PM Modi attends 50th Raising Day celebrations of CISF, salutes their valour
VIP culture sometimes creates hurdle in security architecture. Hence, it's important that the citizens cooperate with the security personnel: PM
PM Modi praises the CISF personnel for their contributions during national emergencies and disasters

All my CISF friends, who are engaged in the protection and security of the nation's property and honour!

All the brave family members present here today!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Heartiest congratulations to you all on the occasion of 50th Raising Day celebrations!

The completion of 50 years as an organization is a commendable feat. The CISF has been able to attain this height today due to the contribution made not only by the institution as a whole but also by all those great people who have headed it for that past 50 years and have worked relentlessly to take this institute to newer heights. They have worked for its human resource development too. Today we are celebrating 50 years or the Golden Jubilee. Congratulations to all those who have worked during the last 50 years to take this institution to such great heights. Some of them are present here today. They are extremely praiseworthy.

But brothers and sisters,

Your accomplishment becomes all the more important because the neighbouring country is hostile. Although they are incapable of fighting a direct war, but different conspiracies within India get an impetus from that land that gives rise to different forms of monstrous terrorism; amidst such situations, it becomes all the more challenging to protect the nation and its resources.

Just a short while ago, during the ongoing Parade, I could feel the zeal and determination that are necessary for building a glorious India. I congratulate the Parade Commander, and all the soldiers and officials who took part in the Parade for this grand presentation. Several friends have also received medals here today for their excellent service. I congratulate all of you for this. Besides, I also congratulate the winners of Police Medal and Jeevan Raksha Padak announced on the Republic Day this year.


All of you associated with CISF, have played a crucial role in protecting the wealth of the nation. In order to safeguard the new and modern systems of India, in order to fulfil the country's hopes and aspirations, you are continuously moving forward.

We know that there are several security arrangements and we have inherited these things like its formation, mechanism and structure from the British era. There are a very few institutions that have taken birth after Independence according to the needs. These were born in free India. These took birth as a result of the thinking of free India. These institutions were born to fulfil the dreams of independent India. And CISF is one of the important units among those. Therefore, its birth, nourishment, development, expansion etc. happened gradually in the form of progressive unfolding. This occasion of Golden Jubilee is extremely a proud moment for everyone especially those who have headed this institution and have helped in its growth.

Such an institution is created not just by approval of a file by the government or the Cabinet. It was the efforts of thousands of people over the 50 years. They have developed such an institution keeping in mind the needs of the people. And it became a great entity of faith for the nation. Therefore, no congratulatory word is enough for you. Rajesh Ranjan ji was saying -'it is pleasantly surprising that the Prime Minister has come to our event'. But I would rather say that I would have missed a lot of things if I hadn't come here.

The constant penance of 50 years is not less. It's a great penance. You have to be alert for 365 days in a year. You have to keep your hands, legs and body ready to avert any calamity and save the nation. You all have to work in such difficult circumstances wherein just one or two incidents could end everything. This is not an easy task. I understand it completely because as the Prime Minister, even I receive a protective shield. But I am sorry to say that giving protection to a single person is not a difficult task compared to protecting an institution where about 30 lakh people come and go; or 8 lakh people come and go; where every face is new, every person has a different behaviour. So, protecting such a huge institution is lakhs of times more difficult than protecting a VIP. You are doing that! You are taking care of the institution.

It's not that you are just guarding the doors of an institute. But you are protecting India's path of development. You are instilling a new faith in India's journey for development. And as per my experience, the biggest hurdles that you face while serving is created by people like us - the politicians who consider themselves kings. They consider themselves to be VIPs. If your security personnel stops him and checks at Airports, his anger starts erupting. He starts insulting you. He might even say that he would see you! You seek forgiveness and try telling him that it was just your duty but he wouldn't budge. This is the VIP culture.

Let me narrate an incident. When I used to do party work, I had to travel throughout the country on a regular basis. Once there was a senior political leader with me. There are a few airports in our country wherein there is double security check due to high security - like Srinagar. It was once the same even in Guwahati. Now I am not aware of the situation there. The senior political leader with me was a well-known figure but the security personnel at the airport could not identify him. He started doing the routine checks according to his drill. As he was being checked, his temper started rising. He could not cool down even after sitting inside the aircraft. He was not talking to me. I tried to understand his psychology. The next time, when we had to visit another place, I asked him to come after me so that I checked-in first. What I did was, I went straight to the security check; your security guard was standing there. I went to him and raised both my hands in the air. Then I said – “brother, quickly finish the aarti ritual”. He said - "but I know you". I said - "so what if you know me, until you finish the ritual of using your metal detector, I won't go". Then I told the senior leader - "why do you take these things to heart during the security check?" Just take it as the aarti ritual. Feel proud of it. Let us cooperate with the security personnel.

