This is Uttarakhand's decade: PM Modi in Haldwani

Published By : Admin | December 30, 2021 | 13:55 IST
“Strength of the people of Uttarakhand will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand”
“The Lakhwar project was first thought of in 1976. Today after 46 years, our government has laid the foundation stone for its work. This delay is nothing short of criminal”
“Deprivation and hassles of the past are now being converted into facilities and harmony”
“Today, in Delhi and Dehradun governments are not driven by desire for power but by the spirit of service”
“Your dreams are our resolutions; Your desire is our inspiration; and it is our responsibility to fulfil your every need.”

Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Governor of Uttarakhand Gurmit Singh ji, young, energetic and popular Chief Minister Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami ji, State President of Bharatiya Janata Party Shri Madan Kaushik ji, Union Minister Shri Ajay Bhatt ji, my friends Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank ji, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat ji, Tirath Singh Rawat ji and Shri Vijay Bahuguna ji, Ministers in Uttarakhand Government Shri Satpal Maharaj ji, Shri Harak Singh Rawat ji, Shri Subodh Uniyal ji and Shri Banshidhar Bhagat ji, my colleagues in Parliament Smt. Mala Rajya Laxmi ji and Shri Ajay Tamta ji, other MPs and MLAs, and my dear brothers and sisters of Kumaon!

Hope everybody up there is safe. Hope you are able to listen to me. Such a large number of people everywhere on the buildings! Please don’t move forward. I get scared. I am very grateful to you for your love and blessings. Greetings to all the brothers and sisters from this holy land of Kumaon and love and blessings to grandchildren! I greet this land of Shiva dotted with shrines of Jageshwar, Bageshwar, Someshwar and Rameshwar. Kumaon has also made a huge contribution to the independence of the country. Under the leadership of Pandit Badri Datt Pandey, the practice of ‘Coolie-Begar’ ended during the Uttarayani fair.


Today I got the opportunity to visit Kumaon. So, it is only natural to refresh old memories of my deep relationship with you. And what could be a greater pride for me than this that you have honored me with a cap of Uttarakhand. It’s not a small honor for me. I get attached to the pride of Uttarakhand. Today, development works worth over Rs. 17,000 crore have been either inaugurated or their foundation stone laid here. These projects will provide better connectivity and better health facilities to all the colleagues of Kumaon. I want to share one more good news with you. I have brought one more New Year gift for the people of Haldwani. We are coming up with a 2,000 crore rupee plan for the development of the overall infrastructure of Haldwani city. Haldwani will soon see unprecedented improvement in water, sewerage, road, parking, street lights, etc.


We have emphasized the need to carry out development works at a fast pace to make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. When I say that this is the decade of Uttarakhand, it is not without reason. There are many reasons. This is my firm belief that the potential of the people of Uttarakhand will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. I know the potential of this soil, friends. The growing modern infrastructure, the Char Dham mega project and new railway routes will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. New hydro projects and the growing industrial potential will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. The development of the tourism sector and the growing attraction for yoga all over the world is about to bring everybody to Uttarakhand. Growing facilities for tourists like Home Stays will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. This decade will belong to Uttarakhand in the agriculture sector also with an increase in natural farming and herbal products. The decade of Uttarakhand will be glorious. Today's projects are connected with all these sectors. I congratulate the people of Uttarakhand very much from this land of Haldwani today.


