Any unsubstantiated criticism of Gujarat can never be tolerated, come what may

March 30, 2010 Author: Narendra Modi

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I had written in my blog about the new ‘Talibans of untouchability.’ I firmly believe that in society, there should be no place for untouchability.

From what I wrote in my blog it can be seen that I had not referred to any party or individual. Yet parties like the Congress have taken it personally and felt offended. Why has the Congress reacted in such a way as it did!!! People have to understand the reasons behind it.

I would not like to waste my time in reacting to the friends of Congress who have angrily reacted yesterday.

The Congress has asked Shri Amitabh Bachchanji whether he opposes Gujarat riots or not?

Friends, Modi himself has opposed the riots and still does. Every citizen must oppose riots.

Whether it is 1984 Delhi riots, 1992 Mumbai riots, 1985 Gujarat riots or atrocities committed in Kashmir or Godhra-related riots. There cannot be different standards to judge riots.

Friends, after the Gujarat 2002 riots I had made a statement in Vidhan Sabha in March 2002 and I wish to quote one para as sufficient evidence for those who are spreading lies day and night: “Are we not supposed to soul-search ourselves? Whether it is Godhra incident or post-Godhra it does not enhance the prestige of any decent society. These riots are a stigma on humanity and do not help anyone to hold his head high. Then why is there a difference of opinion?”

My 2002 March statement in Gujarat Assembly is enough for the world community to understand the truth.


The condemnable incident had occurred on 27 February 2002 at Godhra and in the afternoon of 28 February 2002 I had appealed publicly through Doordarshan to maintain peace. This appeal in Gujarati is now available through a video and I am placing it before you 

(My appeal in Doordarshan and Akashvani was being broadcast for days together.)

Read this appeal in word to word transcript at:

English :,-come-what-may-%20Eng.pdf 

Gujarati :,-come-what-may-gujarati.pdf 

Hindi :,-come-what-may-hindi.pdf 

Since then my painful appeal has not been heard by those who are bent upon defaming Gujarat nor do I foresee that it will be heard by them now.


Any unsubstantiated criticism of the land of Gandhi, Sardar can never be tolerated. Gujarat will give a befitting reply again, and again and again come what may.

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jitendra jain
sir; what do u think about sanjay joshi returns in bjp
naveen Kumar
(Jai, Jai Garvi Gujarat, Jai, Jai Sawrnim Gujarat!) Golden Jubilee Celebration Song It’s our Gujarat it’s our Golden jubilee! We will sing song for our Sawrnim Gujarat! We will sing song for our Doyens of Mahagujarat! We will salute of our Doyens of Mahagujarat! We live for it, we die for it, and we live for its pride! It is our Gujarat it is our Golden jubilee! We live for it, we die for it, it’s our Sawrnim Gujarat! We live for our Vibrant, developed, peaceful Gujarat! It’s our Gujarat it’s our Golden jubilee! It’s our Gujarat, it’s our life, pride, and we are going to live for it! It’s our Gujarat it’s our Golden jubilee! From Naveen Kumar To Chief Minister Gujarat: Narendra Modi
Parag Avinashbhai Swadia
Respected Shri Modiji, I am proud of you and wish you Golden Sucess on the eve of Gujarat Swarnim Jayanti. You have rightly mentioned about the glorified land of "Gandhiji & Sardar" & now having dignified leader like you, my 2 year old son will say in future.. "Gujarat is glorified land of Gandhiji, Sardar, Modiji...." I am eager to meet you to obtain blessings from you...! Kindly give me a chance to work for you. Jay Hind - Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat. Pranams, Parag Swadia Mobile No.: 9879102864
Hi CM My self Arun Daga . i just want to chat with u . and ask you something and i give u some suggestion about Gujarat and India. I am live in London. my cell no is 07861752888
Shri Modiji, First of all please accept my hearty congratulations on the eve of "Golden Jubilee" of Maha Gujarat.I was present and have witnessed the first firing on college students at the congress house at Bhadra Ahmedabad when they went there to protest( which ,of course ,was peaceful) against the formation of bilingual Bombay State in 1956.I have also witnessed the opening ceremony of the formation of Gujarat at the hands of Shri. Ravishanker Maharaj at Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad.Hence I am emotionally attached more with Gujarat besides being a Gujarati. What Gujarat was before you and what it is after your leadership need not be explained to a prudent person.You deserve the credit for it. Also we should not bother about the unconstuctive criticism of others like congress because they could not do anything for Gujarat when they were in power. e.g Gujarat has natural oil and gas wells but the main office of ONGC is in Dehradun!!!!. Similarly to refine oil it goes all the way to Mathura!! Why?What was Gujarat congress doing when these decisions were taken in NewDelhi? Because it is "con" gress and not pro-gress. And now because of the all round progress in Gujarat they envy and helpless and frustrated. Anyway, once again congatulations an all the best to you and our Gujarat. Thanks, Gaurang Nilkanth
Anshuman Shastri
I personally believe that Gujarat has a dynamic and very prudent leader to lead by an examples in foam of Mr. Narendra Modi. I stayed in Gujarat since 1995 and have seen Gujarat being worst before arrival of Mr. Modi and after his arrival from 2001 again I have seen Gujarat changing and this time it is positively growing. That is all under the strong leadership of Mr. Modi; and here is the answer why he is the best leader. The only leader I have ever seen is not appealing his political rivals or his personal critic but appealing all anti Gujarat aliments not to criticize Gujarat or Gujarati people or else it won't be tolerated come what may. Really Gujarat has a proud to have such a popular and patriotic leader. We are proud to be Gujarati as well proud to have you Mr. Narendra Modi as our CM (Offcourse Common Man for his people of the state)
satyendra chauhan
Dear Sir, My problem is that why are you focusing only on Gujrat...but in needs must focus on India...this is my humble request to you...we want to see you as a prime minister of India...
Ashish Mittal
Best wishes and heartily congratulations on Golden Jubliee celeberations. Khudos to Modi ji. We need honest politician like Modi ji so will see the same progress through out India. God Bless You Sir
JP Asthana
Bharat Mata will be the ultimate winner-even if there are many 'Jaichands'. Hail Modiji
Mohit Kumar
Dear Mr. Modi, Heartiest congratulations for the same! Kudos to your sucess.....If people start criicizing about you, you should be proud of the same because it shows you are working and doing something great. Its a part of life, end of the day, i cannot judge you as a person without meeting you in person, as far as i read about you...i am happy that we have people like you in our country.... Most important is whatever you do, if those actions of your doesn't make you feel guilty in front of God, Your families and friends...then you are doing things keep on going n move forward....God bless you with a healthy n long life!