I want to acknowledge the traditional owner of the land on which we stand today and pay my respect to their elders and their past and present. Premier Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Friends,

Thank you very much for hosting this Reception. I am delighted to be present at this function. Congratulations to Brisbane for being such a wonderful host to G20. You did an outstanding job. I know that you have often lived in the shadow of Melbourne and Sydney. This week you have shown the world what a great city and host you are.

Today, I have started my bilateral visit to Australia and, I am pleased that it has begun here. Queensland is at the forefront of relations between India and Australia.

Earlier today, I had the privilege to unveil a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Brisbane. This has added a special bond of emotion between us. This is a symbol of the values that we share; the ideals we aspire to; and, the world we wish to build. The credit for this strong partnership between India and Queensland goes to you, Premier Newman and Lord Mayor.

Your missions to India have been very productive and brought our businesses and our people closer. Several Queensland business delegations are visiting India this year. Queensland has emerged as a major source of key resources to power India`s growth development. It is also a major destination of Indian investments. You have supported partnership in education and skills.

Queensland`s universities and research institutions are collaborating closely with India. They have used the opportunities provided by Australia-India Strategic Research Fund well.

I went to Queensland University the other day and met some of your scientists and academics. The joint research we are doing will help our farmers, especially in dry areas, and contribute to food security in India. Queensland`s fruits and vegetables are really good. There is a lot of potential for us to work together.

I am joined on this visit by a delegation of business and academic leaders from India, who are forging strong partnerships with Australia and especially with Queensland.

I am grateful to you for looking after the Indian community of nearly 100,000. Some have been here for generations, some have come more recently. But, they are really happy here. They are the bridge of friendship and understanding between us.

We can also learn and gain a lot from each other in tourism. Lord Mayor, Brisbane has emerged as centre of advanced technology; at the same time Hyderabad is also known as Cyberabad. It is natural that the two cities have a sister-city relationship. I truly welcome the engagement between states and cities. Relations between countries can prosper fully only if we bring our states and cities together.

That is why I am also very keen to involve states in India in our international engagements.

Friends, This is an exciting moment in India. A moment filled with optimism; a desire for change and progress; and the confidence to achieve it. Driven by the energy and the enterprise of our youth. This is a time to forge partnerships in India. You will find a welcoming environment that not only makes it possible, but also easy and smooth.

Here in Brisbane and at this Reception, I feel the sentiment of friendship between our people and the promise of a strong partnership in the years ahead.

I want to thank you once again for the warmth of your welcome and your hospitality.

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Today's India is an aspirational society: PM Modi on Independence Day

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Today's India is an aspirational society: PM Modi on Independence Day
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Why Amit Shah believes this is Amrit Kaal for co-ops

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Text of PM’s remarks on Union Budget 2023
February 01, 2023
“First budget of the Amrit Kaal lays a strong foundation for the aspirations and resolutions of a developed India”
“This Budget gives priority to the deprived”
“PM Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman i.e. PM Vikas will bring a big change in the lives of crores of Vishwakarmas”
“This Budget will make cooperatives a fulcrum of development of the rural economy”
“We have to replicate the success of digital payments in the agriculture sector”
“This budget will give an unprecedented expansion to Green Growth, Green Economy, Green Infrastructure, and Green Jobs for Sustainable Future”
“Unprecedented investment of ten lakh crores on infrastructure that will give new energy and speed to India's development”
“The middle class is a huge force to achieve the dreams of 2047. Our government has always stood with the middle class”

This first budget of Amritkaal will build a strong foundation to fulfil the grand vision of a developed India. This budget gives priority to the underprivileged. This budget will fulfill the dreams of today's aspirational society - village, poor, farmer, middle class.

I congratulate Finance Minister Nirmala ji and her team for this historic budget.


Traditionally, crores of 'Vishwakarmas' who create something or the other by working hard with their hands, tools and equipment are the builders of this country. We have a huge list of countless people like the blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, carpenters, sculptors, artisans, masons etc. The country has brought various incentive schemes for the first time in this budget to support the hard work of all these Vishwakarmas. Provisions have been made for training, technology, credit and market support for such people. PM Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman i.e. PM Vikas will bring a sea change in the lives of crores of Vishwakarmas.


From urban women to women living in villages, women engaged in business, or women busy with household chores, the government has taken many steps over the years to make their lives easier. Be it Jal Jeevan Mission, Ujjwala Yojana, PM-Awas Yojana, many such initiatives will be taken forward with a lot of vigour. Besides, 'women self-help group' is a very powerful sector that has acquired a huge space in India today. If they get a slight push, they can do miracles. And therefore, a new initiative for the all-round development of the 'women self-help groups' will add a new dimension to this budget. A special savings scheme for women is also being launched. And after the Jan Dhan account, this special savings scheme is going to give a fresh boost to the home makers, mothers and sisters of the families.

This budget will make cooperatives the pivot of development of rural economy. The government has brought the world's largest food storage scheme in the co-operative sector - Storage Capacity. An ambitious plan to form new primary co-operatives has also been announced in the budget. This will expand the area of milk and fish production along with farming. The farmers, cattle-rearers and fishermen will get better price for their produce.



Now we have to replicate the success of digital payments in the agriculture sector. Therefore, in this budget, we have come up with a major plan for digital agriculture infrastructure. The world is celebrating International Millet Year. There are various types of millets in India which have different names. Today, as millets are reaching every household and becoming popular all over the world, its maximum benefits should go to the small farmers of India. Therefore, it is necessary to take it forward in a new way. It needs a new identity, a special identity. That's why now this super-food has been given a new identity of 'Shri Anna'. Several schemes have been formulated for its promotion. With the priority given to 'Shri Anna', the small farmers of the country, our tribal brothers and sisters, who are engaged in farming, will receive financial support and at the same time the countrymen will get a healthy life.


This budget will give an unprecedented boost to Green Growth, Green Economy, Green Energy, Green Infrastructure, and Green Jobs for a sustainable future. In the budget, we have laid a lot of emphasis on technology and new economy. Aspirational India today wants modern and Next generation infrastructure in every field like road, rail, metro, port, waterways. Compared to 2014, investment in infrastructure has been increased by more than 400 percent. This time an unprecedented investment of Rs 10 lakh crores on infrastructure will give new energy and momentum to India's development. This investment will create new employment opportunities for the youth, providing new income opportunities to a large population. In this budget, along with Ease of Doing Business, the campaign of credit support and reforms for our industries has been taken forward. An additional loan guarantee of Rs 2 lakh crore has been allocated for MSMEs. Now increasing the limit of presumptive tax will help MSMEs to grow. A new system has been developed for timely payments by big companies to MSMEs.


India's middle class has become a major stream in every sphere of life, be it development or systems, courage or ability to take a resolution, in a rapidly changing India. The middle class is a huge force to fulfill the dreams of a prosperous and developed India. Just as the youth power of India is the special strength of India, similarly the growing middle class of India is also its great strength. In order to empower the middle class, our government has taken several decisions in the past years and has ensured Ease of Living. We have reduced the tax rate, as well as made the process simple, transparent and fast. Our government, which has always stood with the middle class, has given huge tax relief to the middle class. I once again congratulate Nirmala ji and her entire team for this budget that serves all and helps in building a dynamic and a developed India. Besides congratulating, I call upon my countrymen - Now the new budget is in front of you. Go ahead with new resolutions. By 2047, we will definitely build a prosperous India, a capable India, and a developed India in every way. Let us take this journey forward. Thanks a lot!