We all know the might of the Himalayas and the number of rivers that flow from Uttarakhand. Ever since independence, the people here have seen two streams. One stream which wants to keep the mountains deprived of development. And there is another stream which wants to work round the clock for the development of the mountains. The people of the first stream always want you to be deprived of development. They avoided the hard work needed to bring roads, electricity and water to the mountains. So many generations of hundreds of villages left our beloved Uttarakhand and settled somewhere in the absence of good roads and facilities. Today I am satisfied that the people of Uttarakhand and the country have come to know the truth of these people. Today, our government is engaged in taking the country to new heights at a fast pace with the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’. Today the foundation stone of the Satellite Center of AIIMS Rishikesh in Udham Singh Nagar district and Jagjivan Ram Government Medical College in Pithoragarh has been laid. These two hospitals will be of great help to the people of the Kumaon and Terai regions. Work is in full swing to start Almora Medical College soon. We are constantly trying to overcome the huge challenges of connectivity in Uttarakhand. Projects worth around 9,000 crore rupees that have been announced today are related to road construction only. Construction of a 1200-km rural road has also started under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. Apart from these roads, 151 bridges will also be constructed.

Brothers and sisters,

Manas Khand, which is the gateway to Mansarovar, was deprived of roads by those who believed in depriving you of comforts. We not only worked on the Tanakpur-Pithoragarh All Weather Road, but also built the road up to Lipulekh and it is being expanded further. Now when the people have come to know the truth of these people, they have opened a new shop which is to spread rumors. Manufacture the rumor, spread it and keep shouting day and night about it. I am told that these anti-Uttarakhand people are spreading confusion regarding the Tanakpur-Bageshwar railway line here.


The final location survey of the Tanakpur-Bageshwar railway line is a strong basis of this project. It is being undertaken so that work on this rail line can start quickly. I have come here to assure you. Rishikesh- Karnaprayag rail route is under construction and very soon Tanakpur-Bageshwar route will also be constructed. My brothers and sisters of Uttarakhand, these are not just stones of foundation, these are not mere stones; these are the monuments of resolutions which the double engine government will realize.


Uttarakhand has completed two decades of its formation. In these years, you have also seen those running the governments saying – ‘you loot Uttarakhand, but save my government’. These people plundered Uttarakhand with both hands. Those who love Uttarakhand cannot even imagine this. He who loves Kumaon does not leave Kumaon. This is Devbhoomi. Serving the people here, serving Uttarakhand is like serving gods and goddesses. And this is the spirit with which our government is working. I myself am committed in this regard. The inconvenience and deprivation is now being turned into convenience and harmony. They deprived you of basic facilities, whereas we are working day and night to provide 100 percent basic facilities to every class, every region.

Brothers and sisters,

If there is anyone who has suffered the most from the politics of deprivation, it is our mothers, sisters and our daughters. Mothers and sisters suffered the most due to smoke in the kitchen. Sisters and daughters suffered the most in the absence of toilets. Mothers suffered the most due to water dripping from the raw roof. It is the heart of mothers which get hurt the most when children fall sick and there is no money for treatment, no facilities. Our mothers and sisters had to endure a lot of hardships and time for water. We have tried to eradicate these problems of mother power in the last seven years. Tap water to every household under the Jal Jeevan Mission is one such endeavor. Under this mission, more than five crore families of the country have been given piped water in the last two years. The life of the sisters of 13 districts will be facilitated with the laying of the foundation stone of more than 70 projects. The areas around Haldwani and Jagjitpur will also get enough drinking water.


When we visit a historical site, we are told that this place was built so many years ago, it is so old. But for decades, the situation of the country has been such that when it comes to big projects, what is said here is that this project has been stuck for so many years. This has been a permanent trademark of those who have been in government before. This is the history of the Lakhwar project whose work has started in Uttarakhand today. You think over, my friends and those who are sitting here have been hearing about this project for more than four decades. By now, you would have forgotten what the issue was. This project was first conceived in 1976. It will be almost 50 years now. Today, 46 years later, our government has laid the foundation stone for it. I would like to ask the brothers and sisters of Uttarakhand whether it is a sin or not that the project which was conceived in 1974 is being implemented after 46 years. Is it a sin or not? Should those committing such a sin to be punished or not? Has this delay hurt you or not? Has Uttarakhand suffered or not? Did two generations suffer or not? Will you forget those who commit such sins, or will you fall for their big promises? No country can imagine such a project hanging around in files for nearly five decades. Only promises were made in every election! Brothers and sisters, take a look at my seven-year record. My time is being spent searching and fixing such old stuff. Now that I'm doing the work properly, you should fix those people. Had the people who were in the government earlier any concern about you, would this project be held back for four decades? If they loved you, would this be the plight of this project? The truth is that those who were in the previous governments never cared about the potential of Uttarakhand. As a result, neither did we get enough electricity, nor did the farmers' fields get irrigated, and most of the rural population of the country had to live without pure piped water.


