Dedicates an Irrigation Tunnel: Historic Breakthrough by Irrigation Engineers of Gujarat

The Green-Project to address the issue of global- warming: Proves to be a hard blow for the elements tarnishing the image of Sujalam Sufalam Scheme

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi dedicated the 3.5 k.m long underground irrigation canal today, he declared that the irrigation project is bound to address the issue of global warming; it is a hard slap on the faces of the elements who were engaged in the tarnishing the image of the Sujalam-Sufalam scheme.

The Sujalam Sufalam scheme is designated make best use of the water, which was flowing in to the sea, in a rare feat, the Rs. 64 crores tunnel is first of its kind in the country, which is a really great breakthrough for the Panam High-level irrigation canal.

The tunnel is going to provide irrigation facilities to 18000 hectares land under cultivation of Shahera, Lunavada, and Santrampur villages proving to be a boon for the tribal farmers, Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi observed the three and half K.M. long tunnel and sought technical details of the tunnel.

The Vanbandhu Farmers Convention was a historic convention, as the 60th Republic Day is being celebrated in Pnachmahal. The national festivals nurtures and sharpens our patriotic obligation to act for our nation. The state level celebrations of national festival at district places have been emulated as the festivals of development and progress, the three week long festival has stood witnessed to the 4400 development works worth Rs.1400 crores.

The 3.5 K.M tunnel reflects the vision of our engineering excellence, which is going to further the strides of green revolution, it is also a tough blow for the elements, who were trying to tarnish the image of Sujalam Sufalam canal.

The corrupt deals to the tunes of crores of rupees by the previous governments, they never paid any attention to the water crisis, against that the present government has materialized the dream of the farmers; it would also recharge the ground water. Entire country seeks insights from the tremendous success of the PPP model of water conservation. All the previous governments were responsible for the sinful negligence by not providing electricity and irrigation facilities to the farmers. The farmers need irrigation facilities and water for the crops, which are being provided to them by the present government. It is the grand success of the Krushi Mahotsavs and water conservation movements that the agriculture production has taken a quantum leap, which rose from Rs 9000 crores to Rs. 48000 crores, ushering in to the economic revolution for the farmers.

Chief Minister appealed the farmers to adopt drip-irrigation techniques to the farmers.

Chief Minister lauded the spirit of the Vanvasi farmers, “The tribal farmers have adopted a positive change, and they are now producing flowers and fruits. I recognize it with glory that the flowers of Pnachmahal have potential to capture the Dubai markets. I am confident that through skillful synthesis of appropriate agriculture techniques, we would achieve the laudable aims set under the Vanbandhu welfare package.

Irrigation Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel said, “The High-Level Canal is going to be a lifeline for the Pnachmahal farmers. It is going to benefit 25000 farmers of 75 odd villages of Shahera, Lunavada and Godhara talukas, providing irrigation facilities in 18000 hectares. The canal water would also feed water to 59 village ponds, and the canal water would also flow in to the 3 rivers also. The Sujalam Sufalam project provides irrigation facilities to the villages, which were not covered under the Narmada waters.

Agriculture Minister Shri Dilipbhai Sanghani highlighted the successes of Krushi Mahotsavs.

Minister of State for Home Shri Amitbhai Shah, MLAs Shri Jethabhai Bharvad, Shri Pankaj Desai, Former Minister Shri Prabhatsinh Chauhan, Former MLA Dr Mansinh Bhamat, Rajesh Pathak, District Panchayat President Shri Ramesh Rathva, Former M.P. Shri Gopalsinh Solanki, principal secretaries, eminent leaders were among the others who attended the ceremony.

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PM addresses YouTubers during YouTube Fanfest India 2023
September 27, 2023
“I have also been connected to the country and the world through my YouTube channel. I also have subscribers in decent numbers”
“Together, we can bring transformation in the lives of a vast population in our country”
“Awaken the nation, initiate a movement”
“Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Icon to receive all my updates”

My YouTuber friends, today I am extremely happy to be here among you as a fellow YouTuber. I am also just like you, not any different. Since 15 years, I have also been connected to the country and the world through a YouTube channel. I also have subscribers in decent numbers.

I have been told that a big community of about 5,000 creators, aspiring creators is present here today. Some work on gaming, some educate on technology, some do food blogging, while some are travel bloggers or lifestyle influencers.

Friends, for years, I have been observing how your content impacts the people of our country. And we have an opportunity to make this impact even more effective. Together, we can bring transformation in the lives of a vast population in our country. Together, we can empower and strengthen many more individuals. Together, we can easily teach and make crores of people understand important matters. We can connect them with us.

Friends, although there are thousands of videos on my channel, the most satisfying for me has been when I talked to lakhs of students in our country through YouTube on subjects like exam stress, expectation management, productivity.

When I am amidst such a big creative community of the country, I feel like talking to you about some topics. These topics are connected with mass movement, the power of the people of the country is the basis for their success.

The first topic is cleanliness - Swachh Bharat became a big campaign in the last nine years. Everyone contributed to it, children brought an emotional power to it. Celebrities gave it heights, people in all corners of the country turned it into a mission and YouTubers like you made cleanliness more cool.

But we don't have to stop. Till the time cleanliness does not become India’s identity, we won’t stop. Therefore, cleanliness must be a priority for each one of you.

The second topic is - Digital payments. Due to the success of UPI, India today has 46 percent share in digital payments of the world. You should inspire more and more people of the country to make digital payments, teach them to make digital payments in simple language through your videos.

Another topic is Vocal For Local. In our country, so many products are made at the local level. The skill of our local artisans is amazing. You can promote them also through your work, and help in making India's local turn global.

And I have one more request. Inspire others also, make an emotional appeal that we will buy the product that has the fragrance of our soil, which has the sweat of a labourer or artisan of our country. Whether it's Khadi, handicrafts, handloom, or anything else. Awaken the nation, initiate a movement.

And one more thing I'd like to suggest from my side. Along with the identity that you have as a YouTuber, can you add an activity. Consider putting a question at the end of each episode or provide action points to do something. People can do the activity and share it with you. This way, your popularity will also grow, and people will not just listen but also engage in doing something.

I really enjoyed talking to all of you. What do you say at the end of your videos... I will also repeat it: Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Icon to receive all my updates.

Wishing you all the best.