Sometimes this VIP culture becomes a threat to security. I have the courage to say this from here because I too follow discipline but my discipline never comes in between. This is the duty of every citizen. You all are 1.5 lakh in number. Even though your strength increases to 15 lakhs, your job will be difficult unless the citizens are disciplined and cooperative. Therefore, on this Golden Jubilee year, I believe it is necessary to educate the citizens about the significance of this massive system. Hence, when I was inspecting the Parade, I was wondering what to talk to you about today. A thought entered my mind - to create a digital museum within the airports and metro stations. The details about the origin, development and expansion of CISF, the way they are serving the citizens and their expectations etc. can keep playing on screens. The 30 lakh people travelling by metro will watch it sometime or the other. About 7-8 lakh people coming to the airport will watch it sometime or the other. The people will realize that these people work for 24 hours a day. They should respect them and feel proud of them. Sensitization is necessary. The more the people are informed, the stronger will be the security forces. You have my complete support in pushing this task.

Compared to the other central forces, the numbers of daughters are greater in CISF. They are certainly giving a new dimension to the strength of the country and I therefore congratulate those daughters and their parents for choosing this field. I especially congratulate that mother who has taken the responsibility of securing the path of development of the country by encouraging the daughters to wear the uniform.


The spirit of security and service with which you are moving ahead are extremely important. You all are responsible for safeguarding the entire modern infrastructure being built - ports, airports, expansion of the metro and big industries etc. This powerful force of more than 1.5 lakh security personnel is striving to provide a safe and secure environment to the Indians and people visiting India from around the world.


Everyone feels completely safe in airports and metro. This has been possible because of your dedication, alertness and the public's faith in you. There is an ongoing expansion work for both airports and metro services. We are moving towards becoming the largest nation providing such services in both these fields.


Several times, I have got the opportunity to travel by metro. I have seen how hard you all have to work. You have to constantly keep an eye on the people and their belongings for hours. The common man who travels by metro or flight can see your hard work too. But sometimes there are a few people who under-estimate your work. They feel that your work is limited to checking every person.


It is essential for the nation to know that all the security personnel of CISF are not just associated with the job of checking but with every aspect of security and human sensitivity.


Your contribution has also always been commendable during the natural disasters. Last year during the Kerala floods, your friends have saved thousands of lives by engaging day and night in rescue operations. Not only in the country but whenever the humanity had been threatened abroad, the CISF had always fulfilled its responsibility. Your contribution after the Nepal and Haiti earthquakes has been appreciated by the international community. Moreover, I am told that you are playing a significant role in uniting those children with their families who get separated from their families during journeys. Similarly, you are responsible for providing a safe environment to the daughters. Due to all these reasons you have garnered the faith of the entire nation.


Today, on this important occasion as we have reached a significant milestone, we should also commemorate our colleagues who have given supreme sacrifice for their duty, for the protection of our country; who have been martyred for the protection of our country. You have given the supreme sacrifice for protecting the country, for preserving our invaluable heritage and wealth from those forces that promote terrorism and violence. Be it CISF, CRPF or the other armed forces, we are able to look forward to our dream of a New India due to your dedication and sacrifice. So far, more than 35 thousand Police friends, including the 4000 martyrs from the central police forces have laid down their lives. I offer my homage to all the martyrs.

But I would like to tell the people associated with the Defence forces that I emotionally feel that the people in Khaki uniforms; their hard work has not received so much respect and honour as it should have got in the country. It has not received enough recognition from the common people. So, for the first time since Independence, a Prime Minister had advocated from the ramparts of Red Fort to appropriately commemorate the martyrdom of more than 35 thousand policemen. I wanted to do that because the ordinary citizens are not aware of the reality. They judge the entire system based on the impression that is created by the behaviour of maybe a particular constable towards them.

