not uttered a word of criticism towards your haters. Almost heart wrenching. Anybody in your place would have given up politics or gone crazy or would have started uttering incoherent blabberings after so much sustained abuse. But you have shown your class. To my mind the defining image of 2014 elections has already come and I doubt that anything can add or change that -- that is your steady resolve during Patna blasts. Even now when you have finally opened your mouth, it is with so much refinement and without any rancor. Please take a bow ! Vande Mataram!
    Bala Thiru
    sir, you don't worry , there are millions and millions of people support you.Even Bhagwan Ram was in the forest for 14 years. People will say bad about anyone so don't loose your focus. There might be lot of huddles and it's our duty to pas that and achieve our goal Mission 272+. However we need to be careful in choosing the candidates for the loksabha elections. I am sure that we will win with a great margin. Pls include more young blood in the party.
    Congress is badly afraid with u sir.They know it very well when u will become the PM countdown of their carrier will start and all the black money holder of swis bank will be exposed and will go to jail.
    We all know it very well this was the conspiracy of congress.The nation is with u sir.The dirty ind congressmen can not stop u now to become the PM.
    Shri Modiji,you have been vindicated and always will be vindicated.At least our judiciary is strong and impartial.
    Ramesh Tiwari
    It is an irony that a statesman with the determination and honesty of doing something good for the country has to go through a dense and opaque forest and on a very difficult path, of opposition. Often corrupt and vicious parties wage a virulent propaganda campaign against him, particularly for fear of being exposed and also of losing their black business. This is something that is happening with our promising leader Sri Narendra Modi. Anyway, God has given him enough strength and patience and consequently he stands like a rock in the rains of conspiracy and false allegations. We the people of India hereby pledge to mount guard over him and to accompany him; we the people of India encourage him to march on and to win the Trophy named ‘Super Power’ for India.
    Vikesh Kumar Badola
    संकीर्ण मानसिकता पर विजय प्राप्‍त करना निश्चित रूप से शान्ति प्रदान करता है। लेकिन अब भी बहुत सी संकीर्णता बाकी है जिसका समूल नाश करना बहुत जरूरी है। आशा है आप के नेतृत्‍व में देश इस पर भी विजय प्राप्‍त कर लेगा। प्रणाम एवं शुभकामनाओं सहित।
    Dear Sir, I admire your determination to uphold the the 'Dharma' of an administrator. In power hungry politics of today, there would be hardly anybody who would choose to bear so much pain for endorsing the principles of goveranance. Hats off to you Sir.
    There are people who believe that this essay represents an apology or at least an expression of regret by Modi ji... but read it a couple of times and it is clearly and simply an expression of the pent-up anguish that must have been simmering within for so many years and which could not have found an outlet previously, except to his near ones. In fact, I would exhort Mr. Modi never to apologize, no matter how much other side taunts him to do so, because that is exactly the weapon the other side needs. They will wield that apology as an admission of guilt on his part and condemn him forever as guilty even if all the courts in the world declare otherwise.
    Sir, it is significant that you have chosen to wait till the verdict in the Gulbarg case before expressing your heartfelt thoughts over events that transpired 12 years ago. Naysayers would say that this is "too little, too late" but any logical person would see that sharing these feelings earlier would have been meaningless until your stand had been unambiguously vindicated by the judicial system of the country. One doesn't need to read the detailed SIT report to realize that the Gujarat govt's actions during the riots were both above board and genuine. One only needs to browse through some of the unbiased material in the public domain and the facts will shine through all the misinformation that has been deliberately spread. But how many people do that? Most would rather form very rigid opinions based on what they have heard or seen on TV. I do not expect that those who have demonized you for so many years will treat this verdict as a defeat and finally move on to do something constructive with their lives. Further, I am certain that your detractors will continue their misguided battle and challenge the decision in the higher courts. But God willing, we will see their malicious efforts nullified similarly. The people of this country will hopefully understand that keeping the ghosts of the riots alive is very profitable to some people, both monetarily and politically, and that the victims of a pogrom are just convenient instruments in propaganda.
    Vrajesh Gandhi
    Dear Sir, We Gujarati ( no matter where we stay ) know the spirit of Gujarati. No Gujarati can take life of other Gujarati or even any one. I can remember the position before 25 years when I live @ Amdavad . At that time communal riot in Amdavad was very recurring event and we have to check that in which part of A'bad is under curfew due to this . And Now since 10-12 year not a single event of this kind take place . Sir we Believe in You from bottom of our Heart . Wish You A Good Luck for Mission 272 + in 2014 Election. Jay Gujarat - Jay Bharat.
    Tarun Singh
    Beyond doubt, Narendrabhai's record is unblemished inspite of the fact that the so-called secularists - politicos, media, so-called social servants vehemently endeavoured hard to malign his image as communal and what not. Time & again it has been proved in various courts of law that Narendrabhai is innocent. These so-called secularists will leave no stone unturned to come up with some other fictitous story of something or the other to target him. But, we are here to stand by any moment of time rock solidly. "Satyamev Jayte".
    Fredy Mankad
    Modi shab, Its good that you have commented well, really it was pathetic, incident, you are true, its not matter of winning or loosing of anyone. mascaras. You quote satya is always winner. My personal opinion is - you should have speak or commented on that issue, litter earlier. cause you are true, your conscious was clear not guilty. That also had helped you to prove our community, you as a politician -is very are peace lover. however, it was time were many people were dead due to earth quake,in near past,you should have that time express you soul grief to count as very wise administrator.