For the past seven years, India has been protecting its environment and making the best use of its natural potential. The projects that have been launched today will not only strengthen the identity of Uttarakhand as a power surplus state but will also provide adequate irrigation facilities to the farmers. This electricity will be available to our industries, schools and colleges, hospitals and to every family.


The health of Ganga-Yamuna in Uttarakhand affects the health and prosperity of the people here as well as the huge population of the country. Therefore, we are engaged in a mission from Gangotri to Gangasagar. With the construction of toilets, improved sewerage system and modern facilities for water treatment, the number of dirty drains falling into Ganga ji is decreasing rapidly. Even today, sewer line and sewer treatment plants have been inaugurated and the foundation stone laid at Udham Singh Nagar, Ramnagar and Nainital under the Namami Gange scheme. Protection of the beautiful lake of Nainital will now be taken up which no one cared about before.


Tourism cannot flourish anywhere unless there is comfort for tourists. Those who ran the governments earlier did not even think in this direction. The new roads that are being built, the roads that are being widened and new rail routes that are being built will also attract new tourists in Uttarakhand. The ropeways in major places of Uttarakhand will also help bring new tourists. The increasing mobile connectivity and new towers which are being installed in some places will also attract tourists. The medical facilities being developed in Uttarakhand will also increase the confidence of the tourists coming here. And who will benefit the most? The maximum benefit will accrue to the youth of Uttarakhand, the youth of our mountains. The people of Uttarakhand are witness to the fact that the number of devotees visiting Kedarnathji increased after new facilities were launched there. All records were broken. Similarly, the country is seeing a rapid increase in the number of devotees following the construction of the Kashi Vishwanath Dham. There are holy places here like Jageshwar Dham and Bageshwar in Kumaon. Their development will create new possibilities for development in this region. The Central Government has also installed India's largest optical telescope at Devasthal in Nainital. It has not only provided new facilities to scientists from home and abroad, but created a new identity for this place.


The amount of money that the double engine government is spending on development projects is unprecedented. With the construction of new roads, buildings, houses under the PM Awas Yojana and new rail routes, new possibilities emerge for local industries and for our Uttarakhand entrepreneurs. There would be a trader from Uttarakhand supplying cement, a businessman supplying iron and ballast, or an engineer carrying out the work related to their design. These development schemes are creating many employment opportunities here. The double engine government is standing with full strength with the youth of Uttarakhand who want to do business on their own. Under the Mudra Yojana, affordable loans are being provided to the youth without bank guarantees. Young people who are involved in farming are being helped with the Kisan Credit Cards. Brothers and sisters who run small shops are getting help under the SVANidhi Yojana. Our government has opened the doors of banks for the poor and middle-class youth of Uttarakhand. We are working hard to ensure that they are able to fulfill their dreams without any obstacles coming in their way. There are many possibilities for AYUSH and industries related to aromatic products in Uttarakhand. There is a huge market for it in the country and abroad. Aroma Park of Kashipura will strengthen Uttarakhand, will support the farmers and will provide employment to hundreds of youth. Similarly, the plastic industrial park will also create many employment opportunities.

Brothers and sisters,

The governments in Delhi and Dehradun are not after power; but dedicated to service. The brave mothers of Kumaon, who have dedicated their children to national security, cannot forget how the previous governments ignored this area despite it being a frontier state. Every aspect from connectivity to national security was ignored. They only made our army and soldiers wait for years. The wait for One Rank One Pension, the wait for modern weapons, the wait for necessary protective armor like bulletproof jackets and also the wait for a strong reply to terrorists! These people were always at the forefront in insulting the army and our brave soldiers. The brave people of Uttarakhand who gave the Kumaon Regiment to the army can never forget this.


