"Shri Narendra Modi addresses a massive rally in Chennai, Tamil Nadu"
"This is an election of hope and people are confident that good days are ahead: Shri Modi"
"DMK and AIADMK...when they are in power they spent most of their energy in destroying each other, not devoted to people: Shri Modi"
"For the first time a 3rd Strength has emerged that will change the face of Tamil Nadu: Shri Modi in Chennai"
"BJP is fighting the elections with 24 parties. Never has such a big alliance come together before an Election: Shri Modi in Chennai"
"We have written about idea of Team India where PM & every CMs work as a Team India for development of India: Shri Modi"
"We need to strengthen India's Federal Structure. Each state has different issues & priorities and one solution won't work for all: Shri Modi"
"Atal ji was in government for 6 years but gave jobs to far more number of people than 10 years of UPA: Shri Modi"
"Even if they left years ago we have to care about those who left us be it Tamils in Malaysia or SL: Shri Modi in Chennai"
"In social media its going on that PM was almost ready to give up Siachen. Don’t know if it’s true or not but PM must clarify about this: Shri Modi"

During his address at the Bharat Vijay rally in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on the evening of 13th April, Shri Narendra Modi urged strong support for NDA - BJP and its allies in TN saying the alliance is a ray of hope for the people, who till now did not have any option beyond the DMK and AIADMK.

Criticizing the damaging politics of the DMK and the AIADMK, which witnessed them taking turns to rule Tamil Nadu and destroy each other, rather than focusing on people’s development, Shri Modi urged the people to end their rule for the betterment of Tamil Nadu. “Both parties here are taking people for granted and their politics depends on a few percentage of votes here and there,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi heralded the emergence of the BJP as a ray of hope for Tamil Nadu, and spoke of how this 3rd strength will work in the best interest of the people of the State. For the first time a 3rd Strength has emerged that will change the face of Tamil Nadu. BJP is fighting the elections with 24 parties all over India. Never has such a big alliance come together before an Election. This 3rd strength that has emerged will make the 2 main parties here more proactive. Emergence of this new strength is in the interests of the people of Tamil Nadu,” affirmed Shri Modi. Asserting the BJP’s focus on good governance and development, Shri Modi spoke of how the Party strongly advocated the idea of a ‘Team India’ where the PM and every CM worked together for the development of India.

Asserting further on the significance of the Federal structure, Shri Modi spoke of how a standard solution would not work for all states, since each had its separate set of issues and priorities. He stated how the BJP had, in its Manifesto, focused on evolving different growth modules for each state, depending on their requirements. Shri Modi affirmed that under the BJP, separate development policies will be framed for the states in the Himalayan range, the coastal states, the eastern belt or the desert regions.

Addressing the issue of coastal development, Shri Modi spoke of how the fishermen community were grossly ignored by the Centre, as they faced threats from countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Italy. “UPA is not concerned about fishermen and fishing. A big market awaits us but we need to devote attention to it. TN fishermen are troubled by Sri Lanka, Gujarati fishermen by Pakistan and Kerala fishermen by Italy. We need to protect our fishermen,” said Shri Modi. He also reiterated the problems faced by Tamilians living in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, and called for the need to address their concerns and support them.

Shri Modi criticized the Congress’ tactic of remembering the poor only during Elections, and ignoring them altogether later. He stated how the Congress had turned poverty and the poor into a joke by visiting their homes and getting their pictures clicked for publicity. Shri Modi affirmed that his childhood days spent as a tea seller had made him understand and more determined to serve the poor, while the Congress generations, born with a golden spoon, could only consider poverty as a source for their tourist interest.

Based on recent reports circulating on social media, Shri Modi also questioned the Prime Minister if any deal on giving up Siachen had been finalized, even as the Nation was kept in utter darkness of this move.

The unfulfilled promises of the Congress’ Manifestos in the past, and their blatant repetition in the current Manifesto, was just one of the many deceitful approaches of the Congress to fool the Nation, said Shri Modi. He affirmed that ensuring employment to the youth would be a primary concern for the BJP when it comes to power, and every initiative to ensure this will be taken.

Shri Modi appreciated the proactive support for BJP, witnessed across the country, and stated that the 2014 Elections were a ray of hope for the people who were eagerly awaiting a change in the government. He appealed to the people to vote for the BJP and enable the formation of a strong and stable government in Delhi.

Modi Govt's #7YearsOfSeva
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