    Dear Modiji I share your pain and anguish at the events of 2002.It is due to your leadership qualities and quick decisions that the overall damage to life, property was contained. You have also managed to keep Gujarat trouble free for 11 years after 2002 riots. Your critics will criticize you no matter what you do or say. Their opinion does not matter to the people of India who want a strong leader like you to unite the country and lead us to achieve our full potential.
    Damji Mavani
    satya mev jayte.. congrectulation modiji, we believ indian constitution. now the end of congress's false effort to controverse to modiji.
    A person at a high level always subjected to lots of criticism especially when socially connected. This blog indeed from Modi's inner sense. Unfortunately this country has the habit of kindering old stuff to keep the community divided. Large section of population hardly moved forward in last 65 years in terms of thinking ability and intellectual analysis and this is what exactly every political party get used to. So much needs to happen in this country in next decade to catch up with the world in terms of public discipline, knowledge, wealth, peace, strength. Significant size of this country right now looks at Modi with some trust and hope. The very fundamental of all these characters once embedded in the formation and growth of BJP during 1990s must not be allowed to dilute. AAP rightly touched these aspects irrespective on their delivery capabilities. Though they talk about several promises, the sound and underlying theme is empowerment and transparency in administration. BJP must seriously re-think its Delhi Strategy attacking AAP unnecessarily thereby diluting fight against other corrupt parties. With local level connections, BJP has lots of scope in strengthing the party in Southern regions - People are sick of cutout and dirty leadership culture for long. Perhaps my thoughts - not sure how this party will take it forward the transformation this country thriving to foresee for several decades.
    Pramod Urath
    I love and respect u NAMO…..u r the only hope for my MOTHER NATION BHARAT………we r all with u sir….@pramod,kerala
    Pramod Urath
    Dear Modiji, We all are with you. Remember the lonewolf, it always walks the bad road. No matter what, it emerges out as the clear winner. You are the Lonewolf. You will lead India to glory surely....sathya meva jayathe...@pramod,kerala
    Sunil Dubey
    Mr. Modi is the most secular Hindu. Hinduisam as described by Supreme Court as a "way of life" clearly states that Mr. Modi's DNA is most secular. There is a strong reason why Mr. Modi should be the prime minister of India : 5 pointers are given below : Reason # 1 – A Visionary Modi says, earlier civilizations flourished on the river banks, then big highways became the infrastructures where civilizations started growing. Human colonies flourished near highways – such as . He said, in coming years, human colonies will flourish where “Optical Fiber is Laid Down”. This is called vision. No flashy indices, a clear cut Action-Item. Reason # 2 – NO NAXALS IN GUJARAT He is the only chief minister in the country who has not allowed the mischief-making Naxalites in spite of Gujarat having a substantially large tribal population. Reason # 3 – A steady growth of 10% With 10% average GDP growth a year, state ranked fifth out of 15 big states in 2010-2011 in terms of per capita income. Reason # 4 – Mr. Incorruptible Modi has built a reputation as an incorruptible politician. His personal assets are very low. He does not take bribe. Reason # 5 – Focused on BSP – “Bijli – Sadak – Paani” An efficient technocrat politician who has electrified Gujarat's 18,000 villages - the state is the only one in India with a near 24/7 power supply - and slashed red tape to attract companies like Ford, Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors.
    Jitendra Desai
    The truth has prevailed finally and it beckons you to move on.Destiny too beckons you.As rightly presumed by you, this or nay other act or verdict will not please or satisfy your opponents.Is this not the time to stop worrying about them? Very very large number of citizens in Gujarat and in the country are satisfied.They want you to become their PM!
    Sunil Kumar
    My Hearty Congratulation to you Sir..!! There no point talking abt Gujarat riots now.You know what, your ideologies reminds me of my aspirations when I was a child thinking of transforming the nation but as i grew up i realized in the given structure of politics truth can never triumph and lost hope. But, you seem to actually realize my aspiration as well. Aspirations to unite the country,talking abt indians and not abt ppl frm differnt classes, prove r mettle to the world..u r simply awesome and i am more than conviced tht u'l keep up the good work.. wish u all the good fortune in this world.. Vande Mataram..!!
    Respected Modiji,court verdict or your article was not necessary for me, because when a person who is capable of enlighting hope to billion people from a distance of thousand mile by sheer selfless hard work,honesty and sincerity, he or she does not need any other certificate or clarification.
    Murali Iyengar
    Congress talking of moral responsibility? First let them expel Congress leaders involved in anti-Sikh riots of 1984 and numerous corruption charges, ask the courts to expedite their trials before preaching to others. Do these spineless and brainless sycophants of dynasty know how many riots have taken place in India since independence (or even before that? Can they tell how many people have been punished. I have a list of communal riots over the last six decades and more. It is very unfortunate that so many people had to lose their lives in various riots - communal and caste. But Congress by following divide and rule policy of British is more responsible.
    Well said CM.Lord Rama had to endure 13 years of trial & tribulation before he could usher the country into Ram Rajya.We are confident,so will you.The AAP has shown the path of ruling by Referendums which is going to be the future of politics in India.Instead of criticising them it would be in BJP's interest to support them in case Congress withdraws their support & emulate their example in the rest of the country.Wish you all the best for the coming elections.