Uttarakhand wants to accelerate the pace of rapid development. Your dreams are our resolutions; your will is our motivation, and fulfilling your every need is our responsibility. Your blessings on the double engine government will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. Once again, I congratulate all of you and Uttarakhand for the development projects. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. The year 2022 is just round the corner. I wish the people of Uttarakhand a very Happy New Year and also for the Ghughutiya Tyar festival.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Many thanks.

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PM Modi's interview to News X
May 21, 2024

In an interview to News X, Prime Minister Modi addressed the issue of toxic language in elections, explained why the Opposition frequently discussed him, and shared his views on job creation. He criticized the Congress' tax plans and appeasement politics.

Rishabh Gulati: A very warm welcome to the viewers of NewsX and India News. I’m Rishabh Gulati and with me is Aishwarya Sharma of The Sunday Guardian and Rana Yashwant. In today’s special episode, we proudly welcome a renowned ‘rashtra sevak’, and the Prime Minister of India in this Amrit Kaal, Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi. Mr Prime Minister, you took the time to speak to us, we are very grateful.

Prime Minister: Namaskar, my warm greetings to all your viewers.


Rishabh Gulati: Mr Prime Minister, the first question that comes to mind is about the Opposition, and it seems that the biggest item on their poll agenda is Narendra Modi. Why, in your opinion, do they talk so much about Narendra Modi?

Prime Minister: To understand why they discuss Narendra Modi, we must first understand the Opposition. To understand them, one can examine the administration between 2004 and 2014.

The Opposition has not been able to play a strong role. Even as the Opposition, the way they are falling apart, they did not play a constructive role of any kind. Despite deep discussions, they haven’t been able to bring serious issues to the public attention. They thought that by their antics, taking up space in the media, they would be able to keep their boat afloat. Even in this election, I have seen that they make fresh attempts every day to acquire media space, be it by making videos, nonsensical statements, or behaving in a way that people don’t normally behave. So they do this to acquire space in the media. Now abusing Modi is one such antic, where, if nothing else, they are guaranteed publicity. Even a small-time politician, if he bad-mouths me, will get about an hour of media attention. Perhaps they see Modi as a ladder to climb up in their political career.


Aishwarya Sharma: Mr Prime Minister, the I.N.D.I. alliance is talking about wealth redistribution. Do you think this is possible, and will the voters of the country be influenced by such a scheme?

Prime Minister: You can’t examine this in isolation. You must look at their overall thought process. When their (Congress) manifesto was released, I had said the manifesto had the imprint of the Muslim League. There was a statement made by Dr Manmohan Singh… I had attended the meeting in which he said that ‘Muslims have the first right to India’s resources.’ Now when I raised this in public, their media ecosystem raised a storm saying that ‘Modi is lying,’. So two days later, I brought Manmohan Singh’s press conference forward and put it in front of them. Then they stopped talking. So this was one example. Now in their Manifesto, they have said that they will give reservation (to Muslims) even when allotting government contracts.

So today, when a bridge is to be built somewhere, what is the criteria for awarding the contract? The company bidding is evaluated based on how resourceful they are, their experience, their capability, their ability to deliver on time, all these things. Now they say that they want to give reservations to the minorities, to the Muslims, in this process as well. It all adds up. Now when they say that they will impose inheritance tax, it means that taxes that go to the government, who will stand to benefit from it? It’s the same people that Manmohan Singh ji talked about. If you join the dots, this is the logic that comes from it. How will the country accept this? Secondly, has any developing country in the world indulged in such madness? Today, India needs to work hard to rise above its problems. We have made this attempt and pulled 25 crore people out of poverty. Where there used to be a few hundred start-ups, there are now over 1.25 lakh start-ups, and there are Unicorns. You must go among the people and work with energy, and that will bring the right result.