It is important for the country to enhance the glory, prestige and honour of our security forces more and more. The establishment of the Police Memorial is a part of that. And I would like the school students to visit the Memorial and know those who have sacrificed their lives for us. We should keep on putting efforts in this direction. All your families too sacrifice for the security of the nation. It is difficult to put it in words. And I am glad that while I was travelling in an open Jeep, I got the opportunity to meet the three generations. Here, the three generations of your family are present. The elderly ascetic people too are present. Today some retired people are also present here on this occasion. I have had the opportunity to meet them too. I salute all the families because the sacrifices of these families give strength to those who are on duty.


You keep standing on your front without wavering in any season - summer, winter or rains. There are several festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid for the nation but for you, your duty becomes your festival. The families of the security personnel are also like the others. They have dreams and aspirations. They too have doubts and apprehensions. But when it comes to the security of the nation, they overcome every obstacle....... (Audio interrupted)....

.......There should be a full-day drill programme for different units. A protocol similar to 'blue-book' should be prepared so that we can prepare the people for it. We can move ahead on similar lines. We should do another thing. A separate Task Force can be created within CISF. There should be a real time study and monitoring of how the terrorists are looking for new modus operandi, how they are operating in new ways and the types of technologies they are using. The terrorists can misuse the gas pipelines and turn it into a catastrophe. Such things are happening around the world. We need to develop our systems by studying the equipment etc. used by the terrorists in the world. It would be better if we have such a dedicated Task Force for this study. And this study has to be done globally. Now there are no limits for terrorism. Terrorism is not confined to thousand kilometres or two thousand kilometres. They can be anywhere in any corner of the world. This is a challenge for humanity. Therefore, the challenge for your work is greater.

I would like to assure you that there will not be anything lacking on my behalf ever in fulfilling your needs and expectations. Once again, on the occasion of Golden Jubilee I congratulate you all for taking this institution to such great heights and for your contribution towards this institution. I also congratulate you all on the occasion of Golden Jubilee for arousing the belief in the people apart from ensuring the security of the nation. My best wishes to you all. And I believe that we will not leave any stone unturned in fulfilling the dreams of the country. With this spirit, my heartiest congratulations to my soldier brothers, their families and the great people who have carried this institution forward. With that I end my speech.

Say aloud with me everyone, whether in uniform or not! Everyone say -

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Thanks a lot!

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PM Modi's interview to News X
May 21, 2024

In an interview to News X, Prime Minister Modi addressed the issue of toxic language in elections, explained why the Opposition frequently discussed him, and shared his views on job creation. He criticized the Congress' tax plans and appeasement politics.

Rishabh Gulati: A very warm welcome to the viewers of NewsX and India News. I’m Rishabh Gulati and with me is Aishwarya Sharma of The Sunday Guardian and Rana Yashwant. In today’s special episode, we proudly welcome a renowned ‘rashtra sevak’, and the Prime Minister of India in this Amrit Kaal, Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi. Mr Prime Minister, you took the time to speak to us, we are very grateful.

Prime Minister: Namaskar, my warm greetings to all your viewers.


Rishabh Gulati: Mr Prime Minister, the first question that comes to mind is about the Opposition, and it seems that the biggest item on their poll agenda is Narendra Modi. Why, in your opinion, do they talk so much about Narendra Modi?

Prime Minister: To understand why they discuss Narendra Modi, we must first understand the Opposition. To understand them, one can examine the administration between 2004 and 2014.

The Opposition has not been able to play a strong role. Even as the Opposition, the way they are falling apart, they did not play a constructive role of any kind. Despite deep discussions, they haven’t been able to bring serious issues to the public attention. They thought that by their antics, taking up space in the media, they would be able to keep their boat afloat. Even in this election, I have seen that they make fresh attempts every day to acquire media space, be it by making videos, nonsensical statements, or behaving in a way that people don’t normally behave. So they do this to acquire space in the media. Now abusing Modi is one such antic, where, if nothing else, they are guaranteed publicity. Even a small-time politician, if he bad-mouths me, will get about an hour of media attention. Perhaps they see Modi as a ladder to climb up in their political career.


Aishwarya Sharma: Mr Prime Minister, the I.N.D.I. alliance is talking about wealth redistribution. Do you think this is possible, and will the voters of the country be influenced by such a scheme?