    Moosan Kpm
    Respected sir, I, a muslim by name and customs, strongly support you as a person of high vision and self confidence, that is required in the present situation to lead India as a strongest country in the world. So forget the past. Happened is happened. We, human beings are helpless in the case of Natural calamity as well as Crual miscreant activities. But in future, the second one, miscreant activities should be dealt with strong iron hands, with impartiality to those who indulging such coward activities. The present India, require you as a leader, prime minister to rule the country. Nobody is equal to you, your self confidence, stern actions, superb thoughts. So I, along with all the people of this country whatever their regilion may be, looking for strongest India, will vote for you. I even wish, with your kind permission, to act, serve for you, your easy victory. I am from a middle class family in Kerala, having critical financial crisis, having three daughters and a huge burden of liabilities, aged 48yrs. The Congress and Muslim league are doing favour to the wealthy muslims in the camouflage of minority claims and not to the poor and middle class minority people. At last, I offer my service for the victory of BJP in Kerala and easy victory of you as the Prime minister of India. Please let me to serve you, as your true friend, relative, wellwisher and an obedient employee of you. with love, yours sincerely, moosankpm@yahoo.in 9447286146
    Sunil Sharma
    pahle toh sir aaapko dil salute karta maine shayed hi kabhi kahi aaj tak koi bhi aisa exampale dekha ho ke jisne dhara ke viprit bahte huye us sikhar tak pahuncha ho jaha pahunchna har kisi ka sapna hota h itne jyda critisizm ke bad toh pasence naam ki chege bhi jawab de deti h salute h sir aapko jisne un sabki parwah na karte huye apne lakshya ko nirdharit karte huye strongly aage badhe na sirf badhe hindustan ki janta ka soubhagya h ke aap jaise mahaan inshan ki seva lene ka soubhagya apne pradan ki desh main netao ki toh bharmar h sir netao ne jo karna tha kiya lekin aap ne ek individule inshan hone ke nate desh ki janta ka bharpur pyar pate huye yaha tak aaye ho or age badho sir aaj desh ki janta ka agar desh main rajniti main agar kisi pe bharosha h toh woh narendra modi
    Dear Narendrabhai, You have done exceedingly well in remaining sober & stable against all provocations by the politically unethical groups. You have aptly answered them all with your decade of progressive work in Gujarat for its prosperity & harmony. You now need a greater resolve & strength to continue the same quality of work for the Indian nation as a whole. I am elder to you - hence say GOD Bless You! Affectionately, MSR Ayyangar, MUMBAI.
    we are proud to have such a leader who with all his humility go to people with such respects.we request the bjp to print crores of leaflets of this blog to distribute all over india with photo graphs of modi and rajnath singh
    Dear Modiji, We all are with you. Remember the lonewolf, it always walks the bad road. No matter what, it emerges out as the clear winner. You are the Lonewolf. You will lead India to glory surely.
    Aman Walia
    Narendra Bhai, I, like so many others are convinced that INDIA must have you at the helm of affairs for u r PROVEN Strong character,humble , tech savvy , articulate,Great orator, visionary;. At the same I feel pain at how just & fair does not play out in every day life..My advice please dont underestimate AAP by any account, Take kejriwal on board in your innimical convincing way behind the scene, for he is genuine like you, want good for the country. Ignore at your perils !. I honestly want the country to have NARENDRA MODY ONLY as our NEXT PRIME MINISTER as India's HOPE . Defence officer
    Varun Dixit
    I love and respect u NAMO.....u r the only hope for my MOTHER NATION BHARAT.............
    hum hamesha apke sath he - jai jai garvi gujarat
    Dhananjay Singh
    I am shocked that even after the yesterday's result a committee has been set up to probe the 2002 riots, are they (seculars) abolishing the indian judicial system ? I think they got some different dictionaries with different definitions of 'secularism' , 'riots' , 'corruption' et cetera words. In 2014 our vote will not only terminate those words but also that will demolish all those seculars along with their dictionaries. Dear Modi sir we are so lucky that we have such a patriotic and dedicated legend. not only vote even donating my life for such a legend will be a matter of proud for me. let them all pull a single legend, harder they force more will be the acceleration. Truth can be harassed, but not defeated!
    Kenden Tshering
    Sirji! Time is on our side! and fate too. Every young including people like me were mislead by the so called cottage industry. penetration of internet and social media helped a lot. india needs you we young ppl need you. You have a huge fan following, danger is when these fans turns into sycophants. But I guess you are too smart to know that. Thanks a lot for the hope!! and for everything else!
    Ramesh Sheth
    Kayamat era is 2017, when China to propo up an Arab leader for all Muslims for seven years per Bible. Let us seek presence of Holy Spirit in each and all as SPIRITUAL SECULAR for all 24 hours everyday, so that (Bhagavad-Gita Adhyay 4/Shlok 11) Bless us for the miracle to save mankind on doomsday -latest 2024 (within seven years). Yes! Aorobindo Ghosh guides to reunite.
    The hope is on the way! We as Indians know that Narendra Modi has the capabilities to stand with all kind of odds that can be presented by the anti national elements.
    Gk Vivek
    Though having physiological pressure at one side, Gujarat development on other side,had not lit a word about the riots issue for 11 years and focused on "KARMA" ,salute you Sir. We are not blind and can judge what is happening.One after another how your opponents trying to frame you, untill we keep supporting you. Sir, All I would request you and BJP senior leaders to showcase Unity and lead our country.
    Nasrudheenp Parameswaran
    These words echos the sound of an wounded "swayamsevak" still holding the battlefield for the service of India. "Namasthe sada vatsale Mathruboome/ twaya Hindubhoome sukham vardhithoham/......Thwatheeyaya karyaya badha kateeyam..." and a man of selfless service go ahead... Let us help him fr the peace and prosperity of our Motherland. Jai Hind.
