We must plan for the future. We must plan adequately for growth of our cities: PM
Government of India is actively working on the Rurban Mission. This caters to those places that are growing & urbanising quickly: PM
Character & spirit of the village has to be preserved & at the same time we need to invigorate our villages with good facilities: PM
In this nation everybody is equal before the law and everyone has to follow the law: PM

Gentlemen present on the dais and brothers & sisters of Pune now gathered here in large numbers.

India is urbanising at a very quick pace and despite all out efforts the speed urbanization is too high therefore, it has become essential for us to work in two directions. Quality works have to be done in villages with generation of job opportunities. The quality of life has to be improved in villages. Villages should get the same facilities, potentials and avenues available in cities. Only then we will be able to check the exodus of population from villages to cities. On the other hand piece meal thinking with targeted comeback in elections after five years will leave us as a loser on the front of overcoming the challenges mounting ahead of cities. We may have no political mileage for now, but after 25 or 30 years how our city will be visible and what will be the expected water requirement, required schools and hospitals, estimated traffic flow and its management will have to be a part of our vision. Only then we will be able to meet the challenges of this fast pace urbanisation. You have given us power to run the nation as a government in New Delhi so we have made a policy that lays emphasis on permanent change rather than current gain. Rurban Mission is now that where villages are gradually becoming cities with spurt in population. Such villages are within the 25 km periphery of big cities. We have asked all states across the country to mark such villages. And a detailed work is underway to develop such villages in the Rurban Plan. This Rurban mission has a clear object of an urbanised village with a Rural soul. The spirit of village should not die. It should be secured and nurtured. However, village dwellers can not be forced to live in 18th century. So, in order to reduce pressure on cities we have focussed on such hundreds of villages across the country and have tried to enhance facilities under the Rurban Mission. On the other hand Infrastructure is the first and foremost requirement to bring changes in cities. Till now there has been callous attitude towards Infrastructure development in our country. This is sufficient for now so make only a small road. In later stage when the road has to be widened, there comes encroachment on its side by persons residing there. This leads to court cases and matter is kept in store for another 25-30 years. This has been the practice. Laying of water pipelines will begin and by the time work is over, there will be so much population there that the pipeline will become insufficient. Then there will arise the issue of laying big pipelines but how? This indicates that we have not cared for future requirements and opted that kind of development model which gives only short term gains. Now a solution should be evolved.

It is our endeavour now to develop more than 50 Metro cities in one go. You can imagine the magnitude of burden we have decided to bear. A decision to implement this in staggered manner and efforts of delaying the process may have resulted in enhanced project cost with increased problems on one hand with no surety of fulfilment of requirements on the other. So it is our resolve to take projects in hand in such a manner that it should be complete in the given time frame. So if possible, effort should be to plan for things that are estimated to be required after 25-30 years. Today this approach may not be economically viable but ones the process takes off, we will also learn getting economically viable. We want to bring chances in quality of life.

Today a Herculean task of connecting 2.5 lakh panchayats through Optical Fibre Network in the country is underway. This Digital India is not a city specific work. We can not push forward the nation unless we link the entire country with latest technique and science. There was a time when infrastructure was taken as road, rail or to a maximum airport was taken into thought. This is past. Now people want Highway with I-Way. For I-Way we need Optical Fibre connectivity throughout the country. Earlier people used to get satisfied with laying of water pipe lines with water supply. Now with the time change they demand Gas pipeline too. So we will have to update the visions and concepts of development. Only then we can think of meeting the future needs of a layman. We have this potential. Now the infrastructure is being expanded beyond the rail and road connectivity for Water grid, Digital network, Gas grid areas and insurance payment for farmer’s crop loss is being done through the use of space technology as this is the need of the hour. And India must become advanced in this manner. Government is working on this vision.