Prime Minister: You can’t examine this in isolation. You must look at their overall thought process. When their (Congress) manifesto was released, I had said the manifesto had the imprint of the Muslim League. There was a statement made by Dr Manmohan Singh… I had attended the meeting in which he said that ‘Muslims have the first right to India’s resources.’ Now when I raised this in public, their media ecosystem raised a storm saying that ‘Modi is lying,’. So two days later, I brought Manmohan Singh’s press conference forward and put it in front of them. Then they stopped talking. So this was one example. Now in their Manifesto, they have said that they will give reservation (to Muslims) even when allotting government contracts.

So today, when a bridge is to be built somewhere, what is the criteria for awarding the contract? The company bidding is evaluated based on how resourceful they are, their experience, their capability, their ability to deliver on time, all these things. Now they say that they want to give reservations to the minorities, to the Muslims, in this process as well. It all adds up. Now when they say that they will impose inheritance tax, it means that taxes that go to the government, who will stand to benefit from it? It’s the same people that Manmohan Singh ji talked about. If you join the dots, this is the logic that comes from it. How will the country accept this? Secondly, has any developing country in the world indulged in such madness? Today, India needs to work hard to rise above its problems. We have made this attempt and pulled 25 crore people out of poverty. Where there used to be a few hundred start-ups, there are now over 1.25 lakh start-ups, and there are Unicorns. You must go among the people and work with energy, and that will bring the right result.


Rana Yashwant: Mr Prime Minister, the Ram Mandir has been built in Ayodhya, the consecration of Ram Lalla took place and there was joy among the people. In all this, there is Iqbal Ansari, who has fought the legal battle, and is an important person. He comes, holding a placard that says ‘Modi ka Parivaar’. Today, the minority community identifies with your policies and welfare schemes. Your opinion?

Prime Minister: Since you’ve brought up Ram Mandir and Iqbal Ansari, I will narrate an incident. Ram Mandir should have been built right after Independence. In all these years, it wasn’t built because they (Congress) felt it would affect their vote bank. Attempts were made in the Courts till the very end to stop it. It is a fact that Congress hindered the building of the Ram Mandir. Despite this, when the Supreme Court judgment came through, the Court constituted a trust, and the trust members, let go of all past differences and went to invite the Congress Party members to the consecration ceremony. They rejected the invitation. The same people went to invite Iqbal Ansari. The ironic thing is, that Iqbal Ansari, who fought the Babri Masjid case his entire life, respected the Supreme Court’s verdict and attended the ‘Shilanyas’ and the ‘Pran Prathistha’ ceremony as well. This is what I think, as far as Iqbal Ansari is concerned.

Now if you want to talk about secularism, it is my very serious allegation, that for over 75 years, through a very well-crafted conspiracy, a false narrative has been fed to the nation. It has been embedded in the nation from before our birth. Sardar Patel was targeted by this narrative, and maybe, today it may be my turn, tomorrow someone else… Why do they cry out ‘secularism’ over and over again? It’s because they want to divert the world’s attention from their communal activities.

They cry ‘thief’ over and over when they have defrauded the people, and they do this because they think crying ‘thief’ will divert the public’s attention. This is their ploy. I have called them out in front of everyone, that they are the ones who are communal. India’s constitution does not allow you to indulge in such sectarian acts, and I have brought out several such examples, like I mentioned earlier that they called the Muslims the rightful inheritors of India’s wealth. I am exposing them. They (Congress) hide behind their politics of appeasement and instead accuse me of being communal. I am talking about those communal parties that wear the ‘nikab’ of secularism and indulge in hardcore communalism. I find three things common among these people. They are hardcore sectarians, they are extremely casteist, and they are hardcore dynasts. They are so full of these three things that they can’t come out of it.


Rishabh Gulati: Mr Prime Minister, you have spoken about lifting 25 crore people out of poverty. 80 crore poor people are receiving ration – it is necessary now and will be so in the future as well. What do you have to say about how crucial it will be in the future?

Prime Minister: When Manmohan Singh ji was the Prime Minister, news was rife with reports of food grains getting spoilt. So, the Supreme Court asked the government as to why the grains were not being distributed among the poor. Manmohan Singh ji, who was the Prime Minister then, stated on record that they could not distribute the grains and that it was impossible to do it. That is the consequence of his thinking. I faced the same issue, especially during COVID-19. My first goal was to ensure that a stove should be lit in every poor household. So, I started working on it. I have stated this for the next five years as well because in the lives of those who come out of poverty…

For example, one returns home from the hospital. The treatment has been done but precaution is necessary. A doctor advises you to take rest for a particular duration after returning home, tells you what to eat and what to refrain from consuming, and what to take care of. Why? The illness has already been addressed, but if anything is jeopardized then the condition of the person would return to what it was. That is why poor people who escape poverty need handholding. They should not return to that state in any condition. Once they escape poverty, they should be empowered to stand strong. In my understanding, in the next five years, those who have escaped poverty should be able to firmly stand on their feet. Any unfortunate incident in their family, should not push them to poverty again. And only then will the country eradicate poverty.