    जिस इंसान पे ऐसे गलत आरोप लगाये जा रहे थे असल में वो कितना महान व्यक्ति है, जो इन सभी गलत आरोपों को सहते हुए,अपने राष्ट्र धर्म का पालन किया और इस इंतजार में की सत्य की जीत होगी. और हुआ भी ऐसा ही. "सत्य परेशान हो सकता है लेकिन पराजित नहीं" . मै आपके इस जज्बे को प्रणाम करता हूँ और सभी गुजराती भाइयों और बहनों से एक बात कहना चाहता हूँ की, कितने किस्मत वाले है आप लोग, ऐसे महान पुरुष आपके राज्य में हैं. मै सत् सत् नमन करता हूँ आपको और आपके माता-पिता को. भगवान आपकी रक्षा करे.
    HDsingh SHekhawat
    यह न थी हमारी क़िस्मत कि विसाल-ए-यार होता अगर और जीते रहते, यही इंतिज़ार होता तिरे वा'दे पर जिए हम तो यह जान, झूठ जाना कि ख़ुशी से मर न जाते, अगर ए'तबार होता
    I have no hesitation in admitting that probably I may not have been able to withstand such a long and sustained campaign of calumny as you have done. True hall mark of a man of destiny.
    The governments of MP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra - all Congress ruled states in 2002, didn't allow their police forces to go to Gujarat to control the situation - just because it was BJP ruled state.. So what did Congress do , other than keeping the wounds alive all the time to get minority votes? Gujarat Muslims are one of the most well-off in India ( highest in education and employment) and benefiting from development unlike Muslims in most part of country where nothing has been done for their education and employment . May God give more power to Modiji to lead our nation towards Development.
    Nilesh Gothi
    गुरुवर्य के चरणो में प्रणाम करता हु! एक विचार जो मन को पीड़ा दे जाता है कि एक इंसान इतने गलत आरोप लगने के बाद भी कभी ना डगमगाया हो,या कभी भी किसी इंसान के प्रति कभी वैर भाव ना रखे हो भाईजी पढ़ने के बाद रोमते खड़े हुए है,धन्य हो आप,धन्य है वो भारत माता जिसे एक सच्चा रक्षक आपके रूप में मिला है,भाईजी हर समय सिर्फ आपको ही फॉलो करता हु,मेरे मित्र और परिवार वाले भी अब मुझे नमो ही बोलते है! जब वो नमो बोलते है तो बहुत अच्छा सुकून दिल में दे जाता है,हमेशा से आपसे कुछ सिख मिल जाती है, वंदे मातृभूमि,जय मोदीराज
    Suresh Srinivas
    The real expressive comment from your mouth. I do agree the persons in power do not have certain freedom of speech in certain circumstances. True conscious person will feel your feelings. But I feel your actions will have to speak for expressing your feelings. Now there is a chance for you. Always your followers believe you on the belief you will transform india into a great nation. Hope for the best.
    It is nearly impossible for anyone to realize the extent of pain that you must have gone through all these years. I know that the evil propaganda against you by the media and ur opposing parties cannot be retracted but I hope that ur appointment as the PM by the people of India will be the biggest incentive for you, achieved as a result of standing on the side of truth. I’m sure that Congress is not going to sit idle and will try it’s best to allege you with every possible crime such as snooping etc. but so what? Everybody knows that “Truth alone Triumphs”(Satyamev Jayate) Jai Bharat!! Vande Matram!!
    Nawal S Singal
    सत्यमेव जयते. शब्दों में कुछ कहना कठिन है, इस लिए सिर्फ _/\_. नमन.
    sir, reading this very blog made me feel like you are talking to me in one to one conversation, it's your charm that everybody else seems fading away, today I felt the reason behind that special charm and that is "truth" yes! the power that energises your charm is truth..and what our holy scriptures say that you too recited in your blog "satyamev jayate" this victory was of truth as always. sir, this justice is a super slap on their dirty faces who want to divide india, who don't see india as their mother-land, and those who are perpetually in search of opportunity to cash their evil-influenced-politics, sir, you are an epitome of an iron-will powered man who abide by truth with a strong belief in justice, of course there are so many leg pullers but they are just proving that your space in heart of common men of india is getting wider..!! those who are indulged in cast, creed and segregation based politics,they are feeling the shaking ground beneath their feet..of course they should pack up!! The Lion is coming, to reclaim the feeling of India-ness in hearts of common people that has lost in last 10 years!! we want you sir!! we want NaMo..!!
    Until few years ago, I admired achievement Gujarat made under your leadership. Relentless biased media and NGOs had created some doubts in my mind. One day I decided to educate myself independent of biased media to know the truth. My eyes opened. I believe that you are the person who could provide good governance and take India on highway of growth, taking along Indians from all castes and creeds. Under you Indians will be told truthful history of our great nation.
