Tribal communities have suffered due to votebank politics of the Congress!

Published By : Admin | October 20, 2012 | 17:45 IST

Shri Modi felicitated for creation of Poshina Taluka and Aravalli District 

If there is someone who has done greatest injustice to Tribal communities it is the Congress Party: Shri Modi 

Tribal communities suffered due to votebank politics of the Congress: Shri Modi 

It was Atal ji’s Government that created a separate ministry for welfare of Tribal communities: Shri Modi 

CM speaks about how Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana has brought a qualitative difference in the lives of Tribal communities. 

I have no son or son-in-law, who do I accumulate money for? 6 crore people of Gujarat are my family, their joy is my joy: Shri Modi


On Saturday Shri Narendra Modi was felicitated for the creation of new Poshina Taluka and Aravalli District in North Gujarat. Shri Modi spoke about the development the Gujarat Government has done for the Tribal Communities and said that the Government is taking Gujarat on the path of prosperity. The gathering was very well attended by people from all communities despite of the scorching heat.

Congress remembers Tribal communities only in times of vote, it does not think of their development! 

Shri Modi shared if we see the last 50 years of Congress rule it will come to our light that if there is someone who has done the greatest injustice to our tribal communities it is the Congress. He affirmed that the Congress must be prepared to answer the Tribal communities why was there no change in the condition of the Tribal Communities for so many years.

He added that the same Congress who the Tribal communities voted for never bothered to start a separate department for their development. Shri Modi remarked that the Congress got power due to their vote but never made a Ministry for them whereas they made a Ministry for Minority Affairs. What is the reason behind this? Shri Modi stated that due to the votebank politics of the Congress the Tribal communities suffered.

The Chief Minister said that it was the BJP Government under Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee that created a separate ministry for Tribal Affairs with a separate Budget.

He also said that for the Congress, the Tribal people were only voters, and did not think about their development. They assumed that the Tribal communities were in their pockets but the time has come to teach them a lesson.

We have not only given a Poshina Taluka but also new Aravalli District! 

In his speech, Shri Modi stated that the demand for a Poshina Taluka has been there for a long time but it was his Government that has created a new Poshina Taluka. Shri Modi added that not only has the state Government created new Poshina Taluka but also new Aravalli district.

CM shares success of Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana 

Shri Modi spoke about how the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana has made a qualitative difference in the lives of the Tribal communities. He recalled that when the package of Rs. 15,000 crore was announced in 2007 the Congress leaders spread pamphlets saying the Chief Minister but instead of the Rs. 15,000 crore promised the Government spent Rs. 18,000 crore on development package of Tribal communities and today the package stands at Rs. 40,000 crore!

Congress inability to create facilities to study science at Class XII level for Tribal community students shows how they exploited them! 

The Chief Minister wondered why the Congress regimes did not create adequate facilities for Tribal community students to study science at the Class XII level, which prevented them from studying medicine and engineering. He added that in the last decade the BJP Government has changed that and not only have the relevant facilities been created but also children from Tribal communities are scaling new heights of progress by studying science, medicine, engineering.

Shri Modi speaks on success on 108 Service 

During his speech, Shri Modi spoke about how the 108 Service has made a difference, in the Tribal community areas. He said that due to the 108 service, there have been 32,000 deliveries where both the mother and the child have been saved. Similarly, people who were bit by snakes lost their lives earlier but due to 108 that has stopped!

He also shared that if a 108 Ambulance is passing, his own motorcade stops and lets the Ambulance pass first.

Can forgive those who commit mistakes, not those who cheat 

Shri Modi took the Congress party head on for cheating the people. He recalled how the Congress promised to bring prices down in 100 days if they were elected in 2009 but nothing of that sort has happened. Similarly, 1 crore jobs were promised by the Congress but even that promise has not been fulfilled. On the other hand, Shri Modi said that the Gujarat Government would become the guarantor for any youngster who seeks a loan to start a new venture. Shri Modi affirmed that he is doing because he has immense faith in the youth of Gujarat.

By going to Rajkot Sonia ji changed her Disha but the Congress Dasha wont change! 

Shri Modi talked about how Mrs. Sonia Gandhi visited Chhota Udepur in 2007 but the Congress was wiped out from there in the ensuing elections.  Similarly, this time she changed track and came to Rajkot but the Congress party will meet a similar fate there as well.

I have no son or son in law, whom do I accumulate for? 

The Chief Minister said that one can go to any part of Gujarat and within 25 km some of the other development work is going on. He stated that very often people ask- Where does this Modi get all the money from to which Shri Modi affirmed that the money belongs to the people only that it was being spent on them but on enriching the pockets of few people.

He further said that he does not have either a son or a son-in-law so who will he be accumulating money for? He said that 6 crore people of Gujarat are his family and their joy is his joy, their happiness is his happiness.

Cabinet Minister Shri Ramanlal Vora and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

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