Aishwarya Sharma: Mr Prime Minister, our country is the youngest country. Under your tenure, 10 lakh government jobs have been filled. Now, the Opposition has vowed to fill 30 lakh government jobs. In your third term, how do you plan to boost employment opportunities for the youth?

Prime Minister: You must have read the SKOCH report that was released. I hope your TV channel studies the SKOCH report in detail and conducts a TV debate on this. They have analysed some 20 to 22 schemes of the government. They have published statistics about how many person-year-hours have been obtained. They have revealed how many hours it takes to build 4 crore houses and how many people it employs. They have published data for about 22 different parameters.

They have stated that 50 crore people have accrued benefits. Secondly, we brought the Mudra Yojana. We give bank loans without any guarantee. We have disbursed loans worth Rs 23 Lakh Crore. 80% of those who have received these loans are first-timers. Some have started their businesses and have employed a few people in this process. Start-ups used to be in the thousands and now they are in lakhs. People have been employed in this process, right? Consider that a 1000-kilometre road is being built and think about how many jobs are created. So, if a 2000-kilometre road is being built more people will be employed, right? Today, road and rail construction has doubled, electrification has doubled, and mobile towers are reaching every corner of India. All this is being created by people who have received jobs. That is why a lie is being peddled.

 What’s important is that we must move towards creating jobs for ourselves. The youth in this country are in the mood to do something and be productive and we must help them. We must encourage them. Our Mudra Yojana does exactly that. We also run the SVANidhi scheme. There are countless street hawkers, who are poor people. But today, they are taking money from the bank to run their businesses. Due to this, they can save money and expand their business. Earlier, a street hawker would sit on the footpath and now his goal is to buy a lorry. One who would owned a lorry earlier now wishes to provide home delivery services. Their aspirations are rising. This is why I believe that while people receive the benefits of government schemes, which will eventually result in development, we must also focus on several other areas.


Rana Yashwant: Prime Minister, your government works on the principle of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’. Beneficiaries avail welfare schemes without any discrimination – caste, religion, or community. Yet, the Opposition maintains that Muslims do not accrue the same benefits from these welfare schemes.

Prime Minister: You are the first person from whom I’ve heard this. The unique aspect of my government, in terms of delivering welfare schemes, has not raised any questions regarding discrimination.


Rana Yashwant: The Opposition has to say this.

Prime Minister: Even the Opposition does not say this. You are the first person from whom I’ve heard this. I have never heard this from anybody because everyone knows… and Muslims themselves say that they receive all benefits.

The primary reason is that I have two principles. First, 100% saturation. For example, if poor people must be given houses, complete delivery must take place. If 100% delivery is the goal, then where does the scope of discrimination even arise? Whether it is providing gas connections, building toilets, ensuring tap water connections, I believe in 100% delivery. Yes, some people will receive the benefits in January, some in April and some in November, but the scheme will apply to all and 100%. I believe that true secularism is when 100% delivery is done. Social justice is when 100% is done. So, if my mission is 100% saturation… and nobody has made this charge yet. They don’t have the courage to say it. I have lived in Gujarat as well, and on this topic, nobody can prop up any charges against me.


Rishabh Gulati: Mr Prime Minister, you have taken out time to sit with us and relay your ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Thank you so much. Best of luck for the polls ahead.

Prime Minister: I thank you all. I have been campaigning day and night…


Rana Yashwant: You are constantly on the move. We see you morning until night on the run…

Rishabh Gulati: Today, you had a big rally at 8 in the morning.

Prime Minister: I started my day at 6 am and went to Jagannath Puri temple to offer my prayers. Since then I have been traveling and have at last got time to meet you.


Rana Yashwant: Where ever you go, Jagannath or Kashi, there is a sea of people that comes to greet you. You have experienced it yourself.

Prime Minister: I realise that my responsibilities are now increasing. I also see that the public has taken ownership of elections. Political parties are not fighting the elections. The public has taken ownership of this election. And the results will be as desired by the public.

Thank you!