• CM inaugurates India’s biggest food processing plant in Vadnagar

  • CM inaugurates India’s biggest food processing plant in Vadnagar

    April 26, 2012 Author: admin

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    CM inaugurates India’s biggest food processing plant in Vadnagar 

    Himalaya Industries sets up Rs.170 cr food processing plant at Vadnagar 

    North Gujarat will establish its stronghold in global food processing markets: CM


    The Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s biggest food processing plant ‘Himalaya Fresh’ near Vadnagar of Mahesana district today. “Such agro-industries related to food products will change the face off arming in the arid land of north Gujarat and the lives of farmers”, he said.

    Himachal Pradesh’s world famous food processing firm Himalaya International has set up a plant in Sultanpur of Vadnagar at the cost of Rs.170 crore. The plant will process the eatables like mushroom-yoghurt-milk cheese and potato chips, French Fries etc. This is the first industrial project in this unindustrialized area.

    The Chief Minister welcomed the Himalaya Industry’s Chairman Mr. Manmohan Malik’s announcement that around 10,000 farmers willbe made partners through this agro-industry with a view to encourage mushroom farming. “North Gujarat will establish its stronghold in the world food processing markets”, Chief Minister said.

    TheChief Minister also welcomed the company’s announcement of giving scholarship to village students and of building sports complex.Mr.Modi called upon people to partake in coming Krishi Mahotsav which will be launched on May 6.

    As many as one lakh scientists, ministers,  government employees, office bearers will visit the villages to acquaint farmers with the scientific methods in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, he said.

    Mr. Malik and his family said that they have setup this biggest plant with the encouragement of theChief Minister. Gujarat is making strides in industrial development due to the state government’s transparent industrial policies. The company also announced ten percent salary hike for the plant workers on this occasion.

    The owners of Himalaya also welcomed the Revenue Minister Anandiben Patel, Chairman of Gujarat Housing Board Jyanti Barot, Visnagar MLA and other office bearers.

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