    Manish Goel
    जी हाँ महसूस कर सकता हु केसा लगता होगा जब कोई निर्दोष हो और बार बार मीडिया और अन्य राजनितिक दलो द्वारा सिर्फ और सिर्फ अपने स्वार्थ के लिए देश भर में आप की छवि खराब करने की कोशिश की जाये लेकिन आप को इतना ही विश्वाश दिला सकता हु की मै और मेरे जेसे अन्य नोजवान जब तक है कोई भी आप की तरफ नजर तो क्या उंगली भी नहीं उठा सकता और आप से पूरी उम्मीद है की इस देश को एक बार फिर विश्व के पटल पर आप सबसे उच्च स्थान दिल्वायंगे ! धन्यवाद , वन्देमातरम
    Sunil Didwania
    this is humility personified and i salute the great man that sh modi ji is ..... there has to be a limit over what one can endure and he has truly demonstrated that he is a lion amongst all other creatures . To still carry on this malicious campaign and not refrain from criticising him , shall be in very poor taste and contemtious
    मैं आप को प्रणाम करता हु मोदी जी | यदि इसी प्रकार के झूठे आरोप किसी और पर लगते तो शायद कुछ भी कर सकता था लेकिन आप की सहन शक्ति और धैर्यता प्रशंशनीय है | आपको पुनः प्रणाम |
    History is replete with many such examples. God's chosen one to accomplish his work has to go through agni pariksha. Your agni pariksha of last 12 years only indicates that god wants to accomplish some great work through you. Stay strong, motherland needs you.
    It is nearly impossible for anyone to realize the extent of pain that you must have gone through all these years. I know that the evil propaganda against you by the media and ur opposing parties cannot be retracted but I hope that ur appointment as the PM by the people of India will be the biggest incentive for you, achieved as a result of standing on the side of truth. I'm sure that Congress is not going to sit idle and will try it's best to allege you with every possible crime such as snooping etc. but so what? Everybody knows that "Truth alone Triumphs"(Satyamev Jayate) Jai Bharat!! Vande Matram!!
    aap ke shabdon ko uddrath kar raha hoon ye shabd nahi apitu granth hain ..shayad desh ka media kuchh samjhe..मुझे प्राचीन ग्रंथों में लिखे हुए वो विचार अक्सर याद आते थे कि जो लोग सत्ता के शीर्ष स्थानों पर बैठे हैं, उन्हें अपनी पीड़ा और व्यथा को किसी और के साथ बांटने का अधिकार नहीं है। उन्हें अकेले ही उसे भुगतना पड़ता है। मेरे साथ भी ऐसा ही रहा, अपनी व्यथा का अनुभव करता रहा, जो काफी तीव्र थी। दरअसल, जब भी मैं उन दिनों को याद करता हूं, मैं ईश्वर से एक प्रार्थना जरुर करता हूं। वो ये कि ऐसे क्रुर और दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण दिन किसी भी दूसरे व्यक्ति, समाज, राज्य या देश को नहीं देखने पड़ें।
    Satyameva jayathe!! But it was a long time. One should appreciate your patience. It is mahaabharath of 21st century. We believe in good thing prevailing over bad thing. You have all qualities of good leader. Let god give strength to all of us to overcome this ordeal. CA.RAVINDRA BHATT. T.L Bengaluru
    Amrita Hangloo
    Mr. Modi, The timing for expressing your thoughts could not have been any better. We all know much has been said and done about the issue. While there were scams and major economical issues going on, somehow the ghosts 2002 was kept alive by pseudo-secularists. Keep up the good work and honesty. The nation has and will always be beside the truth.
    Sennidan Singh
    अब तो समय बदल गया लोग अब समझ गये परन्तु वो दोर बहुत मुश्किल था मेने तो खुद महसूस किया आखिर आप ने ये समय केसे निकाला होगा इतने हमलो के बावजूद आपने अपने स्वाभाव को लोगो के अनुरूप रखा ये अद्भुत है मुझे कभी कभी बुजर्ग लोगो जब में उनको पूरी घटना विस्तार से बताता हु वो हमेसा यही कहते है ये आदमी देव्य शक्तियों से पूर्ण है मुझे भी कई बार इस बात का अनुभव हर्दय में हुआ है में आपके इस जज्बे को नतमस्तक प्रणाम करता हु और प्राथना करता हु आप जेसा पुत्र हर माँ को मिले
    This proves that it was shear vicious and malicious propaganda systematically carried out to defame BJP and Modi as communal and initially they succeed by defeating NDA govt. (one of the top 3 performer govt since independent) by Congress and opponents along with few NGOs and human right activist... But alert Gujarat people stood solidly behind Modi since they witnessed real state sponsored riots earlier carried out by congress leaders and in comparison 2002 riot was nothing and not at all state sponsored but it mere spontaneous reaction of 59 people burned alive in train coach... But justice prevail and Gujarat people stand choosing Modi repeatedly proved right... Gujarat repeatedly choosing Modi because of his excellent governance ability and concentrate on root based infrastructure development... Also Gujarat people succeed to convince people of India also about his all round capability which people echoed positively by majority preferring Modi as PM candidate... Wish good luck to Modi and sure he will put India on new high if get chance to govern...
    Sir, those who believe in you and your word need no explanation. What you have written is enough and once for all. Plz concentrate on your development agenda.
    Dear Modiji, > You have opened your heart beautifully and at the right time - after the judiciary having deeply investigated into the matter has totally absolved you of any mal-intention whatsoever in the unfortunate incident a decade back. > However, even before that, your Karma's too spoke - of your clear conscience. Any reasonably intelligent person will know that deep, sincere thoughts of well-being for all, and the thoughts of hatred for anyone can never co-exist in one mind simultaneously. It is just not logical. > The people you led too spoke - of their deep faith & confidence in your intentions. This of course mattered most, and you earned not only the love & respect of all the sections of Gujarat, but also of many, many other people in other parts of the country & the world. > There is another aspect to this story too. Adversities are always like agni-pariksha, and only the truthful & strong comes out unscathed through these testing times. You have come out of all this with flying colors. God was obviously preparing you for something great, and somewhere in the corner of our minds I am happy that all this happened and we now know you better. In broader perspective it was all a blessing, and we now know that God-willing if the reins of the country too come in your hands, which I sincerely wish & pray, my country will be in good & safe hands. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah. Vande Mataram.