Rana Yashwant: Mr Prime Minister, the Ram Mandir has been built in Ayodhya, the consecration of Ram Lalla took place and there was joy among the people. In all this, there is Iqbal Ansari, who has fought the legal battle, and is an important person. He comes, holding a placard that says ‘Modi ka Parivaar’. Today, the minority community identifies with your policies and welfare schemes. Your opinion?

Prime Minister: Since you’ve brought up Ram Mandir and Iqbal Ansari, I will narrate an incident. Ram Mandir should have been built right after Independence. In all these years, it wasn’t built because they (Congress) felt it would affect their vote bank. Attempts were made in the Courts till the very end to stop it. It is a fact that Congress hindered the building of the Ram Mandir. Despite this, when the Supreme Court judgment came through, the Court constituted a trust, and the trust members, let go of all past differences and went to invite the Congress Party members to the consecration ceremony. They rejected the invitation. The same people went to invite Iqbal Ansari. The ironic thing is, that Iqbal Ansari, who fought the Babri Masjid case his entire life, respected the Supreme Court’s verdict and attended the ‘Shilanyas’ and the ‘Pran Prathistha’ ceremony as well. This is what I think, as far as Iqbal Ansari is concerned.

Now if you want to talk about secularism, it is my very serious allegation, that for over 75 years, through a very well-crafted conspiracy, a false narrative has been fed to the nation. It has been embedded in the nation from before our birth. Sardar Patel was targeted by this narrative, and maybe, today it may be my turn, tomorrow someone else… Why do they cry out ‘secularism’ over and over again? It’s because they want to divert the world’s attention from their communal activities.

They cry ‘thief’ over and over when they have defrauded the people, and they do this because they think crying ‘thief’ will divert the public’s attention. This is their ploy. I have called them out in front of everyone, that they are the ones who are communal. India’s constitution does not allow you to indulge in such sectarian acts, and I have brought out several such examples, like I mentioned earlier that they called the Muslims the rightful inheritors of India’s wealth. I am exposing them. They (Congress) hide behind their politics of appeasement and instead accuse me of being communal. I am talking about those communal parties that wear the ‘nikab’ of secularism and indulge in hardcore communalism. I find three things common among these people. They are hardcore sectarians, they are extremely casteist, and they are hardcore dynasts. They are so full of these three things that they can’t come out of it.


Rishabh Gulati: Mr Prime Minister, you have spoken about lifting 25 crore people out of poverty. 80 crore poor people are receiving ration – it is necessary now and will be so in the future as well. What do you have to say about how crucial it will be in the future?

Prime Minister: When Manmohan Singh ji was the Prime Minister, news was rife with reports of food grains getting spoilt. So, the Supreme Court asked the government as to why the grains were not being distributed among the poor. Manmohan Singh ji, who was the Prime Minister then, stated on record that they could not distribute the grains and that it was impossible to do it. That is the consequence of his thinking. I faced the same issue, especially during COVID-19. My first goal was to ensure that a stove should be lit in every poor household. So, I started working on it. I have stated this for the next five years as well because in the lives of those who come out of poverty…

For example, one returns home from the hospital. The treatment has been done but precaution is necessary. A doctor advises you to take rest for a particular duration after returning home, tells you what to eat and what to refrain from consuming, and what to take care of. Why? The illness has already been addressed, but if anything is jeopardized then the condition of the person would return to what it was. That is why poor people who escape poverty need handholding. They should not return to that state in any condition. Once they escape poverty, they should be empowered to stand strong. In my understanding, in the next five years, those who have escaped poverty should be able to firmly stand on their feet. Any unfortunate incident in their family, should not push them to poverty again. And only then will the country eradicate poverty.


