The Vay-Vandana programme honors the Senior-Citizens and Teachers

Published By : Admin | March 25, 2010 | 05:59 IST

Preparing to commemorate 50th anniversary, an iconic moment, the ‘Swarnim Gujarat Sanklap Jyot Rathyatra’ connects every village of Gujarat. Devotion of citizens is to be beautifully expressed in the Golden-Jubilee celebrations of Gujarat.

The Vay-Vandana programme honors Senior-Citizens and teachers. When Sanklpa Jyot reached at Bedva village of Anand district, local ceremony, Shri Somabhai Jijabhai Dabhi, Shri Hasanbhai Vora, Maganbhai Patel and Ambalal Christian were honored. “I have seen 20 rupess per Tola -gold (20 grams of Gold equals one Tola), 3 Sher Ghee in just one rupee (Around 1.5k.g of Ghee for just Rs 1) and 20 k.g of rice for 3 rupees. I have also seen the foreign rule. I have performed Haj-Yatra. For the first time, it happens in my memory that the Village-Panchayat gathers to honor the Sr.Citizens. I feel, it is the right step, at right time. “Hasanbhai Said. They were honored with a Shawl and a garland.

Smt. Taraben Patel, settled in England, was also honored as part of Sanklpa Jyot Rathyatra at Bodali village- Navsari district. She worked in England for 45 years in a factory, manufacturing special costumes for bole-dance, and premium quality T-Shirts. We may feel the joy in her words. According to her, Students have performed very-well, they have in-born talents in them .What they need is our encouragement and love. “We visit our village, on and often. Roads have definitely improved.” She added. Smt. Savitaben stays in Auckland- New-Zealand. She helps her husband in running a Book-Shop. Since last 42 years, she regularly visits Bodali village of Navsari district. Her husband has been appointed as Justice of Peace by New-Zealand Government. She said that these sweet memories are to stay with them. Their heart ticks for Gujarat. When devastating earth-quake had hit Kachchha and other parts of Gujarat, they had helped earth-quake affected people by sending money and clothes.

They have assisted living-home for Senior Citizens. They find movies at reduced rates in the matinee –shows. They organise tours for the old-ones. But, the honor from motherland occupies a unique place for them.

In urban areas, they have senior-citizen-clubs. They arrange lectures and tours. They celebrate the birthday of member sr. citizen. They organise dinner, musical evening and cultural programmes. They make it a point to honour the Sr.Citizens; however, it rarely happens in the rural areas.

Vay-Vandana programme is shining with instilling respect and dignity for the old people, who have spent their energy, and important years of their life for the family and society. Life moves forward at the speed of bits and bytes. The digital era has mounted its pressure on society, but we owe a lot to them, who have lived for our betterment.

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