    Dear Modiji, your sensitivity has touched my heart.The positivity out of the happenings of the past 12 years,is that you have come out stronger to take on these liliputians whose moral fibre is weak. Country at this point of time is drifting as a rudderless boat and you are needed to take charge and steer it to goal of progress. God be with you. Jai Hind.
    Dear Sir, I always share your agonies and thanks to almighty for justice done to you by Indian court.Political enemies and some media maestros who were manipulating the things are now answerable to so many questions which I am sure they will dodge shamelessly.But those who still go by the truth and facts have more questions to ask.Are these so called secular lobbies ready to condemn Godhra incident? Are the celebrated NGOs, bureaucrats and their arbitrators ready to disclose the increase of assets after they joined the anti modi wagon? Do we hope for any action against those politicians who illegally wrote American counsel not to issue visa to a bonafide Indian citizen and democratically elected CM of an Indian state?Will those people who heartlessly kept reopening the wounds ever regret for the wrath they created between communities. For those who incarnated as messiahs of minorities only to gain political and personal benefits through incessant malicious false propaganda against a person for more than a decade,this is the time to introspect and analysis what they had given to the country and people throughout these period. Eagerly waiting to be an Indian under your primeministership,with prayers Vande Maatharam.
    Babu Menon
    प्यारे नरेन्द्रा भाई, 12 साल से जिन लोगों ने झूट को सच दिखलाने का कोशिश किया वो अब नाकामियाब हो गया। जिस बेरहमी से कांग्रेस्स और उनके पालतू मीडीया ने आप पर कीचड़ उछालने का प्रयास किया,आप के अलावा और कोई होता तो अपना जीवन ही खतम करने पर तुले होते। आप ने इस blog मे जो लिखा है, इसे पढ़कर मेरी आखों में आज़ू आ गया। अब आप इस देश का एक मात्र नेता है जो हमारे देश को विकास और सदभावना के रास्ते पर आगे ले जा सकते है। मेरा हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं स्वीकार कीजिये। भारत माता की जय।.. वंदे मातरम.
    Vamanan Narasimhan
    May you grow from strength to strength in the tasks of nation building that await you. I am sure every Indian, whatever be his religion, race or tongue, will benefit from it. May the spirit of the Sardar who knit India together with resolute strength and the titanic force of Swami Vivekananda be with you to help you in giving India to its rightful place in the comity of nations.
    Sajesh Kumar Vadake Edappayil
    Modiji.........You are on right side.........People against you are from Left side....they never saw right anywhere in the world...they will never see...these antinationals funded by fake currency printed by Pak ISI cannot be allowed to win........we cannot be apologetic about anything.......they have wrongly accused you and your party, abused and looted our culture and country for long under Corrupt Congress.....Our freedom from Mughals and British is incomplete until we are free of these antinationals. We have to save this great country....True Indian aam aadmi has great expectation from you....we are putting positive effort for making you CM ..Common Man to PM...Peoples Man........this is the opportunity for whole country to rediscover its lost glory and make India Vibrant.
    Babu Menon
    प्यारे नरेन्द्रा भाई, 12 साल से जिन लोगों ने झूट को सच दिखलाने का कोशिश किया वो अब नाकामियाब हो गया।जिस बेरहमी से कांग्रेस्स और उनके पालतू मीडीया ने आप पर कीचड़ उछालने का प्रयास किया,आप के अलावा और कोई होता तो अपना जीवन ही खतम करने पर तुले होते। आप ने इस blog मे जो लिखा है, इसे पढ़कर मेरी आखों में आज़ू आ गया। अब आप इस देश का एक मात्र नेता है जो हमारे देश को विकास और सदभावना के रास्ते पर आगे ले जा सकते है। मेरा हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं स्वीकार कीजिये। भारत माता की जय।.. वंदे मातरम.
    We well understand and appreciate your unenviable position. Do all the good, but it is largely ignored or played down; and a falsehood dominates. I believe, people at large now understand the dirty-tricks of the Congress. My personal opinion is that if Congress was genuinely committed to rooting out communalism and casteism, it could have achieved it within a decade or two of independence. That is failed to do so shows its true colours and exposes its gross incompetence and misgovernance. In my novel, "The Malshej Moment" (www.rkpbooks.com), I have highlighted all these points in chapter-18, "NaMo".
    Respected Sir, We are proud that today your kind honor has spoken your heart out and respected the verdict of court. The Media NGO Congress has played a vindictive role in past 12 years to ruin you and your political future by sheer vendetta to remove you from political field out of fear of you. They know that only your kindness can take them fighting and win the war against corruption,treason,underdevelopment,weakening of our military.They want weakening India and later make it a colony of Italy.Ruling 125 crores people by a single foreign lady by her autocratic behavior attitude and throwing money to few dogs among congress NGO Muslims Christians and Media she is ruling India from 2004.All the opposition parties except BJP are under her knees.It is a good fortune of India that you and Rajnath singhjee fighting them relentlessly although a group of Old BJP leaders don't like your aggressive mentality.They want a weak BJP to remain in opposition for alltimes to come licking her feet.But now the situation changed and in 2014 election You will get 350seats and change system.Our confidence and wishes are with you.