Aishwarya Sharma: Mr Prime Minister, our country is the youngest country. Under your tenure, 10 lakh government jobs have been filled. Now, the Opposition has vowed to fill 30 lakh government jobs. In your third term, how do you plan to boost employment opportunities for the youth?

Prime Minister: You must have read the SKOCH report that was released. I hope your TV channel studies the SKOCH report in detail and conducts a TV debate on this. They have analysed some 20 to 22 schemes of the government. They have published statistics about how many person-year-hours have been obtained. They have revealed how many hours it takes to build 4 crore houses and how many people it employs. They have published data for about 22 different parameters.

They have stated that 50 crore people have accrued benefits. Secondly, we brought the Mudra Yojana. We give bank loans without any guarantee. We have disbursed loans worth Rs 23 Lakh Crore. 80% of those who have received these loans are first-timers. Some have started their businesses and have employed a few people in this process. Start-ups used to be in the thousands and now they are in lakhs. People have been employed in this process, right? Consider that a 1000-kilometre road is being built and think about how many jobs are created. So, if a 2000-kilometre road is being built more people will be employed, right? Today, road and rail construction has doubled, electrification has doubled, and mobile towers are reaching every corner of India. All this is being created by people who have received jobs. That is why a lie is being peddled.

 What’s important is that we must move towards creating jobs for ourselves. The youth in this country are in the mood to do something and be productive and we must help them. We must encourage them. Our Mudra Yojana does exactly that. We also run the SVANidhi scheme. There are countless street hawkers, who are poor people. But today, they are taking money from the bank to run their businesses. Due to this, they can save money and expand their business. Earlier, a street hawker would sit on the footpath and now his goal is to buy a lorry. One who would owned a lorry earlier now wishes to provide home delivery services. Their aspirations are rising. This is why I believe that while people receive the benefits of government schemes, which will eventually result in development, we must also focus on several other areas.


Rana Yashwant: Prime Minister, your government works on the principle of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’. Beneficiaries avail welfare schemes without any discrimination – caste, religion, or community. Yet, the Opposition maintains that Muslims do not accrue the same benefits from these welfare schemes.

Prime Minister: You are the first person from whom I’ve heard this. The unique aspect of my government, in terms of delivering welfare schemes, has not raised any questions regarding discrimination.


Rana Yashwant: The Opposition has to say this.

Prime Minister: Even the Opposition does not say this. You are the first person from whom I’ve heard this. I have never heard this from anybody because everyone knows… and Muslims themselves say that they receive all benefits.

The primary reason is that I have two principles. First, 100% saturation. For example, if poor people must be given houses, complete delivery must take place. If 100% delivery is the goal, then where does the scope of discrimination even arise? Whether it is providing gas connections, building toilets, ensuring tap water connections, I believe in 100% delivery. Yes, some people will receive the benefits in January, some in April and some in November, but the scheme will apply to all and 100%. I believe that true secularism is when 100% delivery is done. Social justice is when 100% is done. So, if my mission is 100% saturation… and nobody has made this charge yet. They don’t have the courage to say it. I have lived in Gujarat as well, and on this topic, nobody can prop up any charges against me.


Rishabh Gulati: Mr Prime Minister, you have taken out time to sit with us and relay your ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Thank you so much. Best of luck for the polls ahead.

Prime Minister: I thank you all. I have been campaigning day and night…


Rana Yashwant: You are constantly on the move. We see you morning until night on the run…

Rishabh Gulati: Today, you had a big rally at 8 in the morning.

Prime Minister: I started my day at 6 am and went to Jagannath Puri temple to offer my prayers. Since then I have been traveling and have at last got time to meet you.


Rana Yashwant: Where ever you go, Jagannath or Kashi, there is a sea of people that comes to greet you. You have experienced it yourself.

Prime Minister: I realise that my responsibilities are now increasing. I also see that the public has taken ownership of elections. Political parties are not fighting the elections. The public has taken ownership of this election. And the results will be as desired by the public.

Thank you!