I can understand the anguish of Pune people in the delayed implementation of this Metro project. This is but natural. This could have been done much earlier with a too lower expenditure. People didn’t have suffered and not purchased vehicles in large number with a thought that when Metro is their why I should go for a vehicle. There is no parking space too. Anyhow, better late than never. Friends, the earlier governments had reserved some very good assignments for me and I have an opportunity to meet your expectations. I feel lucky in being with you now. How happy Mr. Jagtap ji is feeling now, I don’t know. It is very difficult to express ones happiness if arising out of political factors. Just now Venkaiah ji said that Pune is getting 160 crore rupees instead of 28 crore rupees. On the eve of elections, if a municipality have 160 crore in its coffers, what can not be done? This happened because of my 8th November evening 8 pm address. This is not only in Pune but all over the country with the increase of 200 to 300 percent income for urban bodies. Everybody though that better place it here else this will be swept away by Modi. This too is a good cause otherwise the tax collection by urban bodies had never gone above 50, 60 or 70 percent. The contributors were masses and not those who are seen around us here and there occasionally. Law is violated by those who have higher approach. But they are also now in the queue. In a country everyone is equal. Everyone must be abided by Law. How the government have functioned so far? I am not criticising anyone. But it gives heart burns and pain. What the country has been made? You will be surprised. In 1988, Indian Parliament passed the Benami property Act after debate and discussions. This became headline in newspapers. Those wanted to get noticed and felicitations, got it with garlands around their necks with a tag of honest work. But that paper got lost in files after coming out of parliament. It got traced only when I came. That Act was not notified then. Law didn’t came into force. Had it been enforced by those who were in power in 1988, there might have been no sin in the name of Benami. The nation would have been safe. Such sin has been committed by those. You ask me should I allow this to go further. Please speak loudly for a solution. Must we not do this rightly and must we not stop the destructive acts. So my brothers and sisters, had a timely cure for this illness was done, I wouldn’t was forced to take such hard step. Such timely steps would not have forced my 125 crore fellow countrymen to stand in queues. I am also pained by this. But this decision is for country. Inaction made country a big loser. I had promised you to save this nation so is my action.

Brothers and sisters I have special expectations from Pune. This is a city of our country with industrial heritage. This is an educational hub also. If in the past Kashi was known for its intellectual bastion, so was Pune too. IT profession has deep roots in Pune. Can Pune march further towards online payment? Can our mobile gets converted as mobile phone bank, yes or no? This bank could be in our hands. Business can be done at ones wish any time. Is it necessary to stand in bank queue? Is it required to stand outside ATM? Whether every facility is available or not? Will Pune people help me, yes or no? I am sure of your help. We have to say yes for payment through e-Wallet or using debit card. Now Aadhaar services have also been enabled. Only Aadhaar number, account number and your thumb impression are enough for payment now. This will go further. Shri Sharad Rao, Kissan Leader are here with us. You are aware that High Sugarcane yield leads to decline in produce prices, bumper Onion crop witnesses the same, is it true or not? So is with the currency notes, more notes less value and finally no value. Before 8th November there was no taker for 100 rupee note. Even a child at home preferred either for Rs.1000 or Rs. 500 note instead of Rs. 100 as then that was taken as having no worth. After 8th November it is now Rs. 100 everywhere glittering. Small currency has now more value. So friends after 8th November India is seeing enhanced strengthening of both bigger as well as smaller ones. And my fight is for raising the strength of small persons and empowerment of poor.

But you might have seen earlier instances. Some people thought that all governments are alike. Same as in the past. Ok let Modi say it for some days. After that what? Later we are all the way. Have done this for years and will do it again. Taking this as granted they went for bank deposits in the hope of getting it converted to white and valid. Though the not didn’t got white rather their faces got blackened. Some persons took bank employees on their sides in partnership for their easy run but now they have no courage to come out in public. With state of the art technology everyone can be traced right from his home to everywhere. After one, two or three months everyone will be asked and approached for their transactions. First you didn’t have now what is the source of your high income. Those who took it as depositing their money in bank will make it white and valid should now be cautious. Still you have a chance for a free ride. Be abided by law. Return back that one belonged to poor. Hence forth their no escape route. So from this Pune soil I want to appeal everyone that be a law respecting and following person. There are still certain rules that can be of your help. Come on the right track and have a peaceful tension less nap, There will be nothing to worry. If you don’t return then I am not going to rest. Brothers and sisters I have started this war against corruption, black money, fake currency, terrorism and naxalism not for saying only but for with a big stride. And this mood of 125 crore countrymen I am sure that gone are the days when these handful peoples were able to do their likes putting country at stake. Now it is the turn of 125 crore people to have their say. And a select bank of people will find it difficult to supress their voice. Friends I am out with this thought and now is grateful for my fellow countrymen. In the start of this process I had referred of 50 day problem, increased problem. But after 50 days woes of honest persons will start receding and trouble time for corrupt ones will start uprising. You will see this and this has begun. Big shots are getting arrested and being sent to custody. Many bank employees have been rested to their homes. Some were dismissed and some have been imprisoned.

Brothers and sisters these steps have been taken after well planning and thinking and keeping the interests of countrymen and I hope we will succeed, the country will succeed. Metro work should start at fast pace. When Maharashtra elections were going on, I had said that for 15 years this vehicle of Maharashtra is stuck in a ditch, bailing it out of that will need double engine. One from Delhi and other one from Maharashtra Government. You have trusted us. Now this double engine has brought Metro. This is the power of double engine. So you gave us an opportunity for this and for this many- many thanks to you all.


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