    Sreeram Manoj Kumar
    Pranam Modi ji A Yogi does not worry about what has happened and will happen ..... you are like a yogi to the whole citizens of the country who did not get deterred when you were conferred the tittle of "Maut ke saudagar" and when your concern for the puppy accidentally coming under the wheels of the car was questioned by those who look for stones in Dahi. A yogi waits for justice and when it is delivered ...... IT ALONE PREVAILS. Pranam
    Ramesh Narayanan
    Dear Mr.Narendra Modi “Satyamev Jayate”. yes truth and truth alone will prevail my best wishes and prayers are with you. I have seen all the canard's thrown at you from all corners and you had taken all this with humility all these years shows your maturity and concern for what had happened. Finally I had the opportunity of reading editorial and articles on yourself and Gujarat State in the Tamil Magazine Thuglak which has given citizen like me the true picture of the state of affairs in the state of Gujarat. K.N.Ramesh
    अंतिम विजय सुनिश्चित पथ में , क्यों अवसाद करें. Satyameva Jayate!
    Vijay Kumar Satwani
    नरेन्द्र भाई मोदी , हम अभिभूत है ,हम उस कालखंड में जी रहे है ! जिस में हमारे पास एक नेता है !जिनका नाम नरेन्द्र दामोदरदास मोदी है ! यह न्यायपालिका का फैसला व्याक्तिगत जीत हार का नहीं है अपितु सत्य की विजयपताका का है ! चुकी हम पिछले १२ वर्षो से एक व्यक्ति को देखा रहे है जिस के पर media,विपक्ष और अन्य संस्थाओ के द्वारा दुष्प्रचार लगातार कर रहा था ! परन्तु वह व्यक्ति सब का सामना करके राज्य को उन्नति के शिखर पर ले गया और जनता का प्यार विश्वास जीता ! आप हमारे नेता हो और हमेशा रहेगे .
    Indira Valson
    The need of the hour is a strong no-nonsense administrator like Modi.To take fearless decisions.With no selfish motives, this swayam sevak comes without baggage,he can transform our country into a nation. JaiHind.
    Rajinder Kumar
    Mr. Modi you have rightly projected your inner feelings you alone faced after the gruesome riots occured in 2002. You have come out socially through this blog after the verdict of the court is right time as your critcs would have othetwise easily alleged you as petty vote politics. I have faith on you and your capability as CM of Gujarat, rathet I visualize you as the PM of India in 2014 & one thing is sure that no one can take away the belief and faith I am having on you...God bless you and let this country become riot free under your able leadership...
    God always helps those who follow the Dharma and truth. Yesterday court verdict has proved this again. Congress has used 2002 to spread hatred among people of India by provoking one society against another and because of congress false hatred propaganda today terrorism has spread in entire country. Congress is the party who can damage the nation to any extent for thier narrow benefit. Its now high time to burry them for ever and make our Nation Congress Mukta.
    ɥsɹɐɥ Thaker
    I live in Ahmedabad and with you Sir we were similarly disappointed and saddened with what happened in our state. Your pain and agony, we have been sharing with you and as a proud Gujarati, we have been always stand by your side and will continue. Every once in a while a Gujarati has born who has change things in this nation and I see you as one of them. We are thankful to you for what you have done for our state which almighty has sent you to perform. We love you and respect you a lot and we will keep being with you forever and wish your great life turns out to be the greatest and you make a mark not only in India but the world as well. This judgement is the victory of yours, Gujarat and the most happening people on the planet 'Aapna Gujarati'. Jay jay garvi Gujarat ane Jay Bharat - Harsh
    Om Prakash Gupta
    Congratulations Modi Ji ! You are a real man of steel . I humbly request to put this blog in Hindi as well ! There are immense crowd who could not empathize english very well & They will love to read you in hindi as well . A big Fan of You !
    Rakesh Patro
    I really respect your silence as you never wanted to say something ahead of Court's verdict because the case was sub-judicious . You earlier had said if you are guilty then you should be punished rather than a apology. Now you are not guilty as we all knew you would be, you are sharing your personal experience of that tragic, horrifying incidence is a welcome gesture . you are the face of development and you will lead India to the right path.
    मनुष्य को इसी जीवन मे अपने कम॔ का फल जरूर मिलता है। अतः आप निरंतर कम॔ करते जाइए। देश जरूर याद रखेगा।
    BN Jhala
    Dear Mr. Chief Minister, Thank you so much for sharing this. It means a lot to all those who until now has opposed you and a lot more to all those who always have believed in you. My best wishes and prayers are with you. Thank you for being there, it means a lot for motherland. We need you now as a Prime Minister, soon. - B. N. Jhala - Toronto - Canada
    सत्य परेशान हो सकता है पराजित नहीं ।प्रभु आपको असीम शक्ति और बल दे।सत्यमेवजयते
    Kautilya Panchal
    Congratulations Narendra Modi Saheb, At last justice has come on true side. As you, Bhagvat Gita says "Satyamev Jayate". Congress and other party have made lots of meaning of your silence. But I had always trust of your innocence Sir. Once in Valsad, you were addressing people, I met you on road with my family and I had anticipated the same at that time. Actually, there is no need to anticipate the Truth because atlast the only Truth which wins. That is what your silence was speaking and nobody was understanding but... We all are appreciating you as clear visionary and non-corrupt-able person. May GOD bless you. Jai Ma Bharti. from KAUTILYA PANCHAL kautilyapanchal@rediffmail.com 09819383006 on 27.12.2013 from Mumbai.
    NaMo Sir.. I'm a gr8 admirer of u..I'm sure d youth & people of our country love your way to serve. We all knows-U r d only Superstar of Present Indian Politics.You r a Solitaire (Diamond)which we could get from #GujaratRiot2002 & after that Development Agenda.We salute u Sir.
    Sivakumar Ramasamy
    sir congrats, you are the one to lead india to a new era.I would like to quote a tamil saying 'DHARMATHIN VAZHVUTHANAI SUDU KAVVUM MARUPADIYUM DHARMAME VELLUM '. It means dharma and truth will be always face the empty black demon shadows of vice and mean, but at last only the truth and dharma will win.
    श्री मोदीजी! आप "सरदार" ही नहीं देश के लिए "असरदार" भी होंगे, यह भारत वर्ष को पूर्ण विश्वास हैं! पूरा हिंदुस्तान "इंडिया फर्स्ट" के नारे में गूँज उठी हैं..!
    Sreya V Shandilya
    With this win The Almighty has opened many more doors of victory and achievement in true senses. We, the young generation of the country, look at you as our torchbearer and we learn how to come out as a winner when heaps and piles of controversies, problems and atrociousness are built around you. Look forward to see you taking oath as the next Prime Minister of a great country called India.
    Congratulations Sir! Truth always triumphs even if it maybe late! We always have trusted and will always trust you! Your dedication towards working for Ek Bharaat, Shrestha bharaat is commendable! May Krishna give you all the strength for your future endeavors! :)
    It is a victory of the judicial system in which we have full trust,faith & firm belief.As the nation rejoiced,it again established the common man's faith in the leader of their choice.To rise unscathed amidst the artificial storm created by the non believers of democracy is the ultimate achievement. The nation salutes the harbinger of positive growth,promoted by a buoyant economy & vastness of skill, scale & concentrated efforts in ensuring that the nation flourishes in all streams. विजयी भव:
    Vedant Gupta
    Congratulations Sir, you are currently the only politician with character and honesty.And all those brazen people,who call you feku and all kinds of obscenities will never succeed with their malicious intents.Sir I hope you become our Prime Minister and forever keep the quote "SATYAMEV JAYATE" alive forever. JAI HIND! BHARAT MATA KI JAI! VANDE MATARAM! JAI BAJRANGBALI!
    Any other person in your position would have wilted in the constant barrage of lies heaped on by the adversaries. I remember for the last several years there had ben numerous attempts by some journalists with vested interest to some how corner you at public gathering and in press meet. but you kept your composure. you stood strong. Bravo Namo. Blaming the innocent for sins committed by others is not justice. The Law has rightly spoken after intense scrutiny by Highest court of Land. Move on with greater zeal to serve the Nation. Jai Hind
    Swami Vivekananda said- “When the lamp of truth is lit, darkness vanishes by itself.” We're with you sir "सबका साथ सबका विकास"
    We wait for you to show India the path Gujarat has taken. Of peace and prosperity to all. Harmony and growth and respect to every citizen. God bless you Sir.
    Girish Singh
    नरेन्द्र मोदी जी, आप कोई साधारण मानव नहीं हैं, प्रभु ने आप को विशेष कार्य के लिए इस धरा पर भेजा हैं जिसे आप ने जिम्मेदारी पूर्वक निभाया हैं | अब गुजरात ही नहीं पूरा देश आप को हसरत भरी निगाहों से देख रहा हैं | हम सब मिल कर इश्वर से प्रार्थना करते हैं आप को दीर्घायु प्रदान करे और भारत देश को पुनः विश्व गुरु का स्थान दिलाये | जय हिन्द ..वन्दे मातरम
    सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः | येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम्...
    Abhishek Purohit
    एक योगी की तरह आप ने निष्काम भाव से गुजरात का विकास किया हैं मैं आपका जनवरी 2002 से ही प्रशंसक हूँ जब इण्डिया टुडे ने अप पर स्टोरी दी थी उसके बाद से चालू हुवे दुष्प्रचार को उपेक्षित कर आपने राज धर्म का पालन किया हैं अब देश इस अवसर को नही खोएगा आप देश को दिशा देने दिल्ली आएंगे निश्चित सत्य धर्म विजित होगा ही अब ।आपका मन पवित्र हैं माँ भारती आपके साथ हैं भगवान का आशीर्वाद हैंअआप पर।
    Harshal Purohit
    This verdict has proven your Innocence, Now we urge you to concentrate on 2014 Election, to make India United, We want you to serve the Nation, Modified India will take us to the new heights..
    We all the country men have great expectations from you. We all want to see India prosper under your strong leadership.
    All Exam Guru
    सत्य परेशान हो सकता है, पराजित नही, more way to go sir. :)
    If this is NOT secularism, what is Secularism? #MSM pundits, can you show one word of anger, hate, religion in it? In spite of such an open, frank statement, #MSM pundits will say, "let him say sorry once & seek forgiveness"! I sincerely hope the sensible people of all communities who have seen through the games of some media folks & the NGO cottage industry - who misled riot victims, will tell them "We had enough. Now, you pack up. Let us live our lives, our way." Let there be peace, prosperity, progress, for all. India will shine again!
    Abhishek Baranwal
    सत्य सदा ही विजयी होता है मोदीजी. हम सब आपके साथ हैं. आप बस आगे बढ़ते रहिये.
    सत्य परेशान हो सकता है, पराजित नही . पूरे भारतवर्ष की आशा ए आपसे जुड़ी है, आप आयेज बढ़ो मोदी जी..
    Abhishek Baranwal
    This was bound to happen. SIT gave clean chit to Modi sir. Want to know what was written in SIT report? Read here: http://bit.ly